New at Restoration Hardware

There are a few especially interesting pieces in Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s new collection and some that would do well in a modern space.

First is their new Roll Arm Rocker for $1100-$1500.

These mini chairs- the 1950’s Copenhagen Chair ($1200) and the Mini Devon Chair ($750) are show-stoppers in leather.

I also really like the Foundry Metal Cubby System ($800 as shown) as a storage option.  If you want something more durable than an Expedit from Ikea, I think this powder-coated iron shelving might to the trick.

Foundry Metal Cubby System - Wide

There are also a number of interesting decor items that would infuse a space with tons of personality.

Schoolhouse Linen Pillow Covers Moon Desk Globe

Night Sky Map Vintage Industrial Letters

Vintage City Print Art- Manhattan Industrial Basket & Toys Liner

schoolhouse linen pillow covers ($29-$34), moon desk globe ($60)
night sky map ($219), vintage industrial letters ($14 each)
vintage city print art ($200), industrial basket & toys liner ($270)

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