Real Room Tour: Ella’s Nursery / Playroom

Today I’m excited to show you the room Michaela put together for her beautiful daughter.

I love how colorful the room is.  The walls are neutral white and gray, and the furnishings are simple, but when you put everything together, the room is an ideal space for any small child.

Ella’s nursery is a spectacular example of a space that is designed to be used by its occupant.  I think that lots of times when we’re decorating a nursery in preparation for a newborn, we forget that in just a few short months, babies become toddlers who play in and explore the world around them.  For a good amount of time, their room is a big part of that world, and Ella’s nursery is a rich environment where she can play, explore and learn.

There are books, toys and other manipulatives within easy reach of a small child.  Her world is designed to be accessible to her and this is an important idea for us all to keep in mind.

You may not be able to find may of the items in this room in North America (I wish we could get more of the Brio toys like that kitchen!) but I’m sure you can come up with similar alternatives– if not at a store than maybe with a can of paint.

This is another example of how great it is to pair bright colors with a gray background.  Just look back at some of our previous room tours for more gorgeous gray nurseries.

Thank you Michaela for allowing me to share your beautiful photos.

Michaela blogs about parties and event design and photography at blissfulfetes and you can see her photography work at pfuipfui photography.

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