I Want It! New Lego Duplo Sets!

There’s something you may not know about us…. we have a MEGA collection of Lego Duplo (not to mention regular Lego).  I believe the amount of Duplos we have is really out of the ordinary, but I have them under control and I honestly love them! I think they’re a great size, they have so many cute pieces and there’s an infinite number of things you can create and play when building with them.

This, for example, was a space station we built.  Trust me, every part had a purpose, and the station was designed to do some serious science in space…

We have have five (count them- 5) bins of Duplo bricks, and my boys choose which bin they want to play with that day.

So my 5 year old was looking on Lego.com and discovered some new Duplo sets.  I scanned the info from Toy Fair 2011 and unfortunately for us, it doesn’t look like these are on their way to the US.  Instead I’m going to have to enlist the help of some of my friends abroad who can get these awesome sets to us.

The first one we’ve got to have is this Car Transporter (5684).  My boys love trucks, and car carriers top the list.

The next must-have for our list is this Police Truck.  It would really add to the police station that we already have (5602).  There’s also a NEW police station (5681), and if we combined the two sets together, we’d really have a great thing going!

We have every other fire Duplo set but this one with the bucket lift (5682) is really cool.

Finally, I’ve got this Family House on the wish list for my 2 year old (5639).  It’s not new, but I think it’s lot lots of good play value, especially paired with the fire stuff or the farm sets we have.

For ages 2-6, there’s not much better.

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