Shopping Guide: Flash Sale Sites Updated!

Since my last post about my addiction, flash sale sites, I’ve added a few more memberships to my collection!  I’m pretty sure you could furnish and decorate your nurseries and clothe your children exclusively from these sites…. not to mention buy all the gifts you ever need to give.  I’ve seen nursery furniture sets, crib bedding, strollers, bouncers, art, rugs and much more.  So if you’re putting a nursery together, have kids or know anyone with kids, join the sale sites and keep an eye out.

Kid Focused:

Have a Kids Section:

Sometimes Feature Kids Items:

Yes, I actually look at all their emails daily.  I’m just looking for the kids stuff (and home decor sometimes) so it’s easy to quickly see in the email whether you want to visit the site that day or not.  When you find what you’re looking for, it’s priceless.  Well, not actually priceless, but definitely “priced less!”

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