A Year of Nursery Design Ideas

This has been a very fun year.  I started blogging early in 2010 as a companion to my nursery and product guide buymodernbaby.com.  Inevitably, the blog has become much bigger than the guide itself.  I’m hope you are enjoying my content as much as I enjoy creating it.  One of the most fun things I do is create nursery design boards and so far this year I’ve done over 30 different rooms (a few are kid’s rooms).

If you haven’t seen them all, here’s a little glimpse of them all.  Someday I’d love to see one of these brought to life!  Any volunteers?

To scroll through these posts and find information about the items used in the rooms, you can always do a search for MyModernNursery.  That way you’ll find only the posts with design boards.

And with that… Have a very Happy New Year!!  Stay safe tonight and we’ll be back in 2011!

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5 thoughts on “A Year of Nursery Design Ideas

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