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There are many factors to consider when selecting a stroller. How often are you going to use it? Where are you going to use it? Are you going to travel with it? How many strollers will you have? Do you need an entire travel system? etc...

Because of all these variables, I can't recommend one stroller that will be great for everyone, but I can show you what's out there in the wide world of baby transportation that doesn't sport winnie the pooh upholstery.

Try to figure out what your needs are, figure out your price range and find the products that best meet your needs. Then find a store and take the stroller for a test drive. Make sure you are comfortable with the motion, the weight, the size and that it has the accessories you want.

Orbit Stroller

A recent addition to the world of strollers is the Orbit system. They have created an all-in-one car seat and stroller solution with base that stays in the car. I'm not sure that I would have picked this stroller had it been available at the time, but I am intrigued at the idea of all the interchangable parts. Currently in addition to the three pieces shown at right, there is a toddler stroller seat, toddler car seat, a bassinet and a rocker base.

The infant system shown above retails for about $900. The bassinet and rocker retail for about $240 and the toddler stroller seat is another $175. (Makes our Bugaboo Frog and carseat combo look like a bargain, but this is still very cool.) Click to buy

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Other strollers


There are 4 models available: Frog, Gecko, Chameleon & Bee. I'm not saying there are or aren't better strollers, but a Frog is how we roll. Retail for about $680 for the Gecko, $760 for the Frog, $900 for the Chameleon, and $530 for a Bee. Click to buy


iCandy makes the cherry, apple, pear and peach.
Retail for about $450 for the cherry to $900 for the tandem Pear.


This company makes two models, the G-Lite and the Vista.
Retail for about $100 for the G-Lite and $600 for the Vista. Click to buy

Valco Baby

Have 3 and 4 wheel strollers that seat one or two.
Retail for about $325 to $660. Click to buy


They make lots of strollers but I'm really interested in the Skate (shown on the left). Watch out Bugaboo? On the right is the Aria, which retails for about $210. Click to buy.

Stokke Xplory

This stroller seems to be the latest craze. Sits up high which to me makes it look like it could tip over easily. I'm sure they designed it not to, but it still looks that way to me.
Retail for about $800 for the basic and $1000 for the complete. Click to buy


Mutsy has a number of cool looking products.
Retail for about $250 to $760. Click to buy


Quinny makes the Buzz and Zapp models. I really like the look of the Buzz even though I usually prefer the more traditional 4 wheel style. The Buzz also features fully automatic unfold.
Retails for about Buzz $500 to Zapp $199. Click to buy

Mia Moda

With a well rounded line of strollers, take a special look at the Cielo (about $150).
Retail for about $100 to $320. Click to buy

Micralite Toro

The Toro weights only about 18 lbs.
Retails for about $500 or $700 with bassinet. Click to buy

Phil & Ted's

This Sport Buggy is very functional and features an optional kit for a second child.
Retails for about $400. Click to buy


Their line includes the Indie, Indie Twin, Flyer, Flite and Queen B Models.
Retails for about $360 to $660. Click to buy.


If you're going for the umbrella stroller, this is probably the one to get.
Retail for about $130 to $400. Click to buy.

Mamas & Papas

A great line of full size and lightweight strollers.
Retail for about $130 to $500.

Emotion Stroller from Babyhome  


The Emotion is a lightweight stroller available in 8 fun colors.
Retails for about $300.