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The Classic Oeuf crib

My first featured product is the Classic Oeuf Crib.  I have one so I know that I like it and it seems to be the breakout modern crib. 

When I was pregnant with my son I preordered this crib, sight-unseen, for the nursery.  I searched for a place to see one in person before ordering it, but they were nowhere to be found.  I loved the design and most importantly, I loved the changing table platform.  Our nursery is too small for a lot of furniture and I already had a bookshelf that I wanted in the room instead of a separate changing table.  I couldn’t find anything that could compare to the Oeuf crib in that price range and took the gamble. We waited several weeks for the crib to be released and when we finally assembled the crib it was perfect. 

They have come out with a matching dresser and a walnut stain base as well.  I have spotted them on television (I believe Extreme Makeover Home Edition, one episode of Bringing Home Baby and I think Samantha Bee and Jason Jones on The Daily Show have one in their nursery) and in magazines. 

Oeuf's other lines of furniture, include the Sparrow Collection, the Robin Collection and Rhea Collection.

Where to get one

Almost every modern baby site carries the Oeuf Crib now and even some more mainstream stores sell them.  Check out the list of online stores to purchase an Oeuf or to look through their other crib options.  Also available in walnut finish. Approximately $890 for the crib only.

Other cribs

$2000 and up

Laura Rittenhouse Crib

Mahogany crib with sterling silver inlay. This is an heirloom piece for sure.
Retails for $5000 ($4000 without the silver inlay).

Oops Crib

This crib features bamboo sides and ends made up of variegated strips of reclaimed wood.
Retails for about $2450.

Galeano Poggi

Baby Box Crib grows through 3 sizes and includes 3 modular mattresses.
Retails for about $2220.

$1000 to $2000


Aerial crib (shown left), Hollis, Studio and Loom (shown right) models are available (ignore the Spindle-- it's ugly). Retail for between $590 and $3000. Click to buy.


See the Alex (shown left), AJ (shown right), Austin, Cabana (with canopy), Campaign, Sam, Morgan, Dylan, and Parker models. Retail for between $785 and $2450.

Kalon Studios

Ioline (shown left), Caravan, and Echo (shown right) cribs. Retail for about $700-$1600. Click to buy.

Tulip (Today's Urban Lifestyle Inspired Products)

Tulip has a few collections which include the Panda (shown left), Pod and Piccolo (convertible version shown right) cribs.
Retail for about $1200. Click to buy.

Cariboo of New Zealand

Cariboo has been famous for their bassinets and they have now introduced cribs into their product line. The Contemporary Cot is simple and convertible. Their Classic Cariboo Cot (right) has optional changer and bassinet inserts. Retail for about $1560.

Capretti Design

These fixed gate cribs are buillt in the United States.
Retails for about $1300 - $1400.

Funky Forest Crib
Numi Numi Design

Echoing the irregular nature of the forest, this eco-friendly Funky Forest crib is the first design in production from Numi Numi Design. Retails for about $1490.


There are two versions of this crib-- the version shown left and a more basic version without wheels and storage. Both versions come with a conversion kit to transform it into a daybed. Retails for about $1200.

Leander Crib

If you've seen pictures of it, you've probably been coveting this gorgeous convertible design. The wait is over as this crib is finally available in the US.
Retails for about $1000-1650.


The Nest crib is part of a beautiful collection of furniture from Ooba. Most people I have talked to point out this crib as their favorite.
Retails for about $1650.

Cody Crib by Newport Cottages

Especially nice with the matching dresser. Available in many different color combinations.
Retails for about $1100.

Ventianni Crib by Romina Furniture

I haven't found much information about this one but I love the set. Looks even better on their website. Retails for about $1300.

BE Cot + Desk by BE

Beautiful simple crib that flips over to turn into a desk when your child grows out of it. Also available with brown, blue or natural slats. Retails for about $1100.

$500 to $1000


Sahara (shown left) available in 2 finishes. Toddler conversion kit also available. Bam and Bam Bam Cribs available as shown or in White and Gray.
Retail for about $
585 to $700. Click to buy.

Spot on Square

Spot on Square also has three amazing collections-- Roh (shown left), Hiya (shown right) and Eicho. Please check them out.
Retails for $675 to $925 depending on the finish. Click to buy.

Room & Board

Many of you may be fans of the store Room & Board and you could deck out your nursery there. The Moda Crib (shown left- similiar to the Netto Moderne) retails for about $1000 (about half the price of Netto) and the Nest (shown right) is about $700.

AP Industries

Element shown on the left and Lollipop on the right. Convert to a daybeds.
Retails for about $800.


Milano shown on the left and Imperia on the right. Retail for about $750-915 but you should be able to find them for under $700.


The Luxo Sleep crib (left) retails for about $990. Alma cribs (right) are available in small, medium and stardard sizes. They also fold can fold up when not in use.


Tall Grass Crib has uniquely curving rails.
Retails for about $990.

Century Crib from DwellStudio

This beautiful crib has a vintage style that goes with anything. It is available in white, espresso and natural. Retails for about $980.

p. pod from gro furniture

The p. pod crib assembles without any hardware and can be converted to a toddler bed, daybed and desk with additional kits.
Retails for about $940.

Stokke Sleepi

This oval crib grows with your child.
Retails for about $849. Click to buy.

Harper Crib from giggle

This solid birch crib is available in natural and walnut.
Retails for about $500-550.

Less than $500


Modo (shown left), Mercer (shown right), Harlow, Hudson, Grayson, Madison, and Skip are quite attractive for the price.
Cribs retail for about $400. Click to buy.


Ikea has a few modern styles- this one the way to go for a really affordable option. Gulliver (shown left), and Sundvik (shown right).
Cribs run from $100 to $120!

Baby Mod at Walmart

Surprise! Now I can't speak for the quality, but $300 gives you the look you may be going for. Shown left is the Roxanne 3-in-1 convertible crib and you should also check out the ParkLane (shown right) and the Olivia crib, which would be your alternative to the Oeuf. Available online. Bedding, matching dressers and changing tables are also available. Who knew? Check out a room with the set.


The Alma mini crib is smaller than a standard crib and folds up for storage. Also available in Cappuccino, Frost Gray and Coconut White. It retails for about $400. Their mattress is an additional $160. Click to buy.

City Lights Commuter Crib from Sorelle

Features two-tone design.
Retails for about $380. Click to buy.

Oslo Crib from Karla Dubois

Features two-tone design and storage drawers.
Retails for about $400.

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