My Modern Nursery #113: Golden Glow Yellow Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

After more than thirty nursery boards where I’ve used Lullaby Paints colors as the backdrop, I was starting to worry that I had chosen all my favorite shades of wall paint. Of course there were a few more colors that would be perfect for use on accent furniture pieces, but I wasn’t sure how many more colors were left to use for nursery inspiration. Of course you can always color match from other brands to create your favorite zero VOC paint, but you can imagine my delight then when Lullaby Paints updated their site, adding hundreds of new shades to their shop!

It was time to do another yellow nursery and instead of a handful of options, I found…

Lullaby Paints yellow choices

I was looking for a medium (not too light nor too dark), rich (but slightly muted) yellow that would create a cozy, modern atmosphere. I think Golden Glow is a perfect shade for anyone brave enough to go beyond the pale, so to speak, when it comes to yellow.

My Modern Nursery 113 Golden Glow Yellow

1- Brass Olive Branch– $250
2- Unicorn Table Lamp Gold from Pillowfort- $35
3- Scandi Flower Modern Art Print from Little Design Haus- $24
Emerson Rides Art Print from Petit Pippin- $24-$36
4- Simple Scallop Wall Shelves– $29 each
5- Golden Glow Yellow (0814) from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
6- Redford House Swedish Dresser in Robin’s Egg Blue– $2387
7- Larkin Gold Crib– $600
Floral Rush Crib Fitted Sheet– $19
8- A Teepee to Call Your Own Multi Dot– $160
9- Bailey Handcrafted Bear Softie from Petit Pippin- $74
Diamond Hand Woven Jute Slate Blue Rug 8′ x 11′-  $635
10- Slipcovered Glider in Kelsey Blossom– $1500
Floral Rush Sham– $19
Labyrinth Seagrass Basket– $45

As usual, we have a whole Pinterest board full of additional options and products to round out your Golden Glow Yellow Nursery.

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. It’s so much fun to work with them on these nursery boards and come up with great modern nurseries using their baby-safe colors.

Let me know if you like this one and send me suggestions for what you’d like to see next month!

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30 Jul 2015, 10:09pm
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My Modern Nursery #101: Sunshine Yellow Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

We haven’t done a yellow nursery for a while, so it was about time that we revisit this popular gender-neutral option. I chose a creamy Sunshine Yellow from Lullaby Paints for Project Nursery and knew I wanted to use Babyletto’s new Bingo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with that great Cool Mint accent color. I think the board turned out great but if you need more inspiration and ideas for this color scheme, we’ve got you covered with a lot more options on our Sunshine Yellow Nursery Inspiration Pinterest Board.

My Modern Nursery 101 Sunshine Yellow

1- Ikea BÖJA Pendant lamp– $70
2- Nursery Bird Mobile from Pigged Wings- $128
3- Amsterdam Art Print– $20
4- Sunshine Yellow Wall Paint Lullaby Paints Exclusive for Project Nursery– $59 a gallon
5- Modern Wooden Wall Clock from Treebird Wood Designs- $44
6- Mint Geometric Crib Skirt from Unison Home
Bingo Crib from Babyletto- $550
7- Faceted Pastel Table Lamp– $90
Bingo 3-Drawer Changer Dresser– $400
8- blabla Flower Pillow– $64
9- Everly Rocking Chair– $1900
Faux Leather Pouf (dark pink)– $80
10- Multi Block Rug 8′ x 10′- $300

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. You MIGHT just find some incredible nursery inspiration there as well!

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My Modern Nursery #89: Morning Sunrise Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

I cringe when people act like green and yellow are the only two gender neutral nursery options. I think that a majority of our nursery boards are gender neutral, but I’ve really found people who think that if they’re not going with pink or blue, their only wall color choices are yellow or green.

I work with shades of green from time to time, but I generally stay away from yellow. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just had an overdose of yellow a few years back. We moved into this house when I was 6 months pregnant. It was clean and move-in ready, but all the walls throughout (minus the bedrooms and bathrooms) were painted a sunny yellow. It was a bright shade that made it look like the morning sun was shining right in, even on a cloudy day, but it was impossible to decorate around. After about a year we were able to paint it all away and I’ve shied away from yellow walls since.

Despite my color overdose, yellow is a great color if you choose it. Morning Sunrise from Lullaby Paints is a nice soft, buttery shade that is a beautiful backdrop for this fresh nursery.

If you’re going to go with this scheme and need more pieces and options to fill the space, there are lots more perfect choices on our Pinterest board!

MyModernNursery89 Morning Sunrise

1- Morning Sunrise from Lullaby Paints- $33 per 1/2 gallon
Vintage Camera Clock with Vegetable Leather from Decoylab- $84
Starry Sky Deluxe Mobile from Petit Collage- $66
2- Dutailier Papaya Convertible Crib– $1200
DwellStudio Stars Fitted Crib Sheet– $40
3- Electron Pendant Lamp– $70
The Curious Owl from Ashley Percival- $30
Hello Sunshine from Freya Art- $75
4- Recollections Contemporary Gold Leaf Finish Table Lamp– $585
5- Dutailier Papaya Drawer Dresser– $1100
6- Eames Molded Plastic Rocker in Aqua Sky- $548
7- Mahal Flatweave Rug 8′ x 10′- $900
8- Lambswool Baby Monkey by Sally Nencini- $27
Lambswool Dolly by Sally Nencini- $33
9- Half Tone Floor Basket– $60
10- Cushion Cover Woodpile in Pollen- $40+
Kisses Goodnight Throw Pillow from Colette Bream- $48

Thanks as always to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery.  For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest, and keep a lookout for next month’s new board!

23 May 2014, 8:01am

My Modern Nursery #84: Gray, Pink and Yellow Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

We’re so happy to continue our nursery board series with Lullaby Paints this year, but we’re doing it a little differently this time!  While we’re still starting with ultra-safe, eco-friendly paint from Lullaby Paints, this time we’ve been using Pinterest boards to collect sources and inspiration as we work to develop the final product below.  I really hope you’ve been following along this month as this Gray, Pink & Yellow Nursery Design came together.

This month we chose a medium shade of gray called Pewter.  It’s part of the color collection created exclusively for  Gray is THE hottest color for modern nurseries and Pewter is dark enough to be a bold choice but light enough to not make the room look gloomy.  With bright pink and yellow accents and white furnishings, this room is anything but dark.


1- Alphabet Geometric Art Print from MademoiselleYo- $15
2- Jonathan Chevron Pendant from Stray Dog Designs- $985
3- Pewter by Lullaby Paints- $75 a gallon
Wild One Canvas Banner from Sharp Tooth Studio- $45
4- Birthday Mobile– $71
Oeuf Rhea Crib
– $670
5- Pigeon Lamp– $200
Mandal Dresser from Ikea- $300
6- Ferm Living Half Moon Laundry Basket– $115
7- Mick Yellow Floor Lamp from Crate & Barrel- $150
Cambridge Light Pink / Ivory Rug 8′ x 10′- $290
8- Ferm Living Black Stripe Cushion– $82
Ferm Living Black Mini Triangle Cushion
– $82
9- Rocker Arm Shell in Magenta from Modernica- $435
Knitted Yellow Pouf from CB2- $80
10- Jealous Baby from Lucky Boy Sunday- $122

If you’re feeling this color scheme here but don’t love all the items we’ve chosen, one of the great things about our Pinterest board is that we’ve saved all the other options we considered there for you.  There are alternate furnishings, lights, hampers, rugs, toys, art etc…

Thanks as always to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series.  Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery.  For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest, and keep a lookout for next month’s new board!

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My Modern Nursery #69: Robot March Sponsored by Little Auggie and Giveaway Winner

I’m glad so many of you loved the Robot March bedding from Little Auggie and all the other wonderful bedding options on their site.

The lucky winner of the Robot March Crib Sheet, Painted Stripe Grey Crib Skirt and Robot March Printed Quilt is…. Nancy D.!  Congratulations Nancy!  I’ll be emailing you to get all your information later today.

Using Robot March bedding as inspiration, I came up with this latest nursery board.

1- Robot Print 11×14- $40
S is for Spaceship 8×10 print from Finny and Zook- $14
Outnumbered IV Modern Wall Clock from All 15 Designs (granite)- $58
2- Saucer Lamp– $270
3- Robot March crib bedding from Little Auggie- Sheet $45, Skirt $63
4- Nursery Works Loom Crib– $600
5- Zoom Nightlight– $25
Ada White Table Lamp– $60
Micro Cubebot Set from Areaware by David Weeks- $60
6- Moda Six-Drawer Dresser from Room & Board- $1200
7- Grano Glider Recliner from Monte Design- $1200
Lulu Grey Stripe Lumbar Pillow Cover from My Pillow Studio- $10
8- Yellow and Grey Fluf Landscape Floor Bins– $36 each
9- Olin Grey Rug from Crate & Barrel 8′ x 10′- $300
10- Rocket Ship Play Tent– $190

Thanks to Little Auggie for sponsoring this nursery design and letting me play around with the Robot March bedding collection.  The robots are fun to work with but I could just as easily have ignored them completely and just used the pattern to add a hint of color in a gray nursery.

So what do you think?  Does it need more robots, less robots or did we get it just right?

Monte Rockers and Gliders Now in Yellow

Yellow is starting to edge out orange for when you need a bright pop of color in the modern nursery.  Now that Monte is offering all its rockers and gliders (and their Dorma Twin Bed) with yellow as an upholstery option, it’s going to be an even more popular choice!

Top Row: Luca Glider in yellow with white piping and Luca Glider in heather grey with yellow piping

Middle Row: Grano Glider Recliner and Vola Glider

Bottom Row: Joya Rocker and Alto Rocker

Here are some nurseries where you could use the yellow…
My Modern Nursery #55: Bright Green and Yellow
My Modern Nursery #50: You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray
My Modern Nursery #35: Rich or Reasonable: Sweet Like Honey
My Modern Nursery #18: Spring Fresh
My Modern Nursery #2
Real Room Tour: Gender Neutral Lion’s Den
Real Room Tour: Bright and Beautiful in the Heartland
Gray and Yellow Nursery: Get the Look

My Modern Nursery #55: Bright Green and Yellow

Gray and yellow are still a popular combination, but I added a fresh green to this mix to make it a little different.  We’ve also been talking a bit about faux taxidermy, so what better time to use these papier-mâché heads?

1- Papier-Mâché Hippo, Giraffe and Elephant from West Elm- $100- $130 each
2- Sprig Mobile in Citrus from Schmitt Design- $98
3- 20 x 200 Wall Art- Typograph 5 from West Elm- $200
4- Hancock Clover Bookcase from CB2- $200
OXO Candela Tooli, Single– $28
5- Caravan Crib in Yellow– $895
6- Stella Chevron Crib Sheet from Carousel Designs- $38
7- Swirl Rug from West Elm (8×10) – $650
8- DwellStudio Bookshelf, Lemon Yellow– $124
9- Coup Clover 23″x11″ Pillow from CB2- $30
Ryder Rocking Chair from West Elm- $600
10- Offi Bongo Accent Lamp and Stool in Soft White– $100

9 Feb 2012, 5:50pm
real room tour:

Real Room Tour: Bright and Colorful Family Home in Finland

I’m enjoying this year’s bright neon trend reminiscent of the 1980s, so Laurana’s family home in Finland really jumped out at me.  At first the wall in her daughter Neela’s modern nursery might seem overly bright, but within the home, it’s a perfectly balanced part of the overall color scheme.

The Stuva storage system from Ikea comes in lots of bright, fun colors and looks perfect in Neela’s room.  The Gulliver crib is also from Ikea so you can see how this look would be easy enough to replicate in your own space.  If you’re looking for the pom pom decorations, visit Pom Love.

Laurana blogged about the nursery, so if you open up your Google translate, you can go read more about it on Life Thru a Lens.

Now I haven’t done this before, but I really want to show you the rest of Laurana’s home.  I truly believe that a nursery or child’s bedroom shouldn’t be the only kid-friendly area of the house.  I love a child-friendly, fun home.  Kids are part of your family and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be comfortable and welcome in all areas of the house.  I also think that “grown-up areas” in a home should be more colorful, playful and fun.

Keep reading to see photos of the rest of the house!

20 Dec 2011, 7:57am

My Modern Nursery #50: You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

This board started with one of DwellStudio’s new rugs and came together from there.  Yellow and gray is still a hot color combination so I was happy to play with it again.

1- Nursery Grow Sign Made From Recycled Wood– $42 from oh dier
I Love Clouds, limited edition giclee print– $25 from Eloise Renouf

2- Nurseryworks Loom Crib With Dark Slats– $600

3- White Monte Luca Glider with Brown Piping– $995

4- DwellStudio Labyrinth Pillow in Citrine– $98

5- DwellStudio Big Floral 5×8 Rug in Citrine– $495

6- Jungle Time Fitted Crib Sheet– $19
Crib Skirt in Yellow and Silver Gray Stripe from Carousel Designs- $124

7- You Are My Sunshine print– $16 from Gus and Lula

8- Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase in White– $850

9- Moda 40w Six-Drawer Dresser– $1100

10- Eco Baby Doll- boy– $59 from Viola Studio

Real Room Tour: Susan’s (Zuzia’s) Sunny Space

It’s been a while since I featured a nursery tour, so I was very excited when Kate sent me the photos of her daughter’s nursery.

This nursery makes me really miss DwellStudio’s Gio Lemon Crib Set.  While it’s still available in Aqua, this mustard yellow and purple color combo looks so fresh and feminine.

It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a sweet giraffe wall decal to the left of the crib.  It’s such a cute complement to the bedding.

The side table is perfectly accessorized with fun purple and yellow items.

Continue to see the rest of the nursery…

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