Shopping Guide: Browsing Blik

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any wall decals, but when used creatively and used carefully, these are still a fun and inexpensive decorating tool.  I was browsing as I do periodically and found some fun decals to consider and to inspire creative design.

These “Thought Bubbles” are really fun and easy.  For $55 you too can add a little creative whimsy to your room.ThoughtBubbles_product

You word nerds (and animal lovers) might like “The Great Animal Hunt” from Blik’s Threadless collection.  $40 and lots of fun.


Finally, I’m tired of seeing polka dots on the wall in “modern nurseries.”  It’s easy, it looks cute, but everyone has done it so let’s move on.  Move on and give lace doilies a try!  “Lacy Sunday”  for $55 could be the inspiration for a gorgeous, girly but modern room.


Etsy Find: Wall Decal Growth Charts

When my siblings and I were kids, our growth chart was the doorpost inside the hall closet.  It documented almost 20 years of us growing up.

There are lots of stylish adaptations of the simple ritual of tracking our growth including the ever popular wall decals. Check out the cool ones I’ve discovered on etsy.

Kids Growth Chart Tree DELUXE with Flowers - Children's Vinyl Wall Sticker

Kids Growth Chart Deluxe with flowers from SimpleShapes’ etsy shop– $79

Child Growth  Chart Decal Vinyl Graphic Wall Art (Larger Size)

Child Growth Chart Decal Vinyl Graphic Wall Art from sayitwithstyle’s etsy shop– $60

Circus Growth  Chart item 30015

Circus Growth Chart from byrdiekids’ etsy shop– $42 (see also Big Tree Growth Chart)

Safari Giraffe Growth Chart Nursery Vinyl Wall Decals Stickers Art

Safari Giraffe Growth Chart from singlestonestudios’ etsy shop– $44 (also see Sign of Growth)

You can usually customize the designs as well and choose your own colors.
For a more portable growth chart, think about affixing the decal to the side of a bookcase or the doors of an armoire.

Blik + Threadless = Cool kids room

For not much more than the cost of a T-shirt, you can enjoy popular Threadless designs right on your wall.  There are some designs that are so cute, they can inspire your entire design… which is just what I may have to work on next.  See if any of these wall decals from blik strike you.  There are lots more on the website if these aren’t enough to choose from.

cleanmonster_product such_great_height_product

Clean Monster $35                                   Such a Great Height $35

birthday_product 99luftballons_product

A Birth Day $32                                         99 Luftballons $45

insomnia_product fail_product

Insomnia- Re-Stick $35                             Fail $45

My favorite is Insomnia.  I’ve even considered using this in my own bedroom.

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