New Additions: Bath Toys from Hoppop

I’m a big fan now of anything from hoppop so my newest addition to buymodernbathroom is their bath toys.  The first is Pipla– a set of foamy shapes that stick to the wall and tub when they are wet.  Pipla come in two color combinations: the Multi Colors (shown below) and the Trendy Colors (lime, aqua and fuchsia).  You can pick these up from for $13.

Triplo is a set of three stackable pouring cups.  Each cup has a unique pour.  These are available for $10 from

Stick these in with Hoppop Bato Bath Tub and you have a killer baby shower gift.

New Addition: Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse vs. The Green Dollhouse

When I was in Middle School, I went to the house of a friend who had a dollhouse in her room that was a miniature (though huge) version of the house in which she lived (which was also huge).  I was not allowed to touch her prized possession and thought it was really lame that we couldn’t play with it.

Fortunately nowadays there are many dollhouse options that are ready to play with.  Some of these new houses even include fun and fancy features like built in lighting.

I discovered Hape’s newest creation, the Bamboo sunshine dollhouse and immediately added it to buymoderntoys.  Then I couldn’t help think that it looks like a cross between the Green Dollhouse and the Contemporary Dollhouse from Plan Toys.Hape vs. Plan Toys

I am not here to judge.  I would be happy with any of them.  We happen to have the Plan Toys Contemporary Doll House but these newfangled “eco” or “green” dollhouses are really cool ideas and add a new educational dimension to the type of play done in these houses.

Hape’s Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse is made with 95% sustainable bamboo, has fully operational solar panels, and the panels charge batteries that power LED lights in the house.  The house retails for $500.
You can pick it up through my Amazon Affliate link for $400. Bamboo Sunshine Eco-Friendly Dollhouse:

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The Green Dollhouse from Plan Toys has (non-functioning) solar panels, a wind turbine, a rain barrel and a recycling center.  The dollhouse retails for $240 with furniture, plus about another $20 for a Plan Toys family.  You can pick it up through my Amazon Affliate link for $183.58. Plan Toys The Green Dollhouse with Furniture:

New Addition: Playsam doll house

I had been waiting to add this to buymoderntoys until I could find it available for sale in the US.  Thanks to a tweet today from minor_details I discovered it is available at Unica Home (one of my affiliates).

The doll house from Playsam was designed by Eva Schildt and retails for $110.

See more of the newest additions to buymodernbabylatest.  Also visit one of my favorite kid design blogs: Minor Details.

Etsy Find: Super Sock Monkeys

I really wish I knew how to make sock monkeys.  I’ve even been saving single socks in a basket to make them someday, but why bother when there are such cute ones already out there?  Becky at supersockmonkeys makes these all by hand.  They can be yours for between $9 and $15.

Handmade Sock Tiger Stuffed Animal Doll Baby ToysHandmade Sock Rabbit Bunny Stuffed Animal Doll Baby Toys

Handmade Sock Monkey Stuffed Animal Doll Baby ToysHandmade Sock Donkey Stuffed Animal Doll Baby Toys

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