Etsy Find: Sleepy King Plushies

I’ve seen these adorable little foxes around, but after last week’s tour of EJ’s Rockin’ Woodland nursery, I can no longer ignore the cuteness coming from Sleepy King’s etsy shop.

Choose a bear, bunny, squirrel, fox, cat, owl or preferably one of each!

Arthur Avocado - Woodland Bear Plush - Made to orderRamona Rose - The Sleepy Woodland Bunny Plush - Made to order

Arthur Avocado: Woodland Bear Plush $28 and Ramona Rose: The Sleepy Woodland Bunny $26

Belchik - The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel Plush - Made to orderCrimson- The Creepy Cute Albino Squirrel - made to order

Belchik: The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel $26 and Crimson: The Creepy Cute Albino Squirrel $25

You can follow Sleepy King (aka Savannah Carroll) on her blog and on twitter.

New Addition: Eames House Blocks from House Industries

I admit I got a little giddy when I saw these (thanks babyology and daddytypes!).  My head started swimming thinking of tots that must get these blocks as gifts and the parents who would think I’m the coolest for buying them.  Then I started wondering what kind of excuse I could come up with for needing a set of these sweet blocks for myself.eames blocks 1 Eames House Blocks   designer blocks for tiny tots

From House Industries, this toy version of Case Study No. 8 house will set you back $150 but they are as much a work of art as they are a plaything.
The set has 36 blocks (20 that make up the house and 16 that become the studio.  And now I will wipe up the drool and assure myself that my kids can enjoy their childhood without these particular playthings… or can they?

In the meantime, these have been added to buymoderntoys where hipsters and other cool, modern parents can choose these for their children’s well curated collection of toys.

While we’re talking about House Industries, let me recommend a few other toy/gift ideas:

Alexander Girard Memory Game for $320:Alexander Girard Memory Game by House Industries, Alexander Girard, eco-friendly games, sustainable wood toys, wooden games

Alexander Girard Puzzle for $250:

Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks for $120:

New Addition: bholu creatures

I’ve been admiring bholu products for a while now.  I’ve also been trying to think of a way to incorporate their cushions onto my sofa!  And if they made drapes, I’d really be set.

For now I’ll just have to settle for adding their adorable creatures to buymoderntoys.  These hand made felt toys are made in India and are adorable for play or as decorative items.

Read more about this company.  They are doing some amazing and wonderful things.

Etsy Find: Little Sapling Toys

The toys at littlesaplingtoy’s etsy shop make phenomenal baby gifts.  These organic wooden toys are made in the US in Boise, Idaho.  You can be extra proud when buying these because they plant a tree for every toy they sell!

Choose from their lovely selection of teethers including state shapes!

Little ASL -I Love You- TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants and toddlersLittle Elephant TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants and toddlersLittle Minnesota State TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants and toddlers

The rattles are easy to hold and chew.

And their basic toys are must-haves.

organic SAPLING STACKER - natural wooden developmental toyorganic SKITTLES - 6 pin retro wooden bowling developmental setorganic LACING TOY - 9 piece natural wooden developmental set

I will be keeping these in mind for my baby shower gift guide.  Keep an eye out for that!

Shopping Guide: Rubber Duck Roundup

I really believe that every bathroom needs at least one rubber duck.  (I am actually a recovering rubber duck collector and have a box of duckies in the hall closet!) Find a favorite for your bathroom with this guide.  Maybe I should start finding new homes for my old collection…

First off, Boon Inc., has a cool set of “Odd Ducks.”  These are PVC, phthalate, and BpA free.  Meet Bob, Jane, Slim and Squish!

The Floating Ducks from Kid O are sleek and streamlined.  The mother and baby duck stack and rock together.

Bud has a huge line of Luxury Ducks and you can be sure to find one to match your style… if you can pick just one!

For a while I was obsessed with Rubba Ducks.  They float great and I love that they don’t fill with water.  Not all are made to go into water as some have cloth parts.

You could go kitchy and grab a Celebriduck.  I’m having lots of trouble resisting the James Brown– oh, and the Wizard of Oz character… please help!

Elegant Baby has some colorful duckies.


And finally, if I had to keep just one, Original Rubber Ducks are soft and squishy and squeeky.

And if these examples aren’t enough to inspire a rubber ducky purchase, maybe another ducky lover will convince you…

New Addition: Green Toys

As Earth Day approaches we all at least have a heightened awareness of all things green and eco-conscious.   I’ve already discussed their toy trucks (which I have added to buymoderntoys), but Green Toys has lots of other fun products made in the USA from recycled plastic milk jugs.

I truly can’t begin to decide which of these products I would choose first!  As a set of first blocks, their BPA, PVS, phthalate free Blocks would make a beautiful gift for only $25.

Green Toys Blocks

The Chef Set, Gardening Kit and Tugboats are also safe and durable playthings.

Chef Set - Green Toys Inc.Green Toys Three Tug Boats - Eco Friendly

My boys in particular would LOVE this set of tools.  I love how they are labeled on the handles.  This set retails for $25 as well. (Buy through my amazon affiliate link for $19.)

Tool Kit - Green Toys™ - Good Green Fun™

Check out this video of the blocks in action.

Shopping Guide: Green Toys vs. Sprig Toys

I want to get my 16 month old some toy trucks of his own.  His older brother has plenty and has left them in various states of disrepair, so I’d like the baby to have a few nice clean ones of his own.  I like the durability, style and eco-friendly materials of the trucks from Green Toys and Sprig Toys, but can’t decide between the two brands.

Recycling Trucks (Green Toys on the left is $18.63 and Sprig Toys on the right is $19.99 on amazon)

Green Toys Recycle TruckSprig Toys Eco Recycling-Truck [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

Dump Trucks (Green Toys on the left is $17.82 and Sprig Toys on the right is $19.17 on amazon)

Green Toys Dump Truck

I’m leaning toward the Sprig Toys right now only because they have a bigger line of trucks.  In addition to the recycling truck and dump truck, they also have a loader and an excavator.  Any other thoughts?

Also, we have the Sand Play Set from Green Toys, which I really like.

Shopping Guide: Rocker Roundup!

In honor of my most recent addition to buymoderntoys, (Netto Collection’s Polar Bear Rocker) I am posting this guide to the coolest rocking toys out there.


1- Polar Bear Rocker (buy for $295 from

2olgarocker3Plan Toy Palomino4Knu

2- Sirch Olga Rocker(buy for $280 from modern nursery)

3- Plan Toy Palomino(buy for $78 from

4- Red Ball Rocker from knú (buy for $265 from knú)

5playsamhorse6pippocampus7 rockingmoose

5- Rocking Horse from Playsam (buy for $209 from unica home)

6- Pippocampus Rocking Horse (buy for $229 from Generate)

7- Ekorre Rocking Moose (find it for $40 at your local Ikea)

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