New Addition: ABC Chocolate Rocking Horse from Italtrike

The ABC Chocolate Rocking Horse from Italtrike is my newest addition to buymoderntoys.  I like the classic but simple design and the modern chocolate brown finish with bright red and yellow accents.  It’s also not something you see every day.  People will ask where you got this one and you can tell them it’s Italian (because it is).  This quality wood rocking toy retails for about $120.  You can find it through our amazon affiliate link for $80.

There are more lovely pieces in this collection that have me wishing I had a play room including a ride-on train, a walker and an adorable wooden tricycle:

Etsy Find: Toys from Just Hatched

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: visit etsy EVERY DAY!  I discovered Amanda and Joe Troxell’s etsy shop justhatched yesterday when they were the featured etsy sellers.  You may or may not have already seen them on Cool Mom Pick or Ohdeedoh, but I must have missed them.

My favorite item is their wooden leaf puzzle ($38).

Visit their shop to find other gorgeous gift ideas.

House Blocks Wood toy animals - Woodland set of 4

Wooden Fruit set - play food Wooden Car Stacker

Shopping Guide: Play Mats

For a few months as your baby’s sight and mobility develop, a play mat (activity mat, baby gym, play gym) is a great place for them to spend a little time playing each day.  I know I used ours a lot until my oldest started crawling.  It was amazing to watch him start to focus his eyes on the toys and then start reaching for them.

I marveled when he started hitting the toys and making them move.

With the second child, you’re a little busier (sadly), and these amazing moments seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.  The play gym takes on the added task of reserving a play area on the floor where the older sibling has to give the baby a little space (or not).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of care in selecting the play gym we purchased.  It was a bit of an afterthought and I bought the best for the price during a quick trip to Target.  It’s not the most stylish item in our home, but it served its purpose.  Fortunately for you, I’ve since found a few more attractive options and most of them can be found on my affiliate, amazon.

Now these are all-in-one items- with the mat and toys together- but there are also separate play gyms like Ikea’s where you just put it on your own blanket or quilt.  That can be another great option. I’ll do a separate post with those.

1- Kushies Shangrila Activity Mat– $125

2- Kaloo 123 Activity Playmat– $130

3- Skip Hop Activity Mat– $60

4- Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy– $56

5- White Dog Gym Playmat– $90

6- Ikea’s Leka Baby Gym– $25

New Addition: Emerson House

I’ve been waiting to post this one until the Emerson House was actually available for purchase and now the wait is over!  You can now score one of these beauties from Brinca Dada (if you’ve got $300 to spare) but it might be well worth it; check out this list of amenities:

-two fireplaces
-mitered-glass corners
-sliding glass doors
-solar panels
-recessed LED lights
-non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints

Heck, I’d love to move right in!

The furniture and family are not quite ready yet.  They are scheduled for this holiday season, so I’ll let you know when I see those out.  Here’s a preview from Dwell.

I have added the Emerson House to my list of dollhouses on buymoderntoys so you can see it there along with the other modern dollhouses I have discovered for you to choose from.

Etsy Find: Dolls by Carla Valverde

I found these lovelies on flickr and traced them back to etsy.  Carla of FabLAB Atelier makes these beautiful dolls in Portugal and if you’re ever in Ericeira, be sure to visit her shop.  Thanks to etsy however, you can order these right from your desktop!

Giraffe Chocha Doll- $48

Donkey Chocha Doll- $74

Chocha Dolls- Choose your style or have one custom made- $61

Shopping Guide: Back to School Art Supplies

Back to school time is always a great time to stock up on art and craft supplies.  Whether or not your baby is heading to preschool yet,  pick up these items to encourage creativity and keep them busy!

From P’Kolino:

P'kolino Art Supplies

(find these on amazon using my affiliate link)

Mala Series from Ikea

(get these at your nearest Ikea)

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks

(you can order these now with my amazon affiliate link)

Clementine Art

(these are all available through my amazon affiliate link)

Surfin Kids Easel- $180

InModern‘s Ecotots Art Easel

(you can find these at my affiliate amazon for $150)

New Addition: A Frame Modern Dollhouse

Our Children’s Gorilla has a handful of products but they are all amazingly stylish.  Their A-frame modern doll house is no exception and I’ve added it to the dollhouse guide on buymoderntoys.  Its simple design is ready to be filled with imagination.

Our Children's Gorilla A-Frame Dollhouse

What else has been added to buymodernbaby lately?  See our newest additions.

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