Kid-O at the Beach

This summer, you can enjoy the coolest toys on the beach.  Kid-O is bringing us this amazing collection of Quut beach toys. Upgrade your shovel and pail with the Alto, Ballo, Cuppi, Ringo, Scoppi, and Triplet.

Quut Kid-O toys at the Beach

If I didn’t have a pesky cold this week, I’d be taking the kids to the beach tomorrow.  Maybe next week?

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Play Kitchen Bamboo from North Forty Design

You know how sometimes you’ve been looking for something just right for a long time and you have no idea what it looks like, but then you find it and you just know?  Well, I have finally found THE modern play kitchen.

North Forty Design Play Kitchen Bamboo 1

From North Forty Design, the Play Kitchen Bamboo is a stunning open ended, modular design that can be arranged and rearranged in your home for the ultimate pretend play time.

North Forty Design Play Kitchen Bamboo 2

Unfortunately, “ultimate” usually comes with a matching price tag.  As shown, the kitchen combination is $1300.  There is also a birch version for $900, and the pieces can be purchased separately as well.

Also worthy of mention from North Forty Design is the Framehouse.  This open structure is made of FSC White Oak and can be used in any number of ways.

Playforms_framehouse4x5 from North Forty Design

This retails for $725.  Inspiring, no?
found via Moddea

5 Mar 2014, 10:54am
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Etsy Finds: Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

There was a time when my grandmother would tell my sister and I the story of Little Red Riding Hood every night. We made story time more varied by asking her to change the color of the hood, but I admit red is my favorite anyway.

Little Red Riding Hood

Limited Edition Red Riding Hood Triptych by Amy Sullivan- $50+
The Big Bad Wolf Stuffed Toy from Blita- $45
Plush Small Stuffed Bird from Time Handmade- $32
Scandinavian Red Riding Hood Cushion Cover by Gunna Ydri
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf from Meu Adorável Iglu- $35
Set of Four Little Red Riding Hood Mini Pillows from titiluli- $40

Must-Have Lego Duplo for Toddlers

You may know about my fondness for Lego Duplo, okay I admit, I’m more of a fanatic!  And while it saddens me deeply that my boys have nearly grown out of Duplos, perhaps your kids will be able to enjoy these amazing sets!

I first saw these this weekend at Legoland Florida (one of my favorite places!) but you can pick these up at your local Lego store, Target, etc…

Bath time will be infinitely more awesome with Toddler Build and Boat Fun.  $20

Lego Duplo Toddler Build and Boat Fun

Unlike the previous cake set, this Creative Play Ice Cream Set is not packaged in pink and is equally suitable for both boys and girls!  Love!

Lego Duplo Creative Play Ice Cream

Of course a “healthier” option would be the Creative Picnic Set.  So much fun to be had with these!
Lego Duplo Creative Picnic

Put these or any other Duplo sets on your gift buying list and they’re sure to be a winner.

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Rich or Reasonable: Rolling Ride Ons

Toddler ride-on toys are irresistibly cute, but for sleek modern style, Early Rider‘s award winning Spherovelo is as cool as they get.

rich reasonable ride on

If $100 is too steep, maybe the $20 Jelly Bean Racer from Little Tikes might do the trick.

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Nickster Toys

The educational toys from Nickster are colorful plastic toys with a modern aesthetic that gets my enthusiastic stamp of approval.


An additional Nickster app reinforces the skills kids practice while playing with the toys.

About Nickster from cozzolino studio on Vimeo.

Toys retail for $23-$25 and can be purchased on their website or select online retailers.

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18 Feb 2014, 11:53am
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Coming Soon: Automoblox Work Trucks

Coming this fall from Automoblox, these larger size work trucks are bound to be the centerpieces of your Automoblox collection.  They are sized so that Original Automoblox can fit on the bed of the Flatbed Hauler.  The pieces for these three trucks will be interchangeable with each other but not with the originals.  Right now the largest Original Automoblox retail for about $50, so I’m a little anxious about the price for these large trucks (since I want them!).

Automoblox Dump Truck Automoblox Fire Truck Automoblox Flatbed Hauler Tow Truck

Did anyone get to see these at the Toy Fair?

30 Jan 2014, 10:09pm
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New Green Toys for Spring 2014

Green Toys will be releasing a brilliant new bunch of products to their already wonderful eco-friendly line of toys.  New Green Toys

Animals on Wheels, Stove Top (which also will come in pink), Seacopter and Helicopter and the Train will ship in the spring.  I particularly love the stove top.  It’s a great compact version of a play kitchen.

27 Jan 2014, 8:42pm
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Bath Toys from Plan Toys

You wouldn’t think so, but it’s not easy to find really cute boats to play with in the bath.  These new bath toys from Plan Toys are making it a lot easier!

Speed Boat Plan Toys

Submarine Plan Toys Coast Guard Boat Plan Toys

Speed Boat, Submarine, and Coastguard Boat are adorable and now available for $15 a piece.

Holiday Gifts 2013: Oeuf Goodies

The winter holidays are a perfect time to indulge a little and snuggle up with some cozy alpaca knit plushies from Oeuf.    These are just a few options that will be treasured gifts for babies and kids of any age.

Oeuf Goodies

Rainbow Pillow, Soccer Ball Boy, Rat Pillow, VW Bus, Roger the Pirate, Boy Snake, Coral Apple Pillow

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