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Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Special Edition

We previewed the Bugaboo Diesel Denim Collection last year and the Bugaboo Diesel Military Edition the year before that, but now we have the choice of three incredible Diesel Bugaboos with the addition of the Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Special Edition strollers.

bugaboo by diesel rock

These are really rockin’ strollers with all the superstar details for those looking for the most hardcore fashion stroller.

bugaboo by diesel rock

“Featuring a wax-coated fabric, leather look and rock-inspired studs, the Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection is edgy yet stylish, giving you the rebellious spirit to keep living your life on the fly. This collection includes a complete Bugaboo Bee³ stroller, a Bassinet Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Bee³, and a Bugaboo by Diesel Footmuff, suitable for all Bugaboo strollers.”

bugaboo by diesel rock wheel detail bugaboo by diesel rock patches detail bugaboo by diesel rock studded detail

The Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection will be available at selected retailers and online starting in April!

Stylish and Special New Strollers (and Car Seats) at ABC Kids Expo 2015

The number and variety of stroller brands, models and features presented on the floor of the ABC Kids Expo is always overwhelming, but there are so many new things that you’re going to love in the world of modern strollers for 2015 and 2016.

I was surprised when I saw OXO had come out with a stroller, but the parents at OXO strive to solve the most annoying parenting problems, so I knew this was worth taking a look at.

OXO Cubby

I liked how even folded and standing up vertically, the handle doesn’t touch the ground, and true to its name, the Cubby has plenty of nifty pockets that make it almost like a diaper bag on wheels. There are two versions of this stroller– the Cubby ($300) and Cubby Plus ($400). Coming in 2016.

OXO Cubby

I was really excited to see this colorful booth on the show floor. Did you know that you can find Cosatto strollers in the US now? You can find the Supa Stroller in lots of colorful patterns like Hipstar and my favorite– Flamingo Fling!

Colorful Cosatto Strollers

Colorful Cosatto Strollers

There was lots of excitement at Quinny, and it wasn’t just about the fancy new jogging stroller (coming next spring).

Quinny Jogger

Quinny and Maxi-Cosi are making strides to have the most fashionable strollers and car seats, and their latest collaboration is with the fashionable Rachel Zoe. Her collection will include a Quinny Moodd as well as Pria 85 and Mico Max 30 car seats.

Quinny Rachel Zoe Collection   Maxi Cosi Rachel Zoe Car Seat

The Watercolor Maxi-Cosi should be available to accompany you on winter travel to tropical destinations.

Maxi Cosi Blue Car SeatQuinny Car Seat

For something a little more subtle, but extremely elegant, consider the Sweater Knit collection. This collection should ship any day now to keep your baby looking cozy this fall.

Maxi Cosi Car SeatsDSC_0111

Quinny’s Bold Block Moodd and Buzz with matching Maxi-Cosi car seats are fantastically fashion forward and come in this bold red combo or a more tonal cream and gray .

Quinny Stroller

If you still haven’t found the special edition beauty you love, how about Star by Edward van Vliet? No excuse for plain boring strollers any more!

DSC_0113DSC_0114  DSC_0115

There’s nothing boring about Clek‘s new Tokidoki space pattern…

Clek Tokidoshi Space

… but if that’s too much, the Capri blue color is a beautiful new shade.

Clek New Blue

Also worthy of mention is their seat protector accessory. Might as well get the Clek one when you buy your seat.

Clek Seat Protector

Even Mountain Buggy is embracing the fashion stroller trend and introduced the Cosmopolitan Luxury Geo Stroller.


Mamas & Papas always has beautiful strollers but this year they really outdid themselves. The Rose gold frame on the Urbo2 looks really luxurious.

IMG_0054 DSC_0147

The new Donna Wilson bear print is ridiculously cute.


And finally, the peacock feather pattern of the new Liberty collaboration is one of the most stunning things you’ve ever seen on a stroller.


If you’re unlucky enough not to need another stroller, at least grab the diaper bag!


Stokke’s strollers are keeping up with the fun fashion trends and there are more combinations and colors to choose from than ever.

DSC_0155DSC_0158 DSC_0153

One of the most talked about strollers in Vegas this year was the Entourage stroller from Austlen Baby Co. The winner of the 2015 Best In Show in the JPMA Innovation Awards, this revolutionary stroller has all the storage you could ever want from a stroller and is super versatile with over 30 different configurations.


It’s a single stroller, a double, a twin, a travel, a shopping cart… you really need to take a look at this thing.


Another attention getting new (to the US at least) brand is Greentom. These strollers are very lightweight and made of recycled plastic!


Finally, I really enjoyed getting to learn about gb child and learning about their diverse lines of strollers, car seats and travel systems.

DSC_0182 DSC_0184 DSC_0180  DSC_0185

By far the most stunning was their Pockit, which holds the record as the world’s smallest folding stroller. It’s really impressive and I hope I get a chance to play with one! Check out my video of the demo on Instagram.

Some affiliate links included.

The Latest Gear and Accessories from ABC Kids Expo 2014

There’s a ton of baby gear on the show floor at the ABC Kids Expo and here’s the best of what I saw.

The Travel products from KidCo are no-nonsense, do what they need to do products, that work at home, while camping, or while traveling. The new items in the travel collection are the DreamPod Portable Bassinet ($150) and the TravelPod Portable Play Yard ($170). KidCo also added a lighter weight “Plus” model of the GoPod and updated the PeaPod as well.

KidCo Plus

Diaper Dekor diaper pails were getting larger (classic, plus and xl), but now they’re coming out with a smaller mini version for those who don’t prefer to store dirty diapers for very long.


For a limited time, this Dots by Karin BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft will be available exclusively at Kohls.com.  If you want to go all in on the black and white for baby, you don’t want to miss this one.

Dots by Karin BABYBJORN 2014 Limited Edition

Babyhome is coming out with another version of their Dream bassinet. The Dream Air has sides that unzip for ventilation and visibility. This type of mesh on travel sleepers and bassinets for air flow and ventilation was a huge trend across the board at the expo.


Regal Lager‘s newest brand, Qdos, has some great modern baby gate options including a transparent acrylic gate. I’d suffer a few hand prints on that thing rather than use a clunky unsightly gate, but that’s just me. Qdos is a whole line of safety products and I look forward to seeing the rest of the line when they launch.

Qdos gates

In case there aren’t enough color options for your Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat, soon you’ll be able to customize your seat when you order it. It’s a great car seat to begin with and now buying your Mico has never been more fun.

Maxi-Cosi infant seats

There are all kinds of fancy special edition strollers out there with fun or fashionable fabrics and finishes, but this iCoo stroller is the first I’ve seen with a copper frame.


I got to check out Stokke’s Trailz, their heavy-duty all-terrain stroller.  $1300


The Scoot is the compact Stokke stroller.  I love that it it forward or rear facing and has an upright seating position.  $600


Check out all the accessories for the Stokke strollers. And the Stroller Style Kit Seat Print (center with Beige Cubes) makes one super stylish stroller!

Stokke Strollers

Fisher Price seems to be heading in a good direction with this Comfort Curve Bouncer.


Nuna showed the Mixx stroller and the full sized Tavo stroller.


The new Wind attachment for the Leaf keeps the seat rocking automatically.


And here’s a new changing tray top for the Sena.


There was plenty of new stuff and many brands I didn’t even get to! For more baby gear and stroller coverage from the Expo, check out Growing Your Baby, Spilling the Beans, Baby Chic 101 and Baby Gizmo.  It’s no wonder they had good coverage because I saw them all over the place!

Coming Soon: What’s New from Bugaboo at ABC Kids Expo 2014

There was lots of excitement going on at Bugaboo this year. The often imitated brand that revolutionized the modern stroller market, Bugaboo continues to forge ahead with both design and engineering.

On the design side, I’m going crazy for the first special edition stroller of Bugaboo’s three-year collaboration with Diesel. This first collection is the Bugaboo Cameleon3 by Diesel.

Bugaboo Diesel Cameleon

This military-inspired stroller comes complete with a dark green chassis, green canvas, faux leather handlebar and tons of distinctive details.

Bugaboo Diesel

This will be available in stores in November 2014. The stroller will retail for $1300. Camouflage footmuff, seat liner, parasol and mosquito net will also be available as additional accessories.

The next notable new product at Bugaboo was the Bugaboo Stand. Use your Bugaboo carriage as a bassinet or your Bugaboo seat as a high chair.

Bugaboo Stand  Bugaboo Stand Rear

The Bugaboo Stand weighs less than 6 pounds and folds easily into a shoulder carrying bag.

Bugaboo Stand carrying case

The stand is compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo, and Bugaboo Donkey using the required set of adapters. Expect to see the Bugaboo Stand in Spring 2015 for $130.

The really big announcement of the show was the Bugaboo Runner.

Bugaboo Runner

In a special evening event, Bugaboo presented the jogging extension that works for (almost) any Bugaboo model you buy or own. Just click your seat onto the specially designed chassis and you’re ready to run. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate jogging stroller. You can jog with your child front or rear facing.

Bugaboo Runner

The Bugaboo Runner will be available in the US starting in Spring 2015 and the jogging extension will retail for $425. You will also be able to purchase the complete runner (chassis, seat and seat adaptors) for $755.

continue for more of what’s new from Bugaboo!

Kenson Quinny Yezz and Zapp Xtra

Quinny has never held back with color when it comes to their bright strollers– especially in their Moodd design collaboration with pop artist icon Romero Britto. This year, Quinny showed off their latest bold collaboration with Belgian artist Kenson that resulted in these designs for the Yezz and Zapp Xtra.

Kenson Quinny Yezz and

These strollers are edgy, funky, fresh, and fun.

The Quinny Yezz Special Edition Kenson Collection is a giggle exclusive and retails for $330.


Check out the detail on the seat. The white fabric would probably show dirt easily, but this is a stroller design that could handle some wear and tear and still look great.


The Kenson Limited Edition Zapp Xtra retails for $375.


I love the splashes of green on the wheels, the hood, shoulder straps, and foot rest.


If you missed our review of the Quinny Zapp Xtra, check it out here!

What do you think of this design collaboration?

Jané: Spain’s Leading Stroller Brand at ABC Kids Expo 2013

We are excited to share a new stroller option with you. Jané, Spain’s leading stroller brand, is relaunching in the US and they debuted the North American product lineup at the ABC Kids Expo. Let’s take a look!

The Nanuq is an umbrella stroller with large diameter wheels, adjustable backrest, kickstand for storage, and carrying handle. Accessories included are the hood, cup holder, foot rest, and rain cover.

Adjustable handles make this stroller stand out, as well as the patented “ball joint” system, allowing it to fold to 12% of its height when standing. The Nanuq retails at $299 and is available in colors Aqua blue, Shadow grey, and Cosmos red.


The Rider has a sleek profile as Jane’s top of the range stroller. The aluminum chassis ensures a lightweight frame, and the adjustable rear suspension make it a quick and easy ride to push. The height of the stroller also makes it useful for using as a highchair when dining on-the-go.

The fabric available on the navy blue Rider is patterned with playful, sketches of fish. I love how compact the canopy shade is when in the up position. The seat can be adjusted to face forward or turn around so the child is parent-facing. The basket looks easily accessible and the fold of the stroller gets down to 30% of its size, as shown in the bottom right photo. The Rider retails at $750 and is available in Shadow grey, Blue, and Sand.


Trider Extreme is Jané’s stroller made for those who are looking for all-terrain capability and a stylish, elegant appearance. The larger wheels give it stability and maneuverability on both rough terrain and smooth concrete. Long length suspension and an adjustable shock absorber ensure baby’s maximum comfort. While I am not a fan of the writing on the foot rests, I am really loving the ruggedly sophisticated look. The Trider Extreme retails at $790 and is available in the Deep red and Azzure blue shown above.

The Jané Powertwin Pro double stroller is an all-terrain stroller with a two-position, rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride, including a front wheel disc brake system. Each seat has its own adjustable backrest and canopy. The Powertwin Pro will be available soon.

All of the Jané canopies are water-repellant, made from breathable fabric, and include anti-Uva, Uvb, Upf 50+ sun protection.

These are some good looking strollers, so we look forward to getting to know Jané!

Coming Soon: New from 4moms

With a great deal of pomp and circumstance, 4moms debuted three new items at ABC Kids Expo 2013.  Most of the photos from their special presentation were pretty crummy, so instead of in-person photos, I’m going to introduce the new products an appropriate level of pageantry.  I think these videos will do the trick…

Meet the 4moms rockaRoo

Next, check out the 4moms origami mini

And last but not least, the 4moms infant car seat. The seat that installs itself!

Thoughts?  Is the infant car seat too good to be true?

Coming Soon: New from Babyhome at ABC Kids Expo 2013

Babyhome has become a very popular nursery and baby gear brand since its US debut at the ABC Kids Expo in 2011.

This year brings another beautiful special version of their Dream travel cot.  The Dream Premium is made from natural micro-perforated leather with a polished black aluminum frame.  This looks really posh and carries the $1200 price tag to match.

I’m ALWAYS excited to add another modern option to my list of baby bouncers and loungers so the new Wave Bounce Chair is a great find this year.  Made from laminated wood, the Wave will be available in several frame and cushion combinations and should retail for about $180.

The Babyhome Emotion stroller is coming out in a few new colors– Aqua, Cloud and Coral and some new accessories like a cup holder and diaper bag will make this lightweight stroller ever more versatile.

The bassinet, high chair and bed rail will also feature new colors and the bed rail with built in light (Side Light) is on the horizon.

Finally, the so-ro mini cradle is now part of Babyhome and is a real stand-out in their product line.  I’m glad that Babyhome has taken on this beautiful product and hopefully they can give it the distribution and attention that it deserves!

So-Ro Cradle Babyhome Bassinet

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