The Gadgets of Baby Gear from 4 Moms

4 moms debuted a new product at ABC Kids Expo this past weekend. Their all new playard is a “Breeze” to open and close back up.

In less than 10 seconds, Emily from 4 moms collapsed and reopened the new (coming next summer) Breeze playard.

I tried it myself and it’s as easy as it looks. The retail price for the Breeze is expected to be $250.

4 moms seems to have also finally nailed down a release for the long awaited Origami stroller.  These should be available in January 2012.  In case you haven’t heard about it, I’ll just share this video and you’ll see exactly what Origami is all about.

The Origami will probably retail for $850 and I’ll let you know once these items are released.

Bugaboo Lastest News: Missoni Special Collection!

As if Crate & Barrel + Marimekko isn’t cool enough, check out Bugaboo + Missoni!  Bugaboo has been teasing this news for the past couple of days and finally got their big announcement out this afternoon.

Two tailored designs will adorn the most stylish Bugaboo Bees and Cameleons and come with a knitted Missoni blanket.  Zig zags for the Bee and block prints for the Cameleon.

These will be available in July only at Neiman Marcus.

Update: Bugaboo Donkey

Well, it’s official.  They’re not going to change the name of the Bugaboo Donkey.  The bugaboo website has been updated with all the information you could possibly want to know about the all new convertible stroller from Bugaboo.

The #1 question everyone has been asking is, “when will the Bugaboo Donkey be available for purchase?”  The answer for the US, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK is April 2011.  Just around the corner!  Check the list of retailers to know where they’ll be available, because these won’t be online immediately.

The #2 question is “How much will is cost?”  Well, there are three configurations, Mono, Duo and Twin and they retail for $1200, $1500 and $1660 respectively.  For more pricing details, see Magic Beans’s blog Spilling the Beans.  The bugaboo website has a guide to the packages as well.  And if you’re still confused, you’ll understand why you’ve got to go to the store to buy this.  They’re going to have to explain it to you in person and help you pick what you need.

So now to whet your appetite…

New Addition: Strollers from Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas have hit the US in a big way, and their stateside product line includes a number of stroller designs.  I am happy to have added Mamas & Papas to buymodernstrollers.

Currently, you can purchase the Urbo (top- $500), the Luna Mix (bottom left- $300) or a number of stylish umbrella strollers like the Trip (bottom right- $130).

Coming soon are the Mylo (left), Urbo elite (center) and the Luna Plus (bottom right).

These are being sold at our affiliate, Babies R Us.  For more stroller suggestions, visit buymodernstrollers.

A Little Snippet From Bugaboo at ABC Kids Expo

Bugaboo was being a little strict about photographing the Donkey at the ABC Kids Expo, but they did release this little video to continue to whet our appetite for this extraordinary new stroller.

ABC Kids Expo from bugaboo on Vimeo.

Also, be aware that the Frog is finally being retired at the end of the year.  If you still want one, find it now.

Trend Spotting at ABC Kids Expo 2010: Ride Along Stroller Board Accessories

There is not one name for this type of accessory, but looking around at ABC Kids Expo 2010, you will quickly observe that everyone is coming out with one.  It is called a Wheeled Board, Stroller Board, and Buggy Board, but they are all platforms that clip on to the back of a stroller for an older child to ride along.

I’ve actually had one for my Bugaboo for almost two years now. I picked it up almost as soon as baby #2 took his place in our stroller.  My kids are three years apart and as a three year old, my oldest wasn’t that interested in sitting in a stroller anymore.  We didn’t quite need a double stroller, but sometimes we just need to get everyone moving quickly and together so our Bugaboo Wheeled Board is a really useful accessory.  As I single-handedly whisked two small children through the busy shopping mall, weaving around the holiday shopping crowds, I received many admiring glances and comments about the clever wheel board and I knew it was a popular idea.

stroller accessory

Many other companies are coming out with their own version of the wheeled board, and I found lots of great applications of this idea at ABC Kids this year.

Orbit Baby’s Sidekick Stroller Board for the G2 stroller is a super cool version of this accessory.  I already talked about it in my New Product Showcase picks post but it’s one of the coolest ride along boards of the bunch.

I got a great demo of the Micralite Toro and Super-Lite strollers, and while I was really impressed with with both of them, I couldn’t help but notice their ride-behind accessory as well.  The Rider Stroller Board fits on both models, can stay on when the stroller is folded, and clips up onto the back of the stroller when it’s not in use.

Another fun and unique design is Mountain Buggy’s free rider.  This design uses a scooter inspiration and is a lot of fun.

stroller accessory

I must admit I skipped many of the stroller brands because I would have needed at least an entire day to just study and learn about all the different models, features and colors, but because of all I’ve seen at this year’s ABC Kids Expo, I’m sure I will be adding new brands to my list on buymodernstrollers shortly.

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