Rich or Reasonable: Rocking Sheep

For some reason, I’m a sucker when it comes to rocking toys, so cozy, fuzzy rocking sheep really get my attention.

On the left we have the Rocking Sheep designed by Povl Kjer that was available from Crafts Collection.  I can’t find any place where you can actually order this “rockin'” design, but according to the The Perfect Baby Handbook, it would have set you back $575.  I saw these in reports from ICFF years ago, but for $575, you can imagine why they weren’t more popular.

Inspired by Povl Kjer, Max Tyrie of Bright Spark Design on etsy came up with his own interpretation of the Rocking Sheep.  It might be a little less rock-n-roll, but this handmade in the USA sheep still rocks!  Each one is made to order out of Baltic birch plywood, some reclaimed scrap wood and real sheepskin.

For more of my favorite rocking toys, see my list in our modern toy guide.

Rocking Toys from Little Alouette

Now I have a great collection of rocking toys in my modern toy guide, but I have yet to have seen either a rocking giraffe or rocking guitar.  Zebra?  Yes.  Moose?  Yes.  Bear?  Certainly.  Oh- I think I just got the joke- a “rockin’ guitar”.  Okay, that’s cool.

From Little Alouette’s etsy shop- Gigi the Giraffe ($250) and Guitar style rocking toy ($220).  There’s also an Unfinished/Unpainted Giraffe for $180.

Order by December 5th for Christmas delivery.

Sixkid Furniture Collection

When I arrive at ABC Kids Expo, I’ve got a pretty good idea about the things I’m going to see.  I spend most of my time in the “Modern Child” area and I’ve got a list of all the companies whose booths I intend to visit.

But sometimes, you find some of the very best things when you’re just wandering.  It was the last afternoon of my trip and I just walked up and down some of the more unfamiliar isles when I spied a little gem in the Beck to Nature booth.  I must have been tired at that point because my photos came out particularly terrible, but these incredible little rocking horses caught my eye and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

Check out the sixkid Rocking Horses.

This photo doesn’t even do them justice.  They are just perfect, heirloom quality rocking horses with a timeless modern style (and a price to match $500 and $700).  Believe me, if I could have gotten the big one home with me, I would have.

They also had the sixkid Kids Table and Grasshopper Kids Chairs on display and they’re both perfectly lovely.  The table is covered with a biodegradable linoleum that is easy to clean and the chairs are ultra lightweight.

It’s just little thing like these that make me happy.

More to Love From Ninetonine

First of all, I’m just going to insist that you visit Ninetonine’s website and examine it thoroughly.  This Spanish company has an English version of their site where you’ll be able to see all of their products and beautiful photos.

I’m so happy that Ninetonine products are becoming more accessible to us in the US and that they have been expanding their line.  I’ve had their zebra crib on buymoderncribs for a while, and just last month I was excited to add three more pieces to the guides on BuyModernBaby.

My first two new additions were the Kits Rocking Horse (in either white or gray) and Kits Shelf from the Kits Collection.  I have a soft spot for rocking toys and since no nursery should be without books, you need plenty of book storage.  The Kits collection also includes a play table with seating options.

I also added these pieces from the Nona collection.  This is an incredibly gorgeous set with a two-tone changer and a white or wood crib.

This last design is not yet in production but is so drool-worthy that I had to share.  The Neo crib transforms into the most elegant little toddler bed you’ve ever seen.

You can purchase any of these items (except the Neo crib) as well as their original line of products directly from ninetonine and they ship around the world.  There are also a few select retailers (Spunky Sprout in the US) that carry ninetonine.

CUNA furnishings

I’ve had my eye on CUNA‘s collection of nursery furnishings for a while, but there weren’t many pictures of the pieces that I could use.  All I had seen for years was computer renderings of the designs, but now there are a few photos of these highly exclusive bassinets, dressers, play tables and chairs.

First they have the CUNA Bee Collection.  This collection includes a bassinet, dresser, Cool-Stool, Play N’ Learn table and chair set and the Rock N’ Roll Toro.

Here you can see the bassinet and dresser in natural with a Strawberry accent.

Using a separate conversion kit, the bassinet becomes a desk and toy box set.

The Play N’ Learn Table and Chair Set is a unique design,

and my favorite might be the Rock N’ Roll Toro (as I have a fondness for rocking toys).

The Bee collection is available at a few select retailers including my affiliate AllModernBaby.  Prices for items in this collection reflect their exclusive nature.  Bassinet set retails for about $1600, the dresser is $1950.  The Play N’ Learn Table and Chair Set is $1085 and the Rock N’ Roll Toro is $796.

CUNA’s second collection is the Hive Collection.  I’m partial to this one but I haven’t found actual photos of these pieces yet.  The Hive Collection includes a Bassinet (that converts into a playtable and toybox), Dresser, Twin Bed, Kids Chairs, and a Step Stool.

The CUNA Hive collection can also be found at my affiliate partner  The dresser retails for about $1000, the twin bed is about $1410 and the bassinet set is $900.  The Hive Chair that goes with the play table is $167.

Finally, CUNA has these cute wood hand puzzles called CUNANIMALS.

You can find a cute set of CUNANIMALS for $29.  These would make a lovely gift.

I think CUNA has lots of interesting designs but if I had to give them one piece of advice, I’d recommend they hire a good photographer to do the collection some justice.

New Addition: ABC Chocolate Rocking Horse from Italtrike

The ABC Chocolate Rocking Horse from Italtrike is my newest addition to buymoderntoys.  I like the classic but simple design and the modern chocolate brown finish with bright red and yellow accents.  It’s also not something you see every day.  People will ask where you got this one and you can tell them it’s Italian (because it is).  This quality wood rocking toy retails for about $120.  You can find it through our amazon affiliate link for $80.

There are more lovely pieces in this collection that have me wishing I had a play room including a ride-on train, a walker and an adorable wooden tricycle:

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