The Paloma Teeter Totter

Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, the Paloma Teeter Totter comes to you ready to assemble and ready to rock! It’s a simple modern design that is sturdy and lends itself well to imaginative play.

The Paloma Teeter Totter Blood Orange

The teeter totter comes in six fun colors and retails for $290.

The Paloma Teeter Totter Gravel Gray

There’s also a larger size teeter totter, aka “The Bigger One,” for $340. Right now you can save $50 with the promo code WCC!

Rocking Rabbit

Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!

Playsam rocking rabbit easter bunny

Rocking Rabbit by Bjorn Dahlstrom from Playsam- $225

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14 Jul 2015, 10:07pm
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Rocking “Horses” from Davide Paganotti

You never know what treasures you’ll discover on Etsy. Today I came across one of my favorite things… modern rocking toys!


From Davide Paganotti, there are 4 rocking animals and I can’t decide which is the cutest. Made of recycled cardboard, felt and wood, these adorable creatures serve as a classic toy, decor piece and can be embellished and even recycled. $170 each

Baerta Rocking Sheep


George Rocking Penguin


Annibale Rocking Elephant


Alice Rocking Elk


Sadly, unlike most of my posts, these are only available to our European readers. I just couldn’t help sharing them.

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Etsy Finds: Rocking “Horses” from Around the World

One thing I love about etsy, is that it makes products from all over the world available for easy shopping and purchase. Designs from anywhere in the globe will ship right to my doorstep through a familiar shopping platform.

First, the GOODY Rocking Horse from Slovenia comes in two sizes (large for $450 and small for $330 + about $70 shipping) and you can select brown, blue or gray.


From Emanuel Rufo Toys, the C03 Eco Friendly Wooden Rocking Horse is a beautiful wooden horse from Portugal. $110 + about $80 shipping


Finally, Ringo is a rocking rhino from Izugi in Israel. You can choose your favorite fabric for the sear cushion. $130 + about $65 shipping


These are great opportunities to have something really unique and special in the playroom.

Rockers and Rollers From Newmakers

The Zebra Rocker has been very popular so Newmakers is now bringing us the Tiger and Panda rockers as well as Zebra, Tiger and Panda Rollers!

You know I can’t resist a cool rocking toy!

Crocodile Rock (and more!)

I hope it’s not too soon to post more rocking toys because I really want to share these fun and decorative options from The Land of Nod.

The Wooden Crocodile Rocker ($150) was designed exclusively for The Land of Nod by Pommette and is the friendliest looking crocodile I’ve ever seen.  He actually looks to me a lot like Maurice Sendak’s alligators from Alligators All Around.  Yes?  No?

The Arctic Plush Polar Bear Rocker ($169) features a cuddly polar bear.  It’s like the perfect cross between a teddy bear and a rocking horse.

We’ve seen rocking sheep before, but this “Rock With Ewe” Sheep Rocker is exclusive to The Land of Nod ($170).

Since we’re on the topic, Pottery Barn Kids also has a cute Sheep Rocker ($130).

And if you want an actual horse, I’m diggin’ this Sprout Rocking Horse ($250).

I never did have a rocking horse as a kid.  Does this explain my current obsession?  I even have a Pinterest Board just for rocking toys if you’re interested in more options.

Some affiliate links included

Rockin’ Toys from Wee Rock Toy Co.

The only thing better than finding an Eco-friendly modern version of a classic children’s toy is discovering that it is made locally.  Wee Rock Toy Co. is based near me in South Florida, where they produce this line of rocking animals.  In addition to the traditional horse, they’ve got the highlights of a zoo covered with a gorilla, an elephant, a rhino and a giraffe.

Founded by two former architecture students, We Rock Toy Co. produces these beautiful heirloom toys in Miami using FSC certified Bamboo Plywood.

No tools, hardware or glue are required for their assembly and the rockers retail for $300.  Any one of them would look fantastic in your modern nursery.  Which would you choose?

Cool Kids Company Imports

Thanks to Cool Kids Company, some more exclusive European brands are now more easily accessible here in the US.  I’ve talked about ninetonine before, but this Spanish furniture company is coming to us via Cool Kids Company now.  They’ll be selling the Deskhouse, Mouse Table and Drum Stools.

Cool Kids Company is also bringing Kast van een Huis to our shores.  These storage houses are both inspired by and made in Holland. Warning: these are NOT cheap.  At $2200 a piece, you may have to save up awhile before these storage cabinets line your canals.

Last but not least (since I have a rocking horse obsession), is the Rocking Zebra from Newmakers in the UK.  This is a beautiful, bold and graphic version of a traditional rocking horse. $300

Any of these items under the tree would surely inspire a very Merry Christmas!  I hope we see many more gorgeous imports coming our way in 2013.

High Dollar High Chair – Supperman Chair by Ineke Hans

I thought I already knew the most expensive high chair out there, but I found one that beats the Henry IV, which tops my list at $1350.  Well, Ineke Hans‘s Supperman chair can be yours for the tidy sum of $2125.  You can find this black recycled plastic seat (smart!) at babygeared.

You can find additional pieces from Ineke Hans’s children’s collection on babygeared as well.  There are tables, chairs , desk sets and of course, a rocking horse– Happy Horse for $965.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought for your baby, or where do you think it’s most useful to spend when buying for baby?  Our high chair was one of the LEAST expensive things we got.

Rocking Sheep Part 2

We talked about Povl Kjer’s Rocking Sheep back in January, but I’ve just discovered that we CAN still get our hands on this furry little beauty!

And while I estimated it to cost $575, it looks like babygeared has it for $375 + $125 freight.  You can take your pick from six colors including the fantastic pink one.

ALSO… there’s the Rocking LAMB, which is half the size of the sheep.  This is more sculpture than toy and you can order yours for $190 plus $100 freight.

Another rocking sheep that is just too cute and cuddly is the Emu Enu Rocking Sheep by Nobuyuki Morita.  I pinned it a while ago onto my Rocking Toys Pinterest board, but I didn’t know it was available for purchase at a US retailer.  Again, we have babygeared to thank for that.

You can get a black or white Emu Enu Rocking Sheep at babygeared for $600 plus $175 freight and be among the elite few with this beauty.

Finally, if you’re just looking for something shaggy that rocks but isn’t necessarily meant to be a sheep, babygeared also has the Harry Rocking Stool by Kenneth Cobonpue.

This one is available in 6 colors and will set you back $835.

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