Happy Holiday Giveaway 2012 with fawn & forest: Week 3 Winner

It’s been fun to hear about your holiday shopping progress this week.  I shop all through the year for my kids and hide the gifts in my closet until December.  I THINK I’ve managed to retrieve them all from their hiding places and they are now wrapped and ready to go!  This isn’t to say that I’m all done already.  I still have to figure out some gifts for people like the mailman.  What do you get for YOUR mailman?  And I’m probably NOT going to be baking.  Ideas?

Now for our winner… Stephy O’D– is not even close to being done with her holiday shopping, but she’ll get this robot gift pack to help get her a little closer!

Some cool kid in Stephy’s life is going to enjoy these Ferm Living Mr. Robot pillows,

as well as this Petit Collage Robot Print.

Congratulations Stephy!  I will email you shortly.

Stay tuned for the Week 4 (and final) giveaway…

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30 Nov 2012, 12:35am
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Happy Holiday Giveaway 2012 with fawn & forest: Robot Gift Pack

We’ve played around with the robot theme before, but you’ll be able to jump right into it in the most stylish way possible with these gifts from two of my favorite modern brands, Ferm Living and Petit Collage.

As part of our Happy Holiday Giveaway series with fawn & forest, we’re offering a chance to win a giveaway package that includes a large organic Mr. Robot Pillow and small Mr. Robot Pillow from Ferm Living as well as an unframed Blue Robot Print on Wood by Petit Collage.   This is an adorable gift collection and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am!

The retail price of this robot gift package is $94.
This sweepstakes is open to US residents over the age of 18.  It starts right now and ends December 7th, 2012 at 12:01 am EST.  There are several ways to enter via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to fawn & forest for sponsoring the Happy Holiday Giveaway 2012.  You can find many more gift ideas in their Holidays 2012 Magazine.

Circus Stuf and Robot Stuf

I’ve been waiting for these new collections of Stuf to come out and here they are–
The Circus Stuf collection (Elephant, Ringmaster, Lion, Clowny)…

and the Robot Stuf (Green V26, Yellow 8, Blue X3, Red V8.2) collection…

My little one wants all the robots!

They’ve also updated their Bird Stuf with the new Owl and Greenbird.

They are about $25 for the large size and $12.50 for the small ones.  You can find them at Wry Baby or in Canada at Babybot.

Wallpaper from Loboloup

“Contemporary wallpaper for the modern child”?  Yup, Lopoloup has got my number.  Just get a look at their designs and you’ll be sold too.  We’re talking show-stopping inspiration here.  Loboloup’s papers are hand screened with eco-friendly water-based inks and made in the USA.  How can you resist?

Shown above: Circus, What’s Your Type, Robots, Ships & Sails, Friendly Forest and Owls

30 May 2012, 9:35am
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Kauzbots: Plush Robots With a Heart

If only I had known about Kauzbots back in December when we did my son’s robot birthday party.   Kauzebots are cuddly and cute plush robots that represent various causes and are designed to inspire action.

10% of the retail price of each robot is donated to the particular robot’s kauze (cause).  For example, the green one has a heart for the environment and 10% of his price goes to the Arbor Day Foundation.  The yellow robot has a heart for comforting those with autism and 10% of his price goes to Talk About Curing Autism.

Kauzebots make a great gift for someone who has a cause that is close to their heart.  Other “Kauzes” include homeless children, breast cancer, music therapy programs, oral healthcare, refugees, pediatric cancer, hunger and poverty, and clean water.  Kauzbots retail for $25.

Halloween Mobile and More from The Whimsy Boutique

Want to change out you mobile for the holidays?  Just looking for the cutest Halloween decorations around?  I’m in love with this adorable Pumpkin, Bat and Ghost Mini Mobile! ($30)

This cute creation comes from The Whimsy Boutique, where you can find tons of custom Whimsy Mobiles.

Here are a few more cute ones:

Sailboats, Floating Flowers, Rainbow Spiral, Robots

Mystery Solved: Nursery Art from Skårt

Last week I showed you Tommy’s modern nursery on Fox’s new sit-com “Traffic Light.”  I was really disappointed that I couldn’t figure out where the artwork over the crib was from but now that mystery is solved!

Sara from Skårt (original, earth-friendly, hand-crafted artwork) spotted her work in the last post!

The room features a set of three screen printed dancing robots on stained birch panels.  Lock-Bot, Pop-Bot and Hustle-Bot each sell for $45.  The piece in the center is The Aviary, which is available for $108.

Skartshop.com has a great selection of  nursery art pieces.  They are all hand-made and silk screen printed on FSC certified wood.  The paints are water based and certified eco friendly.  My very favorites are these planes for $89 each.

I love the way the wood shows through in the pieces and that you can select custom colors or designs as well.

Take a look at the full range of designs and you’re bound to find something to suit your space.  Skårt also sells paper prints in their etsy shop.

Round Owl - Handprinted on Paper - Sunglow color

These owl prints are fabulous for $20 a piece and I’m inspired by their pairing with Super Natural Baby bedding.  One of my favorites!

Shopping Guide: Wallpaper That Inspires

If you’ve ever had to remove old wallpaper from a home or lived in a home with wallpaper from the 70s, you may be a little shell-shocked to think about wallpaper.  But take a look at some of these fun designs for kids and see if they might change your mind.  I can’t help think that they will be the nightmare of some future generation, but for now they are oh so cool.

My top favorite is Aimee Wilder.  All I can say is wow!  The Robots and Squirrels are too fun, and there’s a pattern called Baby that totally has my mind changed about wallpaper.

Ferm Living has a lot of beautiful patterns in exciting colors.

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

DwellStudio has started making custom wallpaper and it is divine.  You enter your wall size, choose the pattern, color, scale and size.  Totally custom and totally awesome.

Olli & Lime have wallpaper as part of their collections.

I love bholu, whether it’s on the floor, on a pillow, or on your walls.

Finally, before I get too carried away here, I have to mention Graham & Brown because we may never have taken notice of wallpaper again if it weren’t for Frames by Taylor and Wood.  They have lots of other fun pattern as well.

And now that I’ve done all that research, I will be sure to add my wallpaper finds as a new category on buymoderndecor!

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