Heritage Balance Bike from Loll Designs

Any little ones you know resolving to learn to ride a bike this year? My younger one has yet to reach this milestone so we need to get to work on that asap! From the experience of his older brother though, I can tell you that learning to balance before adding pedals is the perfect way to master the two wheeler. Training wheels are so 1980-something.


Loll Designs partnered with Heritage Bicycles to create this little beauty out of recycled plastic. It features 12″ wheels, adjustable seat height and a Heritage medallion. Choose one of 10 colors. $260


You can also get a Bennett Balance Bike, which is the wooden version, for $300.


Kickstarter Project: ZumZum Balance Bike

The only problem with this beautiful balance bike is that the estimated delivery isn’t until March. From NextGen Bikes, ZumZum features natural suspension, adjustable height and a uniquely modern design.

This Kickstarter project just launched and there are still some early bird rewards left for $149. After that, you’ll be able to get one for the Kickstarter price of $199. The estimated retail price after Kickstarter is $249 so it’ll be worth your while to act sooner than later!

Wishbone Wagon

Famous for their Wishbone Bike (a 3-in-1 balance bike), Wishbone Design Studio has a unique take on another childhood classic.  The Wishbone Wagon is a lovely wooden wagon that easily converts into a soap-box racer as well as a foot-to-floor car.

Wishbone Wagon

Designed by Richard Latham, the Wishbone Wagon features sustainable birch, aluminum and steel construction and air-filled tires.  It is suitable for children up to 110 pounds, so you can get years of play out of this heirloom. It retails for $300.

Trend Spotting at ABC Kids Expo 2010: Walnut Finish

We’ve seen lots of two tone finishes, white is always popular and dark espresso or ebony finishes are still very hot, but from my observations on the floor at ABC Kids Expo 2010, walnut is the next big thing and I’ve loving it.

One of the first things that caught my attention on the floor of ABC Kids Expo was this nursery set from Westwood Design.  It’s got great clean lines with a retro vibe that I’m probably getting just because of the color.  I could see this fitting perfectly in a mid-century modern home.

One of these Bungalow rockers from Nurseryworks wouldn’t be out of place with that set either.  The tone of the wood is beautiful and warm, while the lines of the chair are clean and bold.

as seen at ABC Kids Expo 2010

The Svan Scooter is newly available in walnut finish…

… and you may have seen Oeuf has many pieces in its nursery collections that are now available in a walnut finish including the Sparrow Collection.  As if it didn’t look good enough in the original colors, the Sparrow looks so chic in walnut.  I may have to use it in my next nursery design board.

I love this wood tone as a new modern option alongside white, light wood and super dark wood.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it as the trend catches on!

Shopping Guide: Rocker Roundup!

In honor of my most recent addition to buymoderntoys, (Netto Collection’s Polar Bear Rocker) I am posting this guide to the coolest rocking toys out there.


1- Polar Bear Rocker (buy for $295 from allmodernbaby.com)

2olgarocker3Plan Toy Palomino4Knu

2- Sirch Olga Rocker(buy for $280 from modern nursery)

3- Plan Toy Palomino(buy for $78 from amazon.com)

4- Red Ball Rocker from knú (buy for $265 from knú)

5playsamhorse6pippocampus7 rockingmoose

5- Rocking Horse from Playsam (buy for $209 from unica home)

6- Pippocampus Rocking Horse (buy for $229 from Generate)

7- Ekorre Rocking Moose (find it for $40 at your local Ikea)

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