Play Kitchens from Milton & Goose

These are my favorite play kitchens… mmm… ever. They are stylish, timeless and heirloom quality. This is the piece that will get all the play and then be stored in the basement for your grandchildren. The kitchens feature nontoxic finishes and are made in the USA from Baltic birch and North American maple.

Milton & Goose makes two models.  The first is the Classic Play Kitchen, which comes in Gray and soon in White as well. $800

The Essential Kitchen doesn’t have the stove hood, but I’m sure it gets proper ventilation. $650

In addition to being the perfect setting for countless hours of imaginative play these are guaranteed to be Instagram superstars.

Temptation Tuesday: Charlie Kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids stays current with modern kitchen trends year after year, and 2016 is no exception.

Their Charlie Kitchen, which is on sale right now, is a current blend of rustic and modern with nickel hardware and a smoked gray oak finish.

Charlie Kitchen Pottery Barn Kids

Order this one now (while it’s still available!) and stash it away for the holidays. It might be worth remodeling YOUR kitchen to match, no?



Chelsea Play Kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

It’s one of the most beautiful play kitchens they’ve carried in a long while. Pottery Barn Kids stays on trend with kitchen design for the little ones and the Chelsea Kitchen will be at home in the most exquisite kitchens out there. Just google “gray gold kitchen” photos and see if you’re not inspired!

The Chelsea Kitchen includes three pieces that can be purchase separately, in pairs or as a set of three ($870).

chelsea play kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

There’s also the Chelsea All-In-1 Kitchen with all the pieces for just $450.

chelsea-all-in-1-kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

I’d order this asap because you never know how long they’ll carry this style.

Whitney Brothers Contemporary Play Kitchen

Whitney Brothers provides quality wood furniture for preschools and childcare centers, but with their GREENGUARD® Gold Certified products, sturdy construction and straight-forward design, there are many Whitney Brothers items to consider for your nursery or playroom.

My favorite Whitney Brothers collection is the Contemporary pretend play set. The mega set is the Contemporary Kitchen Ensemble which includes five components– refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, laundry unit, stove, and sink. $1185

Contemporary Kitchen Ensemble

Taking up less space and at more accessible price point, the three piece Contemporary Kitchen Toddler Combo is really enough for most. At $490, this should last for generations.

Contemporary Kitchen Toddler Combo

You can also buy the pieces individually and they range from $260-$270 each.

Play Kitchen From TrueModern

There’s nothing like a great play kitchen and these pieces from TrueModern are a beautiful choice.

The 4 piece set includes a fridge, sink, stove and cupboard for $1112.


You can also purchase the pieces separately for $289 each.

True modern play kitchen pieces

I might be so obsessed with play kitchens because I never had one. Please don’t let this happen to your children. Follow my Play Kitchen Pinterest Board for more lovely modern options.


Play Kitchen Bamboo from North Forty Design

You know how sometimes you’ve been looking for something just right for a long time and you have no idea what it looks like, but then you find it and you just know?  Well, I have finally found THE modern play kitchen.

North Forty Design Play Kitchen Bamboo 1

From North Forty Design, the Play Kitchen Bamboo is a stunning open ended, modular design that can be arranged and rearranged in your home for the ultimate pretend play time.

North Forty Design Play Kitchen Bamboo 2

Unfortunately, “ultimate” usually comes with a matching price tag.  As shown, the kitchen combination is $1300.  There is also a birch version for $900, and the pieces can be purchased separately as well.

Also worthy of mention from North Forty Design is the Framehouse.  This open structure is made of FSC White Oak and can be used in any number of ways.

Playforms_framehouse4x5 from North Forty Design

This retails for $725.  Inspiring, no?
found via Moddea

Fun New Play Kitchen From Sprout

We’ve seen their clever eco-friendly products in the most stylish nurseries (here and here) and in one of my nursery boards, but now Sprout has a fun new Kids Play Kitchen that’s detailed enough for the kids to recognize, but simple enough to blend into your home.

Sprout Kitchen


I’m also intrigued by this fun looking Whale Chair.


Sprout Whale

Both the kitchen and the chair are available in Green, Gray, Orange, White and Pink; feature easy to assemble tension lock technology; and retail for $135.

I can’t wait to add these to my Rocking Toys and Play Kitchen Pinterest boards!

“Ultimate Play Kitchen” 2012 Cribsie Awards Finalists

Last week we reviewed some of the Cribsie Awards Gear categories (Bouncers, Travel Accessories) but this year we’re moving on to something a little more fun– the Play categories.

First, let’s decide which play kitchen should win “Ultimate Play Kitchen.”

The Hape Educo Gourmet Chef Kitchen has a great modern look and comes in white or green (shown).  I love the simple, one piece design.  Retails for about $130.

Kidkraft has a huge variety of play kitchens but this one is my favorite.  The Uptown Espresso Kitchen would totally match with my kitchen.  I just have to figure out whether we have the space for it!  These seem to be out of stock right now but look again in April.  Hopefully they’ll turn up again.

Melissa & Doug’s Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen is a cute, compact all-in-one design.  It retails for $130.

Plan Toys Kitchen Center ($200) is a nice compact modern design.  There are also separate kitchen pieces from Plan Toys that can expand the fun like the Dish Washer, Refrigerator and Washing Machine.

Pottery Barn Kids’ Gourmet Kitchen Collection is my favorite from Pottery Barn Kids since they had their Pro Chef set. Sadly, like the other one, most of the pieces are no longer available.  Only the stove is still on the website for $219.

Which play kitchen are you voting for? If you haven’t voted yet, remember that for every vote cast, The Honest Company will donate a diaper to Baby2Baby.

Do you have any other favorites that didn’t make the finals?

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