Ferm Living Kids Autumn/Winter 2017

So much new fun stuff from Ferm Living Kids for their Autumn/Winter 2107 collection.

Fruit is a the big theme for this season with “Fanciful Fruiticana”. The plush cushions include Strawberry, Pear, Watermelon, Pineapple and a Banana Leaf. There’s also a Banana Rattle, and Pear and Strawberry Mobiles.

The Fruiticana Blankets are also beautiful, and they include Strawberry, Pear and Pineapple.

The Fruiticana cushions series includes Pineapple, Palm, Banana and Leaf. Mix and match for an incredible cool, tropical look.

The perfect Fruiticana Wallpaper goes perfectly with the new Nursing Pillowcases, Changing Pad Covers, and Quilted Bed Bumpers in Milkyway Rose, Grey, Dusty Blue and Light Blue.

You might also love the Pineapple Lamp in Orange Red or Smoked Oak.

The other end of the Fruiticana collection takes you under the sea with the Coral Toy, Leopard Fish Toy, Tiger Fish Toy, Stripy Fish Toy, Shell Toy, and Leopard Fish Rattle.

You’ll also love the cozy Stripy Fish Blanket.

Beyond the Fruiticana, there’s a Miniature Funkis House, a smaller version of of their modern Funkis dollhouse.

Ferm Living always has the best storage pieces and these Braided Floor Baskets are great in the nursery or anywhere else in the house.

The new addition to the Little Architect collection this season is the Little Architect Stool.

These new pieces and more will be available soon on the Ferm Living site and before too long we’ll be able to find them at Clever Spaces, Ferm Living’s retail partner for the US and Canada.

Summer 2014: Season of the Pineapple

Long a symbol of wealth and hospitality, the pineapple has been creeping into fashion and decor as we’ve been approaching this summer season.

Inspired by this perfect beauty that grew in our yard,


I’ve got a few great pineapple designs to consider.


Top Row: Eco Pineapple Blanket from Spearmint Love, Pineapple Basket from Zara Home, Pineapple Wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co (also available in other color combinations)

Middle Row: Pineapple Baby Teether from Little Sapling Toys, Pineapple Nursing Pillow Cover from Necessary Cuteness, Geometric Pineapple Wall Print from Invitations and Moore

Bottom Row: La PiƱa Print by Katie Gastley, Arteriors Arcadia Lamp , Little Woolf Fitted Crib Sheet in Golden Pineapple

Finally, my favorite pineapple accessory is this tropical pineapple bunting.

Tropical pineapple bunting - a free crochet pattern

Unfortunately, you’ve got to be a little craftier than I am and make this one yourself with the free crochet pattern on By Hand London.

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