Kidkraft’s Modern Outdoor Playhouse

Spring has sprung and although we happen to be experiencing some unseasonably cold temperatures here in South Florida today, it would still be the perfect day to send the kids out to enjoy some time in their KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse. While there are many amazing modern styles floating around the web, most of the cool ones are DIY jobs and not all of us are quite that handy. This is the way to get that great modern style with an accessible brand at a reasonable price.

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Espresso Playhouse front

The playhouse features an attached picnic table for two, a mailbox with a flag and an outdoor grill (aka: the drive-thru window!).

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Espresso Playhouse back

While it retails for $430, you should be able to find the Honey colored version for about $360. I like the espresso finish even more but I can’t find it for sale online right now. I’d also consider getting a deal on the honey finish and painting it to match the house! That level of DIY is something I could handle.

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

Keep in mind that you DO have to be handy enough to assemble the house. If you’re up for even more of a challenge, check out our Pinterest board of Outdoor Playhouses.

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Shopping Guide: For the Birds

Spring has sprung and we’re going outdoors.  The birds are traveling north and what better way to encourage them to nest in your yard than one of these gorgeous birdhouses and bird feeders.

While putting together this post, I found I was not the first to come up with this idea (I didn’t think I was) and so I will first send you over to the terrific collection of modern birdhouses put together at DesignMilk.  I had found a few of the ones Catrina found so I’ve left them off my list.  I also found a great collection of bird feeders at 2GreenThumbsUp.  Here are some MORE houses and a feeder that were not included in those posts…

Folding Bird House $50 at the MoMA Store

Modern Marvel Bird House $55 from Bowenbirdhouses’ shop on etsy

Modern Marvel Bird House

LittleHouse Bird House $63 from MacPdesign’s shop on etsy

LittleHouse Bird House (Yellow)

Roost $125 from Hepper
Modern Birdhouse

Eva Solo Bird Box $88

The birdhouse at our house may not be quite as stylish, but I love it anyhow.  My son and his grandfather build and painted it (from a kit) and hung it in the tree together.  It has never been inhabited by a family of birds, but it adds some extra personality to that corner of the yard…

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