A Year of Nursery Design Ideas

This has been a very fun year.  I started blogging early in 2010 as a companion to my nursery and product guide buymodernbaby.com.  Inevitably, the blog has become much bigger than the guide itself.  I’m hope you are enjoying my content as much as I enjoy creating it.  One of the most fun things I do is create nursery design boards and so far this year I’ve done over 30 different rooms (a few are kid’s rooms).

If you haven’t seen them all, here’s a little glimpse of them all.  Someday I’d love to see one of these brought to life!  Any volunteers?

To scroll through these posts and find information about the items used in the rooms, you can always do a search for MyModernNursery.  That way you’ll find only the posts with design boards.

And with that… Have a very Happy New Year!!  Stay safe tonight and we’ll be back in 2011!

My Modern Nursery #23: Babies R Us

I’ve shopped at Babies R Us for utilitarian items from time to time, but one of my main reasons for creating buymodernbaby is to show people all the great products that are available in the marketplace so they don’t think that the offerings at big box stores are their only choices.

Over the years, I have noticed that Babies R Us started carrying some of the brands that I enjoy so I wondered if it was finally possible to create a Modern Nursery using just the items that you could add to your Babies R Us registry.  I knew that this would be a challenge.  Take a look at what I came up with.  Take the challenge yourself and see if you can do better.

1- Babyletto Modo Crib- $380 ($380 on amazon)
Picci Green Forest Bedding Set- $390 ($375+$15 shipping on amazon)

2- CoCaLo Chenile Elephant Blanket– $25 ($20+$7 shipping on amazon)

3- EcoTots Surfin Beach Locker– Leaf- $380 ($358.12 on amazon)

4- CoCaLo Moremi 2 Piece Canvas Wall Art– $30 ($27+$6 shipping on amazon)

5- CoCaLo Jacana Plush Giraffe– $15 ($16+$3.50 shipping on amazon)

6- Silhouette Curve Arm Recliner- $580

7- Skip Hop Play Spot in Green/Brown- $80 ($62 on amazon)

8- Paisley Splash in Lime Lamp- $60 ($60 on amazon)

9- Babyletto Modo Dresser- $400 ($400 on amazon)

10-BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Seat- $180 ($133.29 on amazon)

Babies R Us

My Modern Nursery #18: Spring Fresh

The weather here is starting to get hot.  I feel the heat of summer creeping up on us, yet I’m not quite ready to give up that fresh coolness of spring.  I love those days with windows open and the air conditioning off.   I love the flowers in bloom and walking barefoot across the grass.  As we approach the days of kiddie pools and running through the sprinklers, I just want to hold on to that spring feeling a little bit longer…

1- Serena & Lily Maggie Crib Bedding Set– $390

2- Noah Owl Toy Box by Mod Mom- $475

3- Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse by Hape– $470

4- Heart on Sleeve Wall Art from K Studio– $200

5- Oeuf Sparrow Dresser in White– $740

6- bloom Coco Natural Stylewood- $200

7- Bholu Nimboo Yellow/Cream Rug– $1100

8- Oeuf Sparrow Crib in White– $690

9- Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp from CB2- $200

10- Presidio Glider from Serena & Lily- $950

My Modern Nursery #15

Another fun, modern nursery that can grow from baby to toddler through childhood.

1- Stokke Sleepi Crib Bedding 4-Piece Set in Tales Green– $319

2- P’Kolino Clothes Tree in Orange– $70

3- True Modern Changing Table– $800

4- P‘kolino Little One‘s Table and Chairs– $160

5- No Monsters Allowed Print and Keep It Down Print (12.6″ x 21″) from johnwgolden’s shop on etsy.  Part of the By Order of Mgmt Signs series

6- Stokke Sleepi Crib – Natural– $800

7- Vitaminer Blomma pair of curtains from Ikea- $30

8- Tube Top Colors Table Lamp by Pablo– $110
P’kolino Nesting Birds– $35
True Modern Low Bookcase in Blue– $600

9- Meow Pillow from bumblebellydesigns’ shop on etsy- $40

10- Nurseryworks Goodnight Glider-  $1200

My Modern Nursery #9: Baby Sister, Reader Request

A reader requested help with her kids’ rooms.  The first is for a 10 month old girl (her big brother’s room is coming soon).  She needs lots storage in a small (10’7″‘ x 11’) space.  They already have a white crib, changing table and the Play Spot in Pink & Brown by Skip Hop.  The crib bedding is pink and white.  I have filled in my own version of what they already have and then finished the room up.

1- Oeuf Sparrow Wardrobe in White– $1160
An armoire is fantastic for storage because it is vertical.  Any simple armoire would work here.  A low cost option is any thrift store or craigslist armoire that you can paint white.  You can use the inside to hang clothing or add shelves to hold toys.  If the closet is good storage then a bookshelf or even wall of shelving might be useful instead.  Some less expensive options include:

4D Concepts Girl's Storage Bookcase, White ASPELUND Wardrobe with 3 doors

2- Oeuf Sparrow Crib White- $690
They already have a white crib but this is one that I like.

3- Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker in Microsuede– $800
With a 10 month old, they either have a seat in the room or don’t find the need for one.  This particular rocker is one of my favorites as the children get older because it’s perfect for, well, story time!  Some less expensive options are ($150, $143, $600):

LILLBERG Rocking chair

4- Pink Enamel Mezzuzah– $60

5- Smila Blomma Lamps from Ikea– $10 each

6- ABC Alphabet Animals from Ink Tree Press on etsy- $25

7- Pink Zebra Print Pillow from MiCasaBella on etsy– $29

8- Trondheim 6 Drawer Dresser– $280
Dresser drawers provide a lot of great closed in storage for clothes, games, toys linen etc…  If you have more space you can put two dressers next two each other, mimicking built-in-storage.  I put a dresser here to stand in for the changing table they already have.  Hopefully, the changer has some good storage and can perhaps be used as one as their little girl grows.

9- Fillsta Hanging Lamp from Ikea– $40

10- Cotton Monkey Organic Sweet Jane Crib Separates– $300
I chose this organic bedding set to stand in for the pink and white set they already have.

I also highly recommend making the most of the bedroom closet with a custom closet system.  We were able to avoid using a dresser in my son’s room by building drawers into the closet.  This saved a lot of space in the room.  We also built in lots of shelving there as well which stores most of his toys.

Bins, baskets, and buckets are great for storage and make it easy for the kids to clean up.  Find a system that works for you and for the things you need to store.  We keep our baby’s stuffed animals in a large plastic tub in the corner. It’s easy to dump everything out for play and then throw it all right back in when we’re done.

The last thing, but possibly the most important thing in storing and organizing is to get rid of as much as you can.  Be brutal, prioritize and donate what you can.  That stuffed animal tub of ours is getting pretty full.  Instead of trying to find more places to put them, I’m just going to get rid of the ones that aren’t enjoyed as much.  If you have basement or garage storage, put some toys and things in bins and rotate what you keep in the kids’ rooms from time to time.  This keeps things fresh and interesting when they look for things to play with.

My Modern Nursery #7

I think this modern nursery has a lot of potential.  It almost works as a neutral backdrop for whatever else you’d want to do with it.  I can imagine this in so many different spaces from lofts with exposed brick, to a room with elaborate traditional moulding and details.

1- Oilo Wheels Motif Crib Set– $400

2- Spot on Square Eicho Crib– $595

3- Duktig Mini-Kitchen from Ikea– $140

4- LZF Onion Pendant Light– $960

5- Two Barn Owls print from pictureplane shop on etsy- $10

6- Spot on Square Eicho Changing Station– $675

7- Expedit shelves from Ikea– $160

8- Toe the Line in Dark Lagoon– Floor Tiles from FLOR 8×10- $270

9- Toys from Ikea- $6-$13 each

10-  Eames Molded Plastic Rocker– $550

New Addition: Inspired Crib Bedding

How great do these nurseries look?  They feature Inspired crib bedding, my new addition to buymodernbedding.  The four piece sets retail for $299.

Geox in Aqua & Green (also available in Orange & Green and Pink & Green)

Geo Pink (also available in Aqua and Sage)

They also have coordinating changing pad covers, pillows, hooded towels, stroller blankets, wall prints etc…

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