Rocking Monsters

I may know of my opinion that every child should have a rocking toy of some sort, but if a rocking horse seems overplayed, there are tons of other options. We’ve covered many stylish choices but the Rocking Monsters collection by Linen Art may be the wildest. Originally presented on Kickstarter, the Rocking Monsters are now available on Amazon (and you can order via our affiliate links).

The rocking toys are easy to assemble with all the tools included. They are currently $100 plus $30 shipping and you can choose the Octopus, Shark or the Ghost.

I love the tentacles on the octopus, but I think the Shark will be the most popular.

Some affiliate links included.

Coming Soon: Tegu Sticky Monsters

Coming this holiday season from Tegu, the Tegu Sticky Monsters are a new set of magnetic characters that are fun to mix and match and will add tons of play to any existing sets of Tegu blocks.


You can sign up now to get on the pre-order waitlist. Get behind me in line!


Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose

Celebrate Halloween by ordering a set (or all 4 sets!) of Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose and Invisible Creatures.

Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose

These are so much fun.  I want them for myself!

Stack And Scare! from Invisible Creature on Vimeo.

“…Stack And Scare™ is a series of 4 stackable wooden monster block sets. Each set contains 14-18 pieces in various shapes and sizes. Featuring eyeballs, teeth, horns, arms, rounded shapes for shoulders and eyes, monster heads, hands, feet, legs, torsos, patterns and more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack And Scare™ sets to unleash endless (and taller) creature combinations!

4 Apr 2013, 12:20pm
coming soon!:
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Monster Storage Bins from P’kolino

Expected to be out May 1st, you may want to hold off on your storage bin purchase until you consider the new Monster Storage Bins from P’kolino!  They feature rope arms and a big zipper mouth.  I like that unlike most toy or laundry bins, these can be zipped shut. $30 each

Great job P’kolino!

French Bull Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is enjoying a comeback.  It can be lots of fun, unless you’ve got to remove it.  That’s why I think removable or temporary wallpaper is one of the most brilliant things ever!

French Bull is best know for their modern melamine dishware, but I think their colorful style translates well as a wall-covering.  Here are some of my favorite French Bull wallpaper patterns…

Monster Gray




And I also like the decals that go with the City wallpaper…

A Full Kit of the wallpaper (4 rolls @ 26″ x 94″) retails for about $300 and the decals are $48 for the set as shown.

removable wallpaper, nursery decor, wall stickers

14 Oct 2011, 10:09pm
etsy find:
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Etsy Finds: Handmade Halloween Monsters 2011

We’ve all known this since our earliest Sesame Street watching days– monsters can be scary or they can be cute and cuddly.  Etsy sellers make them both ways.

First, these monster face prints from Joseph Harrold Gallery are cute for $15.  The original paintings are also available for $75.

There’s an entire collection of Monchi Monster Plush Toys from Cheek and Stitch (Teeto and Zandy Bunny shown)- $34 each.

These guys are a little on the scarier side, but stuck flat on your walls they’re pretty harmless.  Monsters Set of Four Wall Decals from Planet Wall Art- $35

And the Monster Mayhem Felt Baby Mobile from Red Marionette is just plain cuteness. $90

If the monsters are all too much for you…

No Monsters Allowed from John W Golden- $60


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