More Mobiles from Trendy Peas

Trendy Peas has added a few more mobiles to their current collection of laser cut acrylic designs.

The Airplane and Clouds Mobile, the Birds on Branches, Bus Car Bike, and Cloud and Rain Drops Mobiles are all $39.  There are three other mobiles currently from Trendy Peas– the Deer Fox Bunny, the Flock of Birds and Stacked Owls.

As far as themes and subject matter go, I really love the Airplane and Clouds Mobile and the Bus Car Bike Mobile because there isn’t anything simple and modern to rival them.  We’ve got owls and birds and other animals, but these really clean white transportation themed mobiles are something different to keep in mind.

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Leather Triangle Mobiles

Continuing our triangle theme for the year, I present these Leather Triangle Mobiles from The Alison Show.  These modern mobiles are available in four colorways for $65 each.

She has a really cool blog too!

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Mobiles from Argington (and some new bedding)

Argington, an Eco-friendly and affordable modern baby furniture brand, has recently debuted a versatile pair of mobiles that would perfectly accessorize any modern nursery.

The Birds of a Feather and 5 Little Monkeys mobiles are made of laser cut walnut plywood and retail for $65 and $55 respectively.

Notice the new bedding above as well.  There are a few new Bam Organic bedding pieces from Argington.  The orange in the photos is their Plaid pattern and there are lots of other patterns that can be used to mix and match.

You can see the Birds of a Feather mobile above as well as the Nest bedding pattern.  They’ve got some really beautiful options and they’re available for twin beds too!

New Bath Items and Mobiles from 3 Sprouts

You’re going to love the new Bath Storage from 3 Sprouts.  The Walrus, Owl and Fox are made of wetsuit material and stick to tile or glass to hang and store bath toys.  $26

The Deer, Goat and Polar Bear hampers are also new.  I’m partial to the goat. $25

The bath storage and hampers are obvious and excellent additions to the line of cute storage items that 3 Sprout is known for, but the big surprise this season is the mobiles!  Take a look at the Bear, Owl and Peacock. $25

These will be available shortly.

Etsy Find: Laser Cut Mobiles from Freya Art

We’ve seen laser cut birch mobiles before and we’ve even seen them with elephants, owls and butterflies, but these mobiles from Freya Art & Design are really different and special.

Elephant, Owl and Butterfly shown above.

Be sure to browse their selection of art prints as well. They have a large collection of sweet nursery art options like I Love the Very You of You.  So cute.

Found via Pinterest from Babiekins Magazine.

Etsy Find: Mobiles from Baby Jives Co.

She calls her creations fabric sculptures, and I think Baby Jives Co has every reason to do so.  These beautiful mobiles are handmade works of art, made to order to dress up your special nursery.  Here are a few of my favorite Baby Jives creations:

Starry Night mobile in peach and gold– $72

Baby Bird mobile– $168

Nursery Mobile- Butterfly Ballet– $98

and finally, since my other picks were a bit girly, Paper Chase– $98

The birds, butterflies and clouds are available in other color combinations and you can visit Baby Jives Co to find even more beautiful designs.  It was tough to limit my picks to just these four!

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