My Modern Nursery #19: “Goodnight Moon” All Ikea Room!

After my “Goodnight Moon” nursery post, I got a comment from a reader who had sourced items from Ikea for a child’s bedroom to recreate the same theme!

Georgeann did a great job and I had to put the items together so you could see.  I did a little editing with the items I put in the final picture, but I’ve left all the links below so you can see everything she suggested.  Thanks Georgeann!

"Goodnight Moon" at Ikea





Beds – Paint Red

Blue lamp
Red Lamp

Side table – paint yellow
Yellow Side Table

Rocker – White
Yellow Pillow

Curtains – Striped Fabric

Alarm Clock

Red Clock

Red vase

Round rug


Green Bedspread

Red Blanket

Drying Rack

Red bowl

Feeding Spoon

Wall Stickers

Red Balloon Mobile

Basket with Handle

Planet pendant lamp

Sun ceiling lamp

Shopping Guide: Bunk Beds and Lofts

If we DID have another child (I am certainly not saying that we will) we would have to put the two boys together to share a room.  In this house, with the small bedrooms we have, that would mean we would need a bunk bed.  After seeing this post ->stacked<- from Minor Details, about the products from ASPACE, I had to put together this Shopping Guide.

So these first two are from ASPACE in the UK– sorry!
The Coco Bunk Bed and the Farringdon High Sleeper:

Argington has the Uffizi Bunk Bed.

DucDuc has the Austin Bunk Bed and Alex bunk or loft.

Nurseryworks have the duet bunk bed.

Room and Board has the Moda Bunk and Riley Bunk.

Ikea has a few of lofts that you can add beds under.. Stora and Morrum are the nicest.

New Addition: Kids Seats from P’kolino

If you haven’t looked at P’kolino’s website lately, you need to visit it.  They have recently expanded their product line and there are so many fun and fabulous things including toys and art supplies.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about more of their offerings in the future.

For the time being, I couldn’t ignore their kid sized seating options and added my favorites to buymodernbabyseats.

The Little Reader is available in blue, green, orange, purple and red.  It is made of high-density foam and upholstered in faux-suede.  The seats are light and easy to move around and feature pockets to hold favorite stories. They retail for $70. ($63 through my amazon affiliate link) There is also a larger Little Sofa/Sleeper for $98. ($88 through my amazon affiliate link)

The Little One’s Table and Chairs set is a great play and art area for toddlers. It retails for $140 for a  table with two chairs.  ($125 through my amazon affiliate link!) You can also get chairs separately for $33.  They are available in Orange/Natural and White/Natural.  I added this set in white to My Modern Nursery #15.

My Modern Nursery #12: Big Girl Room

My niece recently had a birthday, and while I live far away and don’t have the funding to redecorate her room for her, if I could, this is what I’d imagine for her.  My inspiration was the photo prints and I built from there.  There is a hint of a jungle theme but I had to throw in the bunny lamp for the fun and the colors of it.  If you can find something as fun and funky to replace it with please do share!

1- Prints from WildLifePrints’ Shop on Etsy– $20 each unframed

2- Perch Zooey Mini Chandelier– $480

3- Vale Headboard from Nurseryworks- $625

4- Sundra Blossom Bedding from Anthropologie
Twin Quilt- $168
Bedskirt- $68
Euro Sham- $58 each
Standard Sham- $88

5- Charles Lion Knit Doll from blabla kids- $44

6- Andalusia Rug from West Elm 8’x10′- $458

7- Funny Bunny Lamp from Urban Outfitters– $48

8- Edland Nightstand and 5 Drawer Chest from Ikea- $80 and $300

9- Cole Chair from Room and Board- $750

10- Zebra Cube Ottoman– $100

My Modern Nursery #10: Big Brother’s Room, Reader Request

Part two of my reader’s request is a room for her four year old son.  He likes his ice blue walls and has a light color twin bed.  He, like his baby sister, already has Play Spot tiles from Skip-Hop so I started with that as a base and worked my way up.  He loves his Dr. Seuss sheets (I love ’em too! very cute and fun) but I couldn’t help replacing them with Dwell Studios Chocolate Dots set.  I just love they way they work with the tiles (sorry :-/).  Storage is of great concern in this room as well and I’ve included storage options in as many ways as I could.  As in his sister’s room, a custom closet could go a long way.  Bins, baskets and buckets in brown, blue, gold or green will work great in this room and of course getting rid of excess clutter is of upmost importance (as I must keep telling myself as well).

1- Kids’ Beds: Kids Modern Blonde Blake Bed– $550  Storage trundle underneath is an additional $350 but underbed storage is wonderful in kids’ rooms

2- dwellstudio Chocolate Stripe Twin Sheet Set– $132 and
dwellstudio Chocolate Dots Twin Duvet Set– $166

3- Offi My Pet Lamp TerriBear– $60

4- Ikea PS Cabinet– $100 each

5- Tree of Life Mezuzah– $45

6- Wetlands 16×22 Stretched Print– $70
Duck Floor Pillow– $110

7- Offi Kapsule Chair– $50  This chair is hollow for storage

8- Infant Play Spot in Blue & Gold from Skip Hop- $79

9- Cuckoo Clock- Aqua from decoylab- $28

10- Expedit from Ikea– $160- This shelf can store books, toys etc… You can add boxes or baskets to hide some of the clutter and they also sell door inserts is you really want to hide things away.  Search flickr for more ideas on how to fill up an Expedit.

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