Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose

Celebrate Halloween by ordering a set (or all 4 sets!) of Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose and Invisible Creatures.

Stack and Scare Blocks from Uncle Goose

These are so much fun.  I want them for myself!

Stack And Scare! from Invisible Creature on Vimeo.

“…Stack And Scare™ is a series of 4 stackable wooden monster block sets. Each set contains 14-18 pieces in various shapes and sizes. Featuring eyeballs, teeth, horns, arms, rounded shapes for shoulders and eyes, monster heads, hands, feet, legs, torsos, patterns and more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack And Scare™ sets to unleash endless (and taller) creature combinations!

Camper Play Tent and More New Tents from The Land of Nod

I want this and I want my kids to want this and I want to have a place to keep it.  Obviously, I love the new Jetaire Camper Play Tent from The Land of Nod.  $200


Paired with the The Smore the Merrier Campfire Set ($70), I can’t think of a lovelier pretend play environment.  You’ve got indoor camping any day or night, regardless of the weather!

The Land of Nod Camping Set

If the camping scene is too elaborate, these other new tents from The Land of Nod could be an equally exciting addition to your child’s play area.  With two new teepees, three new pup tents and two shiny new canopy tents, there are going to be lots of happy children with picture perfect playrooms out there this holiday season!

The Land of Nod Tents
A Teepee to Call Your Own (Black Stripe)
A Teepee to Call Your Own (Grey and White Dot)
Indoor Explorer Pup Tents (Multi Stripe)
Indoor Explorer Pup Tents (Blue Stripe)$100
Indoor Explorer Pup Tents (Pink Stripe)$100
Home Sweet Play Home Canopy (Silver Stars) $150 + $70 for the cushion
Home Sweet Play Home Canopy (Gold Confetti) $150 + $70 for the cushion

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Coming Soon: Automoblox Emergency Line

Coming in a few short weeks (around August 5th), Automoblox will be releasing their brand new Emergency Line of Original Automoblox.  These are the larger size vehicles with the peg people inside.  The new cars include a rescue truck, a fire SUV and a police car.

The new vehicles will retail for $45 to $50, which is on par with their other special edition cars.  These are well worth the price for their detail, durability and play value.

The Emergency Line is destined to be a favorite part of our collection…

I can’t wait!

New Swoop Mini

I just discovered these wonderful little beauties in my Facebook feed this evening and wanted to get the word out asap.  The Swoop Mini is a smaller 16″ diameter version of one of the most useful items in our house– our Swoop Bag.

Let me just tell you, I need a half a dozen of these pronto.  We’re going to need one for Lego Ninjago, one for Lego Hero Factory, one each for the extra Legos floating around in each boys’ bedroom, one for one for the car, and one extra for any other small toy emergency situation that might creep up.

You can order the Swoop Mini in Red, Orange, Bubble Gum or Aquarium right now for $22.

Swoop Bags are one of advertisers but they didn’t even give me a heads up on this one!

Circus Stuf and Robot Stuf

I’ve been waiting for these new collections of Stuf to come out and here they are–
The Circus Stuf collection (Elephant, Ringmaster, Lion, Clowny)…

and the Robot Stuf (Green V26, Yellow 8, Blue X3, Red V8.2) collection…

My little one wants all the robots!

They’ve also updated their Bird Stuf with the new Owl and Greenbird.

They are about $25 for the large size and $12.50 for the small ones.  You can find them at Wry Baby or in Canada at Babybot.

The Milestones Poster from StrageBirdyStudios

First I have to apologize for my unexpected absence last week.  I had planned to blog while on our family vacation, but apparently campgrounds are a little late to the wifi game.  Go figure.  I hope that those of you who followed along on our vacation adventures via twitter and Instagram enjoyed the pictures, but now we’re back to business as usual!

The first thing I have to share this week (since it’s on Kickstarter and therefore it’s time sensitive!) is The Milestones Poster.  We’ve seen Chase Simmering’s work before.  Her Paloma Poster is still available through Kalon Studios and her etsy shop, but this time she’s looking to Kickstarter to launch her newest work.  Think of it as an artistic baby book in poster form…

This 20 x 30″ poster comes with fabric stickers to help you fill in and share baby’s milestones.

Take a look at the video to get the whole picture and then pledge $60 or more to the Kickstarter project to be among the first to get The Milestones Poster for 40% less than its retail price.  So, who’s getting one?

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