My Modern Nursery #33: Eco Girl’s Nursery

A reader was inspired by the “Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Global Nursery” on Project Nursery.  He really loved the globe quilt and came up with the idea of doing a “Save the Plant” theme.  Not knowing where to begin, he contacted me.  I gave him a number of suggestions for jumping off points, but then I came up with my own plan as well!

Here’s my eco nursery for a girl.  It uses lots of green and organic products but it’s much brighter and more colorful than my last “eco” nursery design.

1- Organic Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn Teen- $20 each (get these today because they’re on sale and then will be gone for good!)

2- Aqua Interlace Giclee Boom Arm Floor Lamp– $200

3- Oilo Studios Soft White Cohen Glider– $1295

4- Argington Fuji Wood Toy Box Chest – Ebony– $350

5- avalisa Bubble Wool Rug 8’x10′- $1360

6- 3-Tiered Natural Bird Mobile from Criswell Creations’ etsy shop- $60

7- Windy Tree Fabric Decal from Trendy Peas Decals’ etsy shop- $87

8- Argington BAM Bassinet & Crib Set in Ebony– $585

9- Nook Pebble Organic Mattress – Cloud– $550
Nook Organic Fitted Crib Sheet – Puddle Glass– $48

10- Organizer Basket Fabric bin in Birch Trees and Kaleidoscope (sold out) from The Spotted Barn’s etsy shop- $18 each

What do you think?  How do you like the “Save the Planet” idea for a nursery?

Feel free to contact me for help with your own nursery design dilemmas.

Real Room Tour: Happy New Year/Happy New Nursery

Johanna designed this spectacular nursery for her daughter Mia and I’m so impressed.  Another girl’s nursery with just the right amount of pink and the right amount of fun.

The first thing that really jumps out at you is the chalkboard wall.  This was a bold choice and it looks a-mazing– especially with the meticulously drawn frames that Johanna added.  I’m sure she can’t wait to see what Mia will design on there as well!

The second fantastic thing you’re sure to notice is the custom paint job on the crib.  Johanna took a Babyletto Mercer crib and painted the brown sides a funky shade of pink.  I know this was a lot of work, but the results look so good that I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks at Babyletto consider doing the sides in fun colors after seeing this.

The bedding and striped pillow were purchased on etsy and Johanna made the elephant pillow herself!

The reading area is punctuated with fun colors and looks bright and cozy.

The pops of color against the gray are so beautiful.  I love the aqua, the green and the tiny bursts of yellow.

The dressers are old fashioned pieces made modern with a new coat of paint and dressed up with knobs from Anthropologie.

The adorable knick-knacks on the shelves are such a well curated little collection.  I love seeing Max, the adorable little bunny from yOomii.

There are a few of the little gray birds painted on the walls in various places for an extra personal touch.

The photos of this nursery are just as great as the nursery itself.  Johanna is an amazing photographer based in Austin, TX and you can see more of her work at Hanna Mac Photography and on her blog.  You can see more pictures and information about this room on her blog as well.

Thank you so much Johanna for sending me the beautiful photos of your nursery.  I am so impressed with the room you put together for Mia.  Let me know if you’re ever doing any work in Florida.  I’ll have to book you for a photo session!

(readers: If you would like me to feature your nursery here as well, please drop a line to

Real Room Tour: Pink and Gray is New Again

When I was in the fourth grade, I got a new 10 speed bicycle for my birthday.  It was pink and gray and it was the coolest bike I had ever seen.  After a couple of years I decided I didn’t like pink and the bike was passed on, but I might be coming full circle.  Pink and gray is new again in this beautiful nursery!

I usually shy away from pink, even in my girls’ nursery designs, but I may be coming around.  The gray makes a clean backdrop and the modern shades of pink in this nursery are used as an accent color without being overused.  Designed by baboo Design, the room features the Classic Oeuf Crib, custom painted walls and a gorgeous flower rug from Zara Home.

The dresser is a Malm from Ikea, the crib bedding is from Jacadi and the lamp was made by the designer’s sister.

The Rocking Elephant and mobile are from Pottery Barn Kids but are no longer available (unfortunately, since they are nicer than anything PBK has right now).

Thanks to baboo Design for sharing these gorgeous photos.  To see more of their work, visit their website.

Real Room Tour: Rainbow on A Rainy Day

If I had a girl, this is just the kind of room she would need.  When I stumbled upon these fantastic photos on flickr, I couldn’t wait to show them to you.  Michele put together a fun, colorful space for her daughter to grow up in.  Have you ever seen a room with such dark walls that is so bright and cheerful?   It’s like that special rainbow with a backdrop of an extra dark raincloud.  Absolutely amazing.

The first thing that really jumps out is the colorful Granny Stripe Baby Blanket.  Yes, Michele made this gorgeous piece herself and it was clearly the jumping off point for the rest of the room.  Such beautiful inspiration.

I love seeing the Subliminal Baby Letterpress Prints from sycamorestreetpress used in a room, and the gray Oeuf Sparrow crib is super chic against the dark walls.  The paint color is Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams.

I’m a big fan of Offi’s My Pet Lamp, and the Dachshund is my favorite.  I may have to work on a Dachshund round up soon!

Michele used Blik’s Alphabet Zoo in this ultra creative changing area.  How great is the chalkboard wall there?!  I think that even my dad might be able to figure out a diaper change with everything labeled there ;).

I love the pop of red of the bookcase, and the mobile Michele knit may be the most awesome mobile I have ever seen.  Can we please pressure her to open an etsy shop and share these with the world?  The print to the right of the bookcase is Tutti Frutti by Hand & Eye.  The Dream Menagerie Rug is from Anthropologie and adds great color and interest on the floor.  Do not shy away from placing rugs over carpeting.

Thanks to Michele for letting me share this amazing space.  You have a very lucky baby girl!  You can read more about Michele, her family and the nursery on her blog, Screamy Mimi.

Readers: If you would like me to feature your nursery here as well, please drop a line to

My Modern Nursery #13: Lily’s Room from “Modern Family”

Modern Family” is new on my list of favorite shows. It’s a short list as there’s not much worth watching– and I LOVE TV. I even have an MS in Television Production to prove it. One of the things I love about the show is the gorgeous sets. The one that really catches my eye of course, is the nursery for Mitchell and Cameron’s daughter Lily.
Most people only notice the ridiculous mural, but there’s lots of fun stuff to discover in Lily’s nursery. I have to mention that the room was changed after the Pilot episode and some of my favorite stuff was replaced. This made it look a little more realistic and more like a room someone uses, but I’m going to put the room together as it was designed for the pilot.
Many of the furnishings and accessories here are exactly as used in the show but I have taken some liberties with a few items where I wasn’t able to identify the exact item used on the set and to create a cohesive design. I have no inside connections at the show and was doing this from screen shots.

Lily's Nursery from the Pilot of "Modern Family"

1- Wall Art by Sally Bennett- Oopsy daisy Collection– $45
“Ella Elephant” and “Puddles” are used on the show.

2- Polka Dots and Pink Roses on White Base Lamp from Oopsy daisy design- $138
On the Mini Library in the Pilot and moved onto a table near the crib in later episodes.

3- Oeuf Mini Library– $620

4- P´kolino Clothes Tree– $78
This isn’t actually in the room but there is a coat rack in the room.  I think this one would be more interesting.

5- Silk Multistripe Panel from Pottery Barn Kids- $89-$129 each
These are not the exact drapes used in the show. But they are pastel striped drapes.  The ones in the show aren’t floor length and they have a lot more color in them.

6- Saarinen Womb Chair– $2,763
This was only in the room for the pilot.  I don’t know if it was a real one or a knock-off of course.  I actually really like the chair they replaced it with but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

7- Verdi the Monkey– from blabla kids- $44

8- Amenity Woods Organic Blanket– $115
Saw this hanging over the front of the crib

9- Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp by Flos– $700
If this isn’t the exact lamp, then it’s awfully close.

10- Large Cherry Blossom Birdies from winborgdesign on etsy- $245

11- Litto Kids Manhattan Crib and
Litto Kids Manhattan Dresser

12- Ball Chair

Try to spot more in this post-Pilot “tour” of the room.

And let me know if you figure out what the current chair they use is.

My Modern Nursery #12: Big Girl Room

My niece recently had a birthday, and while I live far away and don’t have the funding to redecorate her room for her, if I could, this is what I’d imagine for her.  My inspiration was the photo prints and I built from there.  There is a hint of a jungle theme but I had to throw in the bunny lamp for the fun and the colors of it.  If you can find something as fun and funky to replace it with please do share!

1- Prints from WildLifePrints’ Shop on Etsy– $20 each unframed

2- Perch Zooey Mini Chandelier– $480

3- Vale Headboard from Nurseryworks- $625

4- Sundra Blossom Bedding from Anthropologie
Twin Quilt- $168
Bedskirt- $68
Euro Sham- $58 each
Standard Sham- $88

5- Charles Lion Knit Doll from blabla kids- $44

6- Andalusia Rug from West Elm 8’x10′- $458

7- Funny Bunny Lamp from Urban Outfitters– $48

8- Edland Nightstand and 5 Drawer Chest from Ikea- $80 and $300

9- Cole Chair from Room and Board- $750

10- Zebra Cube Ottoman– $100

My Modern Nursery #9: Baby Sister, Reader Request

A reader requested help with her kids’ rooms.  The first is for a 10 month old girl (her big brother’s room is coming soon).  She needs lots storage in a small (10’7″‘ x 11’) space.  They already have a white crib, changing table and the Play Spot in Pink & Brown by Skip Hop.  The crib bedding is pink and white.  I have filled in my own version of what they already have and then finished the room up.

1- Oeuf Sparrow Wardrobe in White– $1160
An armoire is fantastic for storage because it is vertical.  Any simple armoire would work here.  A low cost option is any thrift store or craigslist armoire that you can paint white.  You can use the inside to hang clothing or add shelves to hold toys.  If the closet is good storage then a bookshelf or even wall of shelving might be useful instead.  Some less expensive options include:

4D Concepts Girl's Storage Bookcase, White ASPELUND Wardrobe with 3 doors

2- Oeuf Sparrow Crib White- $690
They already have a white crib but this is one that I like.

3- Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker in Microsuede– $800
With a 10 month old, they either have a seat in the room or don’t find the need for one.  This particular rocker is one of my favorites as the children get older because it’s perfect for, well, story time!  Some less expensive options are ($150, $143, $600):

LILLBERG Rocking chair

4- Pink Enamel Mezzuzah– $60

5- Smila Blomma Lamps from Ikea– $10 each

6- ABC Alphabet Animals from Ink Tree Press on etsy- $25

7- Pink Zebra Print Pillow from MiCasaBella on etsy– $29

8- Trondheim 6 Drawer Dresser– $280
Dresser drawers provide a lot of great closed in storage for clothes, games, toys linen etc…  If you have more space you can put two dressers next two each other, mimicking built-in-storage.  I put a dresser here to stand in for the changing table they already have.  Hopefully, the changer has some good storage and can perhaps be used as one as their little girl grows.

9- Fillsta Hanging Lamp from Ikea– $40

10- Cotton Monkey Organic Sweet Jane Crib Separates– $300
I chose this organic bedding set to stand in for the pink and white set they already have.

I also highly recommend making the most of the bedroom closet with a custom closet system.  We were able to avoid using a dresser in my son’s room by building drawers into the closet.  This saved a lot of space in the room.  We also built in lots of shelving there as well which stores most of his toys.

Bins, baskets, and buckets are great for storage and make it easy for the kids to clean up.  Find a system that works for you and for the things you need to store.  We keep our baby’s stuffed animals in a large plastic tub in the corner. It’s easy to dump everything out for play and then throw it all right back in when we’re done.

The last thing, but possibly the most important thing in storing and organizing is to get rid of as much as you can.  Be brutal, prioritize and donate what you can.  That stuffed animal tub of ours is getting pretty full.  Instead of trying to find more places to put them, I’m just going to get rid of the ones that aren’t enjoyed as much.  If you have basement or garage storage, put some toys and things in bins and rotate what you keep in the kids’ rooms from time to time.  This keeps things fresh and interesting when they look for things to play with.

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