My Modern Nursery #115: Fabulous Pink Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

Fantastic Pink is an appropriately named shade of pink for this fantastic nursery. I added a graphic touch to the wall with a corner of chalkboard paint and the bold combination of black, white and pink is softened with a little greenery and some florals.

my modern nursery 115 Fantastic Pink

1- Flower Crown Wall Mirror– $80
2- Fantastic Pink from Lullaby Paints-  $59 a gallon
Ostrich Print from Rifle Paper Company- $140
3- Shelf from H&M- $25
4- Chevron Round Storage Box– $44
Succulent Planter from Nesta Home- $25
5- Fawn 2-in-1 Crib System from Oeuf- $980
Fawn 3 Drawer Dresser from Oeuf- $950
Dresser Knob, Black and White Swiss Dots- $45
6- Bullet Planter– $160
7- Loki Blush Leather Pillow- $90
Sweet Blush Roses Throw Pillow– $40
Ballerina Throw Pillow– $19
8- Caida Floral Pillow– $45
Kelly Slater Give Back Throw– $69
9- Carter Swivel Glider Chair– $700
10- I didn’t pin the rug and now I can’t find it! Anyone recognize? I’ll keep looking.

We have more products and inspiration for your Fantastic Pink nursery on our Pinterest page (including other rug options!) to help you customize the perfect pink space for your little one. We happened to find a lot more great stuff this month that didn’t fit on the final board but works perfectly for this color scheme!

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. I love working with them on these nursery boards and coming up with modern nursery inspiration using their baby-safe colors.

Choose your favorite Lullaby Paints shade send it to me for a future nursery board!

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My Modern Nursery #113: Golden Glow Yellow Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

After more than thirty nursery boards where I’ve used Lullaby Paints colors as the backdrop, I was starting to worry that I had chosen all my favorite shades of wall paint. Of course there were a few more colors that would be perfect for use on accent furniture pieces, but I wasn’t sure how many more colors were left to use for nursery inspiration. Of course you can always color match from other brands to create your favorite zero VOC paint, but you can imagine my delight then when Lullaby Paints updated their site, adding hundreds of new shades to their shop!

It was time to do another yellow nursery and instead of a handful of options, I found…

Lullaby Paints yellow choices

I was looking for a medium (not too light nor too dark), rich (but slightly muted) yellow that would create a cozy, modern atmosphere. I think Golden Glow is a perfect shade for anyone brave enough to go beyond the pale, so to speak, when it comes to yellow.

My Modern Nursery 113 Golden Glow Yellow

1- Brass Olive Branch– $250
2- Unicorn Table Lamp Gold from Pillowfort- $35
3- Scandi Flower Modern Art Print from Little Design Haus- $24
Emerson Rides Art Print from Petit Pippin- $24-$36
4- Simple Scallop Wall Shelves– $29 each
5- Golden Glow Yellow (0814) from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
6- Redford House Swedish Dresser in Robin’s Egg Blue– $2387
7- Larkin Gold Crib– $600
Floral Rush Crib Fitted Sheet– $19
8- A Teepee to Call Your Own Multi Dot– $160
9- Bailey Handcrafted Bear Softie from Petit Pippin- $74
Diamond Hand Woven Jute Slate Blue Rug 8′ x 11′-  $635
10- Slipcovered Glider in Kelsey Blossom– $1500
Floral Rush Sham– $19
Labyrinth Seagrass Basket– $45

As usual, we have a whole Pinterest board full of additional options and products to round out your Golden Glow Yellow Nursery.

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. It’s so much fun to work with them on these nursery boards and come up with great modern nurseries using their baby-safe colors.

Let me know if you like this one and send me suggestions for what you’d like to see next month!

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29 Feb 2016, 11:25am
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My Modern Nursery #108: Azure Sea Nursery Inspiration Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

As tempting as it was to use the paint color name as my inspiration–Azure Sea— I resisted the obvious. Once I found the Treescape Dorrance Chair at Anthropologie, I just couldn’t help myself from including it and so I had my direction. This space is all about the beautiful feminine colors and luxurious textures. We have a lot more options for you to use in your space on our Pinterest Board, but I think we’ve struck just the right balance here, no? So, who’s having a girl?

My Modern Nursery 108 : Azure Sea

1- Azure Sea Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
2- Chaos No. 3 Wall Art by Brenna Giessen
Up And Away by Laura Hankins (melon)- $45-$613 with metal frame
3- Tribal Antler and Floral Nursery Decor from Paige and Poppy
4- Eduard Plug-In Sconce– $234
Matte Velvet Curtain– $248- $328 each depending on length
5- Willow Metallic Velvet Pillow from Kevin O’Brien- $354
Small Moroccan Metallic Velvet Pillow from Kevin O’Brien- $289
6- Jenny Lind Baby Crib (Antique)– $1000
7- Treescape Dorrance Chair– $998
8- Blueberry the Stuffed Bear Toy from Sleepyking- $30
Modern Metallic Gold Crib Sheet from New Mom Designs- $30+
9- Color Refor Spectrum Overdyed Rug– 8′ x 9’11”- $4900
10- Curious Squirrel Pillow– $45

I know I used some really luxe items on this board but other than the crib, the most expensive items aren’t specifically for babies or kids so they can last forever in other parts of the home. If you love really love something and want to splurge on it in the nursery, think about where else you can use it or keep it as part of the child’s space as they grow. If you love the look of the board but need more affordable options for some pieces, check out the Azure Sea Nursery Inspiration Pin Board for more ideas or send me a message and I’m sure we can find beautiful alternatives for you!

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are my favorite option for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. I feel privileged to work on these nursery boards with Lullaby Paints and love the opportunity to create these modern nurseries using their baby-safe colors.

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30 Jan 2015, 10:34am
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My Modern Nursery #93: Snowy Fleece Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

I’m super excited to start a new year of our inspiration board series with Lullaby Paints! We’re getting started with Snowy Fleece.  Yup, it’s white, but it’s a beautiful creamy warm white that goes really well with dark woods. I stayed away from white for a long time, but the last two rooms I’ve painted have been white. If you need any convincing that white is a great nursery option, we’ve got a Pinterest board that will prove it.

The items on the Snowy Fleece Nursery Inspiration Pinterest board are just as great as what we’ve included here, so if you enjoy this scheme, please visit the board for more items to consider. We have furniture alternatives as well as other accessories to round out the rest of the room. We really just can’t include everything in one image! Find more art, curtains, additional toys, extra bedding items etc…

My Modern Nursery 93 Snowy Fleece Lullaby Paints

1- Irene 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan– $465
2- Snowy Fleece Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
3- Clouds Bedding (Rose) from Ferm Living- $80
4- Flensted Swallow Mobile– $30
5- Harmonia Fine Art Print from Inaluxe- $45- $159
Set of Four Half Round Walnut Shelves– $95
Studio 5 from Ferm Living– $146
6-  Wooden Toy Sapling Stacker from Little Sapling Toys- $36
The Palisades Bureau from Seed Furniture- $2250
7- Ubabub Nifty Timber 3-in-1 Crib– $1000
8- Plum & Bow Ankara Kilim Pillow– $59
Plum & Bow Tepec Kilim Pillow– $59
Plum & Bow Andanda Kilim Pillow– $59
Mr. Monkey from Petit Collage- $36
9- Luca Glider Limited Edition from Monte Design- $1295
Luxe Fur Pillow– $80
10- Distressed Orto Rug 5′ x 8′ – $2650

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest.

Some affiliate links included.
19 Jan 2015, 12:11pm

My Modern Nursery #92: The Lion & The Lark Sponsored by BoomBoom Prints

Anyone looking forward to spring yet? Get ready for the season of rebirth with this springtime palette inspired by and featuring artwork from The Lion & The Lark. We’re working with BoomBoom Prints to spotlight some of their artists, and The Lion & The Lark really caught our eye for their colors and messages.

With inspirational prints and cozy corners for reading and imagining, this space is perfect for dreaming up big plans for a special little girl.

My Modern Nursery 92 Inspired by The Lion & The Lark Boom Boom Prints

1- Be Brave Little One by The Lion & The Lark at BoomBoom Prints- $20
Let Her Sleep by The Lion & The Lark at Boom Boom Prints- $20
Yellow and Coral Anchor by The Lion & The Lark at Boom Boom Prints- $20*
2- White Double Cylinder Light by Oilo- $300
3- Green Ombre Play Canopy with Cushion Set– $200
4- Unison Dots Mini Crib Skirt– $54
5- Oeuf Elephant Crib– $675
6- Charlotte 18″ Cloth Doll from Piggy Hates Panda- $54
7- White Happy House with Glowing Cheeks from House of Clouds Shop- $117
Puffin Hardcover Classics Box Set– $67
8- Marley Rocking Chair– $1000
Apple Shaped Cushion– $52
9- Yellow Gold Bars Rug– 8′ x 10′- $800
Surya Tropics Teal Pouf– $130
10- Ikea Nordli 3 Drawer Chest– $130

*I listed the 8″ x 10″ print prices, but you can also select 16″ x 20″ prints, framed prints, wrapped canvases and even wall clings.

Thanks to BoomBoom Prints for sponsoring this year’s first nursery design board! BoomBoom Prints offers high-quality products for mom and baby featuring work from independent artists from around the world.  For more artist-inspired nursery ideas, follow BoomBoom Prints on facebook.

27 Mar 2014, 8:42am

My Modern Nursery #81: Kenzie Sponsored by Modified Tot

When designing your nursery, you’ve got to pick a piece or two to serve as inspiration and the spring board from which to start making choices.  I usually like to use the most colorful pieces as my spring board.  This is often art, a rug, or as in the case of my own child’s nursery, the bedding.

If you’re looking for colorful combinations of modern patterns for your nursery bedding, I recommend browsing the set offered by our sponsor, Modified Tot.  One of my favorite Mod Tot Exclusive designs is the Kenzie collection.  I love the coral, aqua and pink combination and I particularly like the Triangles fabric pattern.  I think Kenzie was a great inspiration for this modern feminine nursery board.

1- Peach Sherbet Eggshell Paint from Lullaby Paints- $76 a gallon
Soneca Pendant Lamp from CB2- $150
2- Abstract Muted 3 Gold Multicolor by Kelly Nasuta- $ based on size and framing
Modern Day Camp Out by Anna Kamburis- $ based on size and framing
Cinque Terre Collage by Paper Rose- $ based on size and framing
Abstract Herringbone Turquoise by Paper Dahlia- $ based on size and framing
3- Kenzie Crib Bedding Set from Modified Tot- full set- $375
4- Flying Pigs Mobile from Eleni Creative- $325
Eicho Crib from Spot on Square- $690
5- Kenzie Triangles Changing Pad Cover from Modified Tot- $50
Eicho Dresser Changer from Spot on Square- $790
6- Acapulco Multi Lounge Chair from CB2- $250
7- Surya Fanore Rug (coming in June)
Curious Cat Modern Doll from Petit Collage- $36
8- Pink Dots woven hamper– $90
9- Casa Cabana from kidsonroof- $60
10- Cloud Shaped Pillow Wide Stripes from Colette Bream- $68

Thanks to Modified Tot for sponsoring this post.  It was so much fun to work with the Kenzie fabrics!

Some affiliate links included.

Real Room Tour: Modern Lime Green from Little Crown Interiors

From the design duo at Little Crown Interiors, this modern lime green nursery is simple, but super stylish.  Bright pops of lime green, a patterned rug and fun wallpaper are the perfect accessories for the sculptural furniture pieces that include the Maclaren (Netto Collection) Louis Crib and Dresser (now discontinued), a mid-century side table and a beautiful Eames Lounge with Ottoman.

Little Crown Interiors modern green girl's nursery

With a patterned wallpaper, Little Crown Interiors’ Wood Wall Heart is a simple graphic art piece on the statement wall.

Crib and side table in modern lime green nursery from Little Crown Interiors

I love how the room has neutral, natural feel with a distinctly feminine flair.

Reading Corner in modern lime green nursery from Little Crown Interiors

The room is equally comfortable for both mom and dad… and apparently the dog as well!

Modern Lime Green nursery from Little Crown Interiors

Thanks to Gerri and Naomi from Little Crown Interiors for sharing the photos of this gorgeous space!  Take a look at their website to see all the photos.

25 Nov 2013, 10:21pm
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My Modern Nursery #77: Coral and Mint Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

This is a nursery board that I worked on in collaboration with ROLLherSTROLLER, a baby gear and stroller reviewer and lovely mother of two.  She’s putting together her baby girl’s nursery and I was excited to help.  With coral and mint as our jumping off point, we worked together to come up with this feminine scheme for her modern little lady.  I can’t wait to see photos of the finished space.

My Modern Nursery #77 Aqua and Coral from Lullaby Paints

1- Luminous Wall Paint from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
The Heart Series Watercolor Illustration from The Modern Lovely
Blabla Doll Colette the Cat Large– $56
2- I Love You Alphabet Love Mint and Coral Typography Chart from 2142 Stuart- $45
Cloud Clusters Nursery Mobile from Shop Littles- $42
3- Moth Origami Lampshade from Studio Snowpuppe- $96
4- Coral Triangle Changing Pad Cover from Ivie Baby- $35
Faux Vintage Clock from Design Atelier Article- $80
Babyletto Modo Changer Dresser White– $360
5- Fitted Crib Sheet in Blush Mint Garland from Ivie Baby- $55
6- Wire Basket from Ferm Living in Mint- $85 to $125
7- Babyletto Harlow Convertible Crib Acrylic– $800
8- Monte Luca Glider– $995
Blabla Pillow Wooly– $58
Bon Voyage Suitcases (peach/pink)- $20
9- Jaipur Pura Vida Colina Poppy Rug– 8′ x 10′ 10″- $812
10- Hello Baby Mint Blush Pillow Cover from Ivie Baby- $35

This board came together on Pinterest, where you can see other options that we considered.

In this season of thanks, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with Lullaby Paints and for their sponsorship of this post.  I love working with them on this series of nursery inspiration boards featuring their premium paints.  Lullaby Paints are are safe for both newborns and pregnant moms so they’re perfect for your eco-friendly modern nursery.

Some affiliate links included

My Modern Nursery #72: Wired for Girls Sponsored by NUMI NUMI Design

I know that NUMI NUMI‘s new Wired collection is inspired by modern technology and a busy urban skyline, but what was really speaking to me this week was the beautiful natural bamboo materials and the Amber finish of the Wired Crib and Wired Changing Table.  I really did start with a more urban inspiration but scrapped it all in an effort to not distract from the design of the crib.  Instead, the coral and blue color scheme worked with the Amber color and became this fun, warm and feminine design board.

1- Paper Doll Garland in Around the World from Layla Lou Studio- $14
2- Astron Mid-Century Modern Pendant– $155
3- Wired Crib from NUMI NUMI Design- $1790
4- Clochette the Fairy– $56 and
Cloud the Cat Mini– $44 from blablakids
5- Petit Collage Dress ABC Poster– $12 (clearance so shop quickly!)
6- The Rocking Horse from Wee Rock Toy Co.- $300
7- babyletto Madison Swivel Glider, Ecru– $350
Coral Throw Pillow Cover by Ktparkinson $20
8- Wired Changing Table from NUMI NUMI Design- $1890
9- Jaipur Maroc Nyasha Rug 8′ x 10′- $644
10- Medium Logan, Brooklyn and Primrose houses from Lille Huset- $35 each

Thanks to NUMI NUMI Design for sponsoring this post.  It was a great pleasure to design a nursery inspired by their Wired nursery furniture collection!

Some affiliate links included
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My Modern Guest from A Lovely Lark

Lauren, from the truly lovely blog A Lovely Lark, has a delicious summery nursery design for you this July 4th.  I hope your holiday is half as sweet as this gorgeous space.  Thanks Lauren!  And Happy 4th of July!

Yummy Summer Nursery

Hi, Lauren from A Lovely Lark here, pinch hitting for Esther while she and her family are on their summer vacation! Other than, of course, the obvious fireworks and red/white/blue, July makes me think of hot, glorious summer days filled with pools, lemonade, and popsicles. So when I came across this popsicle print on Etsy, I knew it would be the perfect jumping-off point for a summer nursery:

Clockwise from top right: popsicle print, tassel garland, gold heart print, ombre pillow, gold lamp, rug, love love print, gold pouf, crib bedding, rocker, zinc letter, narwal/whale, dresser

I also created a little boy version over on my blog – stop over and take a peek. Thanks for having me Esther! xo, Lauren

Some affiliate links included.

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