Baby Memory Books from Lucy Darling

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen for a baby book and it’s rare that I recommend them here, but I’m telling you, you’re going to want a Baby Memory Book from Lucy Darling. The beautifully illustrated 48 page album retails for $35.

The Little Animal Lover version, featuring animal drawings, can be used for boys or girls.

Lucy Darling Shop Baby Book Lucy Darling Shop Baby Book

The Little Artist version is a beautifully decorated with floral designs.

Lucy Darling Shop Baby BookLucy Darling Shop Baby Book

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Acrylic Baby Gym

As if the Wee Workout Baby Gym wasn’t beautiful enough, now it’s available in clear acrylic. This makes your baby gear nearly invisible in your space, but it’s just as fun for your little one. The Acrylic Wee Workout Baby Gym retails for $190 with your choice of car or animal rattles or you can buy it without the rattles for $170 and add your own favorite hanging toys as shown below.

Acrylic Baby Gym

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The New Pixie Camera from The Twig Co.

The ultra-popular Pixie camera from The Twig Co. has recently been updated to this new interlocking, interchangeable design! You can select different colors for the top, bottom, lens and dial to create your own unique toy. Add additional parts and pieces and customize at will.

Twig Pixie Cameras

You can also select a pre-made color combination to keep things simple, and add additional pieces as needed. $40

I just love the additional layer of fun with this new mix-n-match design!


Ten Perfectly Playable Dollhouses

Any one of these is going to be the highlight of your holiday gifting. Fun for boys or girls, a dollhouse is the perfect base for pretend play. These ten modern dollhouse options are beautiful and not just as decoration.

10 Delightful Dollhouses
1- Cottage Dollhouse– $120 empty or $200 with furniture
2- Geometrics House– $64
3- Sevi Dollhouse with Furniture– $135
4- Playsam Dollhouse– $50
5- Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set– $150
6- Liliane€ 1,585 email for purchase inquiry
7- Urban Girl Dollhouse– $200 (furniture sold separately)
8- KidKraft Modern Dollhouse– $98
9- Brinca Dada Dylan House– $120
10- Toideloi Dollhouses– $355 as shown (other combos available)

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