A Little Halloween Cuteness

I am in full-on Halloween mode for the rest of the week!  We’ve got the house decorated, costumes ready to go, candy purchased, some fun crafty projects to finish and a party to prepare for.  I hope you’re having fun with your Halloween preparations!

1- Oeuf Ghost with Removable Mask– $68

2- Funko Wolfman Plushie– $12

3- Mummy by Rubba Ducks (have this and love it!)- $5

4- Vampire Bat Plush from Cute Plushies- $14

5- Design Your Own Jack-O-Lantern from Wallcandy Arts- $36

Halloween Mobile and More from The Whimsy Boutique

Want to change out you mobile for the holidays?  Just looking for the cutest Halloween decorations around?  I’m in love with this adorable Pumpkin, Bat and Ghost Mini Mobile! ($30)

This cute creation comes from The Whimsy Boutique, where you can find tons of custom Whimsy Mobiles.

Here are a few more cute ones:

Sailboats, Floating Flowers, Rainbow Spiral, Robots

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