Modern Furniture Finds In Unexpected Places

I love discovering traditional companies making more modern styles of nursery furniture.  As the market for modern nurseries continues to grow and the taste of the general public shifts even slightly toward more modern design, companies outside the “Modern Child” arena are increasingly catering to those tastes.  This is good for several reasons:

1) Those companies are more widely available at local furniture stores, where people who aren’t shopping at special modern baby boutiques or online typically shop for their nursery furniture.  If five years ago I had to purchase a crib at a store within a 50 mile radius of my home, I would never have found anything I liked.

2)  The price point of their furniture is generally at a reasonable level.  Most of the modern furniture design brands are very expensive.  Not everyone is willing to make that financial sacrifice for furniture that is somewhat temporary, so when a more mainstream furniture brand develops a modern product, it’s usually much more affordable than the alternatives.

Okay, now that I’ve talked your ear off (I could go on but I’ll spare you), let me show you some exciting examples of furniture that would work perfectly in a modern nursery.

My first example is The Park West Collection from Westwood Design.  I already showed you this beautiful set, but it’s worth another look.  The crib is made from rubberwood with American Black Walnut veneer.  I don’t typically like cribs that turn into full beds, but I’m making an exception for this one because of the great lines, and you can see that the bed would be very nice as well. The crib will retail for about $460.

It can be very difficult to find an affordable rocker or glider.  The glider shown on the left from Newco is very clean and simple.  On the right is a glider with ottoman from Little Castle.  Little Castle has several styles that would be great options.

Dutalier is best known for their gliders (which I’m not a big fan of), but they also have a few nursery sets and their new Illusion 160 collection really jumped out at me.

Young America from Stanley Furniture is known as a high quality, American made brand of kid’s furniture (the bookshelf in our nursery is actually from one of their collections– I picked it up secondhand).  Young America was showing some beautiful modern cribs at ABC Kids and I hope they are available soon. These are so different from their current offerings, that it really demonstrates how tastes are changing.

Finally, these nursery sets from Eden Baby Furniture are relatively affordable and available right now (at csn- a buymodernbaby affiliate).

Madison Crib and Dresser

Moderno Crib and Dresser

and the Melody Crib and Dresser

Let me know what you think of my picks and whether you think tastes are changing and favoring more modern design.

Petit Nest Launches at ABC Kids Expo

Newcomers Petit Nest launched their line of nursery furniture and bedding this week at the ABC Kids Expo.  You’ve probably heard about this new company because of the celebrities who started it– Tiffani Thiessen (Saved by the Bell, 90210 etc…) and Lonni Paul (a finalist on HGTV’s Design Star).

Their furniture collection includes cribs, dressers, changing stations, and gliders.

At first I thought the cribs and dressers were too gooped up for my taste but the more I look at them, the more I like them and can see how they could be used to design gorgeous nurseries.

What I REALLY loved was the bedding collections though.  As soon as I get more photos of them I’ll add Petit Nest to buymodernbedding, but you should really take a look at these.

Calliandra Plum Bedding SetPaon Bedding SetCalliandra Pink Bedding Set

My most favorite thing at their booth was this adorable rocking chick– but I don’t see it on their website.

New Bedding and More From DwellStudio

One of the pioneers of modern nursery bedding, DwellStudio has some great new bedding sets coming out for 2011.  Here’s my sneak peek:

Skyline Crib Set (now available at Fawn & Forest, a buymodernbaby affiliate)

Zinnia Crib Set (now available at Fawn & Forest, a buymodernbaby affiliate)

I will be updating buymodernbedding to add these sets shortly!

Take a look at some of the other fun things they were showing on the DwellStudio blog post “Live From Las Vegas!”

…and aren’t you wondering about the furniture?  Mhm.  It’s the Century Crib and Dresser from DwellStudio!  Yup- they’re doing their own furniture!

I can’t even express how much I love these pieces!  If the designers were here, they would be getting a standing ovation from me.  Ok, so who needs me to design a nursery for them, because I need an excuse to buy these!

New Addition: BE Mini Cradle + Desk

I’ve been sitting on this one trying to find out more about it before I shared it with you but I just can’t find any more information so here’s what I’ve got…

The BE Mini Cradle, from the brand BE, is one of the most simple (which somehow also translates to expensive!), portable, and lightweight bassinets on buymodernbassinets.  The bonus feature on the BE cradle is that once you are no longer using it as a bassinet, you can flip it over and use it as a child sized desk.  BE products are made in Spain and the only place I can find to purchase them stateside is Spunky Sprout.  You can order it there in white, orange or blue for $850.

I will be adding the other products in the collection to buymodernbaby soon.  They are all fantastic, unique pieces with a fresh, clean look and feel.

Storage pieces include the BE Block Cupboard and the BE Box Chest of Drawers.  They also have a simple crib which is so European and transforms into a child’s desk.

New Addition: Oops Crib and Station

Structured Green, builders of handcrafted, modern, sustainable furniture have created a unique nursery set featuring bamboo and variegated strips of reclaimed woods.  The pieces are made in the US, assembled with water based glues and finished with food grade tung oil.

Oops Crib now on buymoderncribs

Oops Station now on buymoderndressers

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