My Modern Nursery #30: Not The Usual Safari Nursery

I was excited when Q Collection Jr. came out with its new Animali Crib Sets (now listed on buymodernbedding!).  They’re lovely, and I wanted to try my hand at using this pattern in a nursery design.  I just love how it turned out!  It’s a really chic and sophisticated modern version of a Safari themed nursery.

Safari Nursery

1- Animali Crib Set in Cardamom from Q Collection Junior- $395

2- Q Collection Junior Cielo Crib in Moonlight- $1180

3- Rayray Dollhouse from momoll- $320 (now listed on buymoderntoys!)

4- Cardboard Rhino Trophy Head- $30

5- Tube Top Colors Table Lamp by Pablo- $110

6- Bureau with 3 drawers from furniturea- $1595

7- Window Seat from furniturea- $1265

8- Birth Poster from ameliaKDESIGNS on etsy- $25

9- Carter Swivel Glider in Spice from Room & Board- $850
Even Elephant from rabbitsmoon on etsy- $36.50

10- Safari Rug from West Elm- 8’x10′- $500

New Addition: Emerson House

I’ve been waiting to post this one until the Emerson House was actually available for purchase and now the wait is over!  You can now score one of these beauties from Brinca Dada (if you’ve got $300 to spare) but it might be well worth it; check out this list of amenities:

-two fireplaces
-mitered-glass corners
-sliding glass doors
-solar panels
-recessed LED lights
-non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints

Heck, I’d love to move right in!

The furniture and family are not quite ready yet.  They are scheduled for this holiday season, so I’ll let you know when I see those out.  Here’s a preview from Dwell.

I have added the Emerson House to my list of dollhouses on buymoderntoys so you can see it there along with the other modern dollhouses I have discovered for you to choose from.

New Addition: A Frame Modern Dollhouse

Our Children’s Gorilla has a handful of products but they are all amazingly stylish.  Their A-frame modern doll house is no exception and I’ve added it to the dollhouse guide on buymoderntoys.  Its simple design is ready to be filled with imagination.

Our Children's Gorilla A-Frame Dollhouse

What else has been added to buymodernbaby lately?  See our newest additions.

My Modern Nursery #17: Goodnight Moon

What is more classic and familiar than the book “Goodnight Moon”?

Raise your hand if you love this book

It was my inspiration for this super colorful modern nursery.  First I searched to find if there was anything out there similar to what I was setting out to do. I didn’t find any “real” rooms based on this theme. but apparently there is a children’s museum (in California?) that has a version of the room to play in.  It looks like soo much fun…

For my modern nursery version of the room, paint the walls green (or not), get some green and yellow striped curtains and if you’re really brave, paint the trim red.  I was excited to find that using this rainbow color palette actually resulted in a fresh looking room.

Goodnight Moon

1- Color Zoo- Mica the Monkey and Grady the Giraffe- $20 each

2- Ladrillo Bookshelves by Magis Me Too- about $1850 as shown (I know.. woah!.. but look how cool!)

3- 10 Grain Play Pad- $200

4- LEGO Alarm Clock Radio – Blue

5- Colonial Mills Brook Farm | Tea Stained Area Rug 8′ x 11′ Oval
and spray painted Craigslist find or something in your parents’ attic

6- Miss K Table Lamp – Closeout Special- $170 (usually $325)
Surfin Side/End Table from InModern- $180

7- Alex Crib from ducduc- $1300

8- Tivoli Audio PALIPALY iPAL AM/FM Table Radio – High Gloss Metallic Yellow- $220

9- Austin Dresser from ducduc- $1500

10- Julian Child’s Chair by Magis Me Too- $132

16 Mar 2010, 9:48pm
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New Addition: Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse vs. The Green Dollhouse

When I was in Middle School, I went to the house of a friend who had a dollhouse in her room that was a miniature (though huge) version of the house in which she lived (which was also huge).  I was not allowed to touch her prized possession and thought it was really lame that we couldn’t play with it.

Fortunately nowadays there are many dollhouse options that are ready to play with.  Some of these new houses even include fun and fancy features like built in lighting.

I discovered Hape’s newest creation, the Bamboo sunshine dollhouse and immediately added it to buymoderntoys.  Then I couldn’t help think that it looks like a cross between the Green Dollhouse and the Contemporary Dollhouse from Plan Toys.Hape vs. Plan Toys

I am not here to judge.  I would be happy with any of them.  We happen to have the Plan Toys Contemporary Doll House but these newfangled “eco” or “green” dollhouses are really cool ideas and add a new educational dimension to the type of play done in these houses.

Hape’s Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse is made with 95% sustainable bamboo, has fully operational solar panels, and the panels charge batteries that power LED lights in the house.  The house retails for $500.
You can pick it up through my Amazon Affliate link for $400. Bamboo Sunshine Eco-Friendly Dollhouse:

bamboo dollhouse,  bamboo sunshine dollhouse,  dollhouse solar panels,  eco dollhouse,  green dollhouse,  green play,  green role play,  sustainable dollhouse

The Green Dollhouse from Plan Toys has (non-functioning) solar panels, a wind turbine, a rain barrel and a recycling center.  The dollhouse retails for $240 with furniture, plus about another $20 for a Plan Toys family.  You can pick it up through my Amazon Affliate link for $183.58. Plan Toys The Green Dollhouse with Furniture:


New Addition: Playsam doll house

I had been waiting to add this to buymoderntoys until I could find it available for sale in the US.  Thanks to a tweet today from minor_details I discovered it is available at Unica Home (one of my affiliates).

The doll house from Playsam was designed by Eva Schildt and retails for $110.

See more of the newest additions to buymodernbabylatest.  Also visit one of my favorite kid design blogs: Minor Details.

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