Flisat Kids Collection from Ikea

Shall I go so far as to say these are destined to become Ikea classics or even collectibles? Maybe I’ll reserve such strong judgement for after I see them in person, but Ikea has definitely hit the mark for the modern kids room with their Flisat collection.

flisat collection at Ikea

I am most excited about the dollhouse / wall shelf. I love that it can be used with the dollhouse furniture (which we already have) or it can be hung and used as storage.

Ikea Flisat doll house and stools

The children’s desk can be adjusted to three different heights and you can add Trofast storage boxes to hold your art supplies. Buy a few of the wall storage ledges to create a simple and beautiful library wall.

Ikea Flisat children's desk and wall storage

The children’s table is also designed to be used with Trofast storage and it makes beautiful basic play table.

Ikea Flisat Children's Table and stools

Here the children’s stools create a little drop zone when paired with the colorful knob rack.

Ikea Flisat knob rack and stools

The toy storage bin looks sharp with the green accents, but I could see this piece being easy to customize in many different, fun ways.

flisat toy storage with castors

Finally, the book display is perfect to place next to your favorite reading spot. My little one could use one next to his bed right now!

Ikea Flisat book display

Forget that you know these are from Ikea and admire just how good these lacquered pine pieces look and how functional they can be in your child’s space! I can’t wait to find them at my local Ikea!

Mint Rhapsody Attic House

The original clear acrylic house was hard to see, but now Mint Rhapsody‘s Attic House is available in several more visible colors, so it’s about time that I share the photos with you.

Modern dollhouses don’t get much more stylish than this. Noir $375


White Attic House


Lime Attic House

Lime Attic House Mint Rhapsody dollhouse

If you can order directly from Mint Rhapsody in Australia, there’s the Citrus Attic House as well.

Citrus Attic House Mint Rhapsody dollhouse

And finally the nearly invisible Glacier Attic House


Find more photos of these amazingly gorgeous dollhouses on Instagram, after all, if you get one of these, it’s bound to become an Instagram fave.

Cubic Dollhouse Set

I’m ready to move into the new Cubic Dollhouse Set, though I must admit, personally I’d be more interested in a three bedroom place.

Seriously though, this amazing dollhouse is a MoMA exclusive and features a glazed roof, double height living room, and modern furnishings throughout. Furniture is included but the dolls are sold separately (and the patio isn’t currently available).

Cubic Dollhouse Set MoMA EXCLUSIVE

Just look how happy this little boy looks with his flat panel tv and ipad!

Cubic Dollhouse Set MoMA EXCLUSIVE detail view

For ages 4+ $200

Find more dollhouses we love on Pinterest.

6 Jul 2015, 8:53pm
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House in a Bag from des Enfantillages

With just enough detail to identify it, the House in a Bag from des Enfantillages is a portable canvas for imaginary play. The house set includes two interlocking pieces of plywood and storage bag ($62). The family and furniture are sold separately ($35) or you can furnish it yourself. I’m thinking empty matchboxes, wooden spool tables…

House in a bag from desEnfantillages

House in a bag from desEnfantillages

House in a bag from desEnfantillages

You can find lots of other beautiful wooden toys in the des Enfantillages etsy shop.

Ten Perfectly Playable Dollhouses

Any one of these is going to be the highlight of your holiday gifting. Fun for boys or girls, a dollhouse is the perfect base for pretend play. These ten modern dollhouse options are beautiful and not just as decoration.

10 Delightful Dollhouses
1- Cottage Dollhouse- $120 empty or $200 with furniture
2- Geometrics House- $64
3- Sevi Dollhouse with Furniture- $135
4- Playsam Dollhouse- $50
5- Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set- $150
6- Liliane- € 1,585 email liliane@liliane.eu for purchase inquiry
7- Urban Girl Dollhouse- $200 (furniture sold separately)
8- KidKraft Modern Dollhouse- $98
9- Brinca Dada Dylan House- $120
10- Toideloi Dollhouses- $355 as shown (other combos available)

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26 Aug 2013, 7:51pm
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Etsy Find: MODplayhouse

They’ve been around since 2011, but I have yet to show you these modern modular playhouses.  Now with new photos and a new website, I think it’s time to let you know about these colorful cuties from MODplayhouse.


Not quite a “dollhouse”, the kits can be used to create all kinds of structures for whatever characters your kids choose to fill them with from fairies, to farm animals to dinosaurs.


With a system of interlocking panels and posts, the structures can be assembled many different ways.

MODplayhouse outside

I love that they’re handmade, eco-friendly and made in the US.  Of course those kinds of credentials come with a matching price tag.  The Starter Kit (not shown) is $125, the Basic Kit (middle image) is $225 and the Deluxe Kit (shown at the top) is $395.

16 Jan 2013, 11:26am
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Etsy Find: Modern Dollhouse from New8th Furniture

I know most of use aren’t in the market for a $450 dollhouse, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire it.  From New8th Furniture’s etsy shop, this Black Walnut Modern Dollhouse is a tiny work of art.

Modern Dollhouse 2 is nothing to scoff at either. $350

11 Oct 2012, 9:06am
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Urban Girl Dollhouse

Here’s another modern dollhouse to help fuel my obsession. Take a look at the new Urban Girl Dollhouse.

This architect designed, open concept, urban house, is built in Indiana using eco-friendly materials and safe finishes.  It ships fully assembled and ready for play.  My only criticism is the name, as there’s nothing girly about this dollhouse and it’s perfect for boys and girls.

The dollhouse retails for $300 and the dolls and furniture sell separately.

16 Aug 2012, 10:08am
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Brinca Dada in Pink: The Zoe House

The girls win this round.  Brinca Dada is coming out with a pink version of their Dylan House, called the Zoe House.

With furniture, the Zoe House should retail for about $170 and is expected out this October.

More from Brinca Dada

First news I’d like to share is that the Emerson House has been discontinued and is being replaced by the smaller Edward House.

The Edward House is currently available for $279 (limited time), but usually will retail for $349.

Second, the Bennett House is finally available!

The furniture Dylan Furniture collection is now available and the complete Maison Collection is absolutely incredible– as it should be for $349.

Finally, Brinca Dada has a set of teak hardwood blocks that are unlike any others.  Regularly $59, right now you can snag these for $49.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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