Interactive Playsets from Corby Tindersticks

I take pride in being familiar with the products in most nurseries and being able to find them quickly online, but I admit that I had trouble finding the items on Gabriel’s rug

Gabriel's Rug

I recognized the doll as being from Corby Tindersticks and assumed the orange pieces were as well, but couldn’t find them anywhere… until today! I happened to be browsing Milk Moostache, of one of our lovely advertisers, and BAM! There it was!

It’s the Interactive Road Atlas from Corby Tindersticks! $60

Corby Tindersticks Road Atlas

And if this cute little set isn’t enough, how about the Interactive World Weather Map?

Corby Tindersticks World Weather Map

And the Interactive Clock too! It’s not too soon to start shopping for the holidays- hint, hint.

Corby Tindersticks Interactive Clock

Fun, right?

17 Sep 2012, 9:02pm
etsy find:

New Clocks from Decoylab: Phone and Camera Prototypes

Decoylab is testing some new clock designs in her etsy shop.  The Vintage Style Telephone Clock and Vintage Style Camera Clock are available now.  You can be the first with these designs!

There are some cute prints I hadn’t seen yet in the shop as well.  This We Love Reading print is awesome.

27 Mar 2012, 2:31pm
just for fun:

Is Imitation Really A Form of Flattery? Owl Clocks Case Study

I remember back in high school, we worked so hard not to “bite off” anybody.  This was 90s slang for copying (seriously, it’s in the slang dictionary).  You had to be careful not to copy the shoes someone was wearing, their hair color, backpack, you name it.  We took being individuals very seriously.  Imitation wasn’t flattery, it was “biting” and there was nothing more uncool than that.

Now in the real world, there’s some amount of copying that is acceptable.  If you want to copy the design of someone else’s nursery, nobody is going to stop you.  If a friend has a dress you like, unless she’s wearing it to the same event, there’s no reason for you not to buy one too. On the other hand (at the risk of stating the obvious), there’s a certain level of copying that is against the law.  There are copyright protections and intellectual property rights that are protected in court.

It isn’t always easy to tell what’s acceptable and what isn’t.  How do we know two similar ideas weren’t conceived completely independently?  How can you be sure that an idea that seems unique isn’t just a copy of something that already exists? And do you even care or worry about that?

When it comes to things like etsy shops and artists, I do my best to highlight an original idea or style and not any derivative works.  Is it possible that I’ve made a mistake?… Unfortunately, yes (but if I have, I don’t know of it).  I put together this little case study to illustrate the issue.  Browsing etsy, I noticed an owl clock that had a very familiar look.  The bottom left owl clock reminded me an awful lot of the owl clocks from one of my favorite etsy shops, decoylab.  Then I did a search and found a couple more similar items.

I’m going to leave it up to you to decide and discuss the question, “how close is too close”?  What are your thoughts about how to find an original and whether or not you even care.  I welcome any of the etsy shops in the case study to comment with their thoughts as well.

Top left- Modern Baby Clock – Owl from decoylab- $58
Top right- Buddy Owl Bamboo Wall Clock from decoylab- $86
Bottom left- Handmade Owl Clock – Natural Color Wood from WoodWell- $40
Bottom center- Owl Silhouette – Modern Wooden Wall Clock from Klokx- $26
Bottom right- Wooden Owl Clock from Say Hello- $30

I covered corporate copycats and ethics in a previous post but think this is a little different.

My Modern Nursery #52: Octopus Garden

I was inspired by the Octopus Garden Giclee Print from The Paper Nut.  It’s super cute, with great orange, yellow and coral colors and a sweet girlishness.  I think it would make an incredible modern girl’s nursery.

1- Marine hanging mobile in coral colors from PukaPuka- $170

2- Vitra George Nelson Orange Ball Wall Clock– $365

3- Baby Dotty Bedding in Yellow by Ferm Living– $80

4- Ikea Sundvik Crib– $120

5- TIKI Stool in Orange from Offi– $80

6- Octopus Garden Giclee Print– 12″ x 12″ from The Paper Nut- $25

7- All Creatures Great and Small Curtain Panels– $35-$45

8- Pierre the Bunny from blabla- $52
Gate Rug by DwellStudio– $450

9- Ikea Hemnes 3 drawer chest– $150

10- Modernica Case Study Arm Shell Rocker in Mustard– $350

What do you think?

Norman Copenhagen Play Board (and more)

In the spirit of back-to-school, check out this Normann Copenhagen Play Board in Yellow.

Designed by Jesper K. Thomsen, the “Play” series is handmade in Denmark out of Lacquered Beech.  Other items in the collection include the Play Soapbox Cart ($3150), a table ($380), bench ($370) and chairs ($315). (the Play collection is available at our affiliate All Modern Baby)

Some newer Norman Copenhagen items that might be fun to use in your modern nursery include the Watch Me Wall Clock ($50) and Woofy, the cable concealing dog ($200).


16 Aug 2011, 9:29am
shopping guide:
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New Mushroom Wall Clock from decoylab

I always love to share whenever decoylab has a new product.  The new mushroom wall clock can be found in decoylab’s etsy shop for $68.

Buy a Modern Boat

My husband and I were on a cruise (sans kiddos) this past weekend and we couldn’t find a single souvenir worth bringing home for the boys.  These are more along the lines of what we were looking for.

1- Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Play Set– $70

2- Sprig Toys Adventures Dolphin Adventure Playset– $30

3- Green Toys Tugboat– $12

4- Zoo Timer – Fernando the Fish– $150

5- Dinghy Regatte 5-Boat Flensted Mobile– $52

6- A di Alessi Ship Shape Containers– $30 each

7- Guidecraft Chunky Puzzle – Boat– $10

8- Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Boat– $20

9- Playsam Sailboat 130mm Red & White– $60

Fortunately, the boys were so happy to have us home, they didn’t even notice that we didn’t bring them anything.  I think Grandma and Grandpa spoiled them while we were away!

New CB2 in the Nursery: Fall 2011

As usual, CB2’s got tons of fun furnishings and decor items that work great for nurseries and kids’ spaces.  First I have to let you know that the hopscotch rug is back!

This is a fun choice, especially with gray being as popular as it is.

I also like the Lolli Rug

and this Satellite Rug is speaking to me.  Don’t be surprised if you see it in a future inspiration board.

These are some interesting pillows to have fun with (Dearest, Squirrelly and Hey Hey– left to right).

When I was planning our nursery, I had the hardest time finding a great armoire.  These two wardrobes are exciting new choices for some great storage.  On the left you’ve got the Monolith Red Wardrobe and the Veer Wardrobe (love this one!) is on the right.

Finally, I know you’ve been looking for a modern cuckoo clock, right?  Here ya go… CB2’s Cuckoo Clock.

Use your imagination and see what else inspires you in CB2’s new fall additions.

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