Coming Soon!: Stokke Bounce ‘n’ Sleep

I’ve been waiting to show you this one and thanks to Baby Chic 101, I’ve discovered that it’s now on Stokke’s US website!

The Stokke Bounce ‘n’ Sleep is a bouncer and daybed set but to get the whole idea, check out the video.

This is a really beautifully designed and highly functional product.  I’m going to call it the ultimate baby shower gift and I can’t wait to add this to our guides!  The only problem is, do I put it on the bouncer list or the bassinet list?

This should be available in the US and Canada next month (November 2011) and I’ll update this post with the price when I know it.

New Bloom Spotted at ABC Kids Expo 2011

To me, having closely watched the industry over the past 6+ years, bloom is one of the brands that I consider to be pioneers in the modern baby arena.  With benchmarks like the Coco lounger in their product line, I’m always looking to bloom to find the coolest, most beautiful and innovative products.

The focus this year was on bloom’s stroller…

I think I’m developing a phobia of strollers, which I’ll talk about later, so I walked right by that and focused on what else there was to see.  The first thing I couldn’t help but notice was these little chairs that turn over to be tables.  They’re adorable.

The next thing that jumped out at me was the new colors for the Coco lounger.  They’ve got red and whitewash for the frames, and new khaki and denim seat fabrics.

The denim fabric is shown on here on the Fresco high chair. I think it just looks totally cool.

I also thought it was interesting that bloom will be coming out with its own bedding.  I think that any time a company sells a non-traditional sized crib, it’s worth their while to sell bedding to go with it.

And since I mentioned atypical sized cribs, bloom had the Alma Max on display, which is a full sized version of the Alma Papa.

We should be seeing the new bloom items in the first part of 2012.

Coming Soon! Retro bouncers from BabyBjörn

This year is BabyBjörn‘s 50th anniversary.  They’ve been designing baby gear and equipment to make parenting easier since 1961!  In fact, BabyBjörn’s very first product was their bouncer (Babysitter).

As part of their anniversary celebration, BabyBjörn is releasing retro styled bouncers.  I love the vintage one on the left, and the new retro designs are pictured on the right.

I totally would have gotten the red and orange one if it had been available when my boys were born!  How great would that have been with our crib bedding?!…

For now, you can buy the Babysitter in a number of styles and colors (available on my amazon affiliate) or you can wait until the end of May for these special edition designs.

I’ll post an update when I know dates and prices.

New Combi Pod Bouncers: Bee and Ladybug

At the lower priced end of the modern baby bouncer selection, the Combi Pod Bouncer has been a popular choice for several years now. Their latest designs however, are going to be the most popular yet.   I’ve loved these ever since I saw them at ABC Kids last October.  They are finally becoming available to order on some sites and will arrive mid to late March!

These bouncers will retail for about $100.

The 2011 mamaRoo from 4moms

4 moms has made a few nice updates to the extremely popular mamaRoo Infant Seat for 2011.

The new seats are shipping right now.  If you order at places like, make sure you’ll be getting the new model.  You can choose Red, Silver, Orange, Black, Green or Pink, and the mamaRoo retails for about $200.

If you’re not familiar with all its features and the technology behind the mamaRoo, go see the video, “Thinking Behind the mamaRoo”  –really interesting.

The mamaRoo is included on our guide to modern baby seats and is a popular option for all the gadget and technology loving parents out there.

New Combi Pod Bouncer Designs

You may have seen me lamenting on twitter about the lack of new modern bouncer designs at ABC Kids, but I failed to mention any exciting redesigns like these Pod Bouncers from Combi in new colors!  The Pod Bouncer has been very popular on the baby lounger/bouncer guide at buymodernbabyseats if for no other reason than the fact that it is the least expensive one on the list.  The bee and ladybug designs are a completely new and AWESOME reason to buy these and the simple black frame disappears underneath.  As long as these aren’t any more expensive than the other Pod Bouncer colors, I predict these will be really popular!

new patterns

New Addition: Mamas & Papas Apollo Bouncer

Britain’s #1 baby brand is now available exclusively at Babies R Us in the US.
One of my favorite pieces in the Mamas & Papas collection is the Apollo Bouncer.  For $100, it’s a really nice, simple bouncer option.

See it and all my other bouncer picks on buymodernbabyseats.

I’ll be featuring more Mamas & Papas items in the coming weeks so keep checking back.

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