Tree Bookcase in More Fresh Colors

The Nursery Works Tree Bookcase was a huge hit when it first came out and now it’s available in three new colors to make it even more versatile. Now in Sage Green, Blush Pink, and Cloud Gray, it will fit in many more modern nurseries.

At $900, it’s a show-stopping centerpiece for a spectacular kids space.

More Storage From Oeuf

You might have noticed in last week’s Brooklyn Desk post, but there was one other new item lurking in the image. Joining the ever popular Oeuf Mini Library, the new Vertical Mini Library adds great storage using less floor space!

Brooklyn Desk Room with Vertical Mini Library

There’s also the adorable new ML Nightstand which coordinates with the Mini Libraries. Thanks to Oeuf for over 10 years of perfectly designing exactly what I want to see (and buy!).

Shelves from Rafa Kids

These are too awesome not to share, and basically too beautiful not to order. Who said your storage piece can’t be as special as the things you put on it?

Rafa Kids L Shelf

The line of shelves from Rafa Kids come in four styles / sizes.

The smallest is the S Shelf. €136,36 (about $150)

S Shelf from Rafa Kids

The next size up is the M Shelf. €177,69 (about $200)

M Shelf from Rafa Kids

Next you have the larger L Shelf. €219,01 (about $245)

L Shelf from Rafa Kids

Finally, the big beauty is the XL Shelf. €367,77 (about $410)

XL shelf from Rafa Kids

A bed, a desk, a couple of these, and kids room = done!

New Furniture from The Land of Nod

There are a few eye-popping new offerings from The Land of Nod. We’ve been waiting for this Spring 2015 collection since we saw previews of it on Instagram, and I’m just as excited about it now that I’m seeing all the pieces individually.

First and most notable is the Springwood collection. Designed by Maria Yee, each piece in the collection is handmade from bamboo and coated with a water-based finish.


The Springwood Rocking Chair is a unique, sculptural piece that adds a lot of style without taking up too much floor space.


The Springwood Crib anchors the collection, but I’m not sure why the back has to be higher than the front. I’m not usually a fan and don’t see the point unless it’s a crib that converts into a full bed, which this does not seem to do. $1500


Of course there’s a matching dresser ($1200) and changing top ($200). While the legs are beautiful, if you’re looking for a lot of storage, you might want to find another option.


Finally, there’s the gorgeous Springwood Bassinet. $550


The Land of Nod has really gone all out with bassinets this year and one might have to move from your “optional” list to your list of must-haves for baby!

Land of Nod -bassinets

In addition to the Springwood Bassinet, there’s the simple teak Olin Bassinet ($450)…


… and most spectacularly, the Norse Bassinet. This Scandinavian-inspired design is one of my favorite new baby furniture pieces in a long time. Other baby furniture brands are really going to have to start stepping it up in the design department!


The Campo Recliner from Monte Design is a Nod exclusive. Similar to Monte’s Grano Glider Recliner, the Campo Recliner comes in light or dark gray and features contrasting piping.


There are a couple new small storage pieces that are worth mentioning. The Alto Bookcase comes in three colors with three base options that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combo. I’m thinking we may need one in Walnut and White at our house. $250


I also like the little Next Chapter Bookcase. You can never have too many books nor too much storage. $250


Finally, the Neon Chalkboard Table is a fun pop of color for any child’s bedroom or playroom. It’s available with a hot pin or neon green base. $300


What new pieces are going on your wishlist?

Some affiliate links included

Coming Soon: The Devon Collection from Newport Cottages

I’ve had the Cody Crib from Newport cottages on my modern crib guide for several years now, but I’m excited that they will soon be adding a second style that deserves a spot on the list!  The simple clean lines of the Devon Crib can be used in any style room, and with 28 color choices (including the persimmon color shown here), you can achieve just the look you’re going for.

The crib is set to retail for $945, the dresser for $945 and the bookcase for $745.  You can contact if you are interested for now.

via Apartment Therapy Family

Room & Board Slim Collection in a Rainbow of Colors

We’re all about simple, modern, colorful and fun for kids here at BuyModernBaby, so the Slim Collection from Room & Board has a lot of potential for nurseries and kids rooms.

I already used the Etagere in one of my inspiration boards and think it’s something to remember when picking out nursery furniture or items for an older child’s space.

The airy steel pieces are powder-coated in bright colors.  You can also get the Slim Collection in its original Natural laquered steel finish, but that’s not nearly as fun. I recommend the Slim Shelves and Media Consoles (available in several sizes) as great storage ideas and the C-Table, End Table and Round End Tables as side tables.  With the largest shelf selling for $509, the pieces in the Slim Collection are quite reasonably priced.

Tree Bookcase: Nurseryworks vs. Babyletto

Earlier this year we were excited about Nurseryworks’ Tree Bookcase, and now I can show you a more budget friendly version, Babyletto’s Spruce Tree Bookcase.  It’s smaller, but so is the price!

Both are available in Green and White.  You can order the Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase today but you’ll have to wait until February 2012 for Babyletto’s version.

Tree Bookcase from Nurseryworks

Some of you have been waiting for this one, so I’ll end the suspense.  You can now purchase Tree Bookcase from Nurseryworks!  Designed by Shawn Soh, this idea was a blog sensation when the photos originally came out at the end of 2009.

Now you can purchase this piece as a focal point for your little one’s nursery or bedroom.  The shelf measures 47″ x 6″ x 63″.  It is available in Snow and Forest Green and retails for $850.

You can order one of these bookshelves from our affiliates Fawn & Forest, All Modern Baby, Posh Tots or a number of other online retailers.  I can’t wait to see pictures of these popping up in people’s real rooms.


Prepare for Spring with A Spectrum of Books

We sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time this weekend, so spring is just around the corner.  With spring showers come rainbows, and one of my favorite places to spy a rainbow is on the bookshelf.

When I first heard of people organizing their books by color several years ago, I honestly thought it was ridiculous.  How can you find the book you’re looking for?  I group my books by topic and size.  Parenting books on one shelf, two shelves devoted to my pop-up book collection, art books, craft books, history, biographies, film studies, women’s studies etc…  all grouped together by subject.

It wasn’t until I was rearranging my son’s bookshelves that I found myself putting the books in color order.  With a nice collection of brightly colored picture books, I had a perfect opportunity to arrange them by color.  Certain subjects are pulled aside on other shelves, but the miscellaneous mass makes a beautiful rainbow collection.

Here are some other beautiful rainbow book examples…

This one from Patrizzia on her blog iCreate is very similar to ours but I love how some of the toys and accessories were tied into the rainbow as well.

I love the example of this little collection from Good + Happy Day.  The spectrum works so well with a small contained collection.

A flickr search will yield plenty of gorgeous examples like this one…

bookshelf spectrum, revisited
(though I have no idea how they’re going to find the book they’re looking for here!)

And finally, the real inspiration for this post.  If you haven’t seen this yet, you must…

First spied on Swissmiss.

Modern for the Masses: Babyletto Cribs

I was so happy to see a strong showing from Babyletto at ABC Kids.  The cribs looked fantastic but what is so great about these is the price!  Even my dad always tells me that the stuff on buymodernbaby is so expensive but I try to show him- that’s not always true!  There are options in every price range, and babyletto cribs and dressers are among the more affordable.

Mercer, Modo, Harlow, Modena and Grason Mini Crib

In addition to the Mercer (now available in white) and Modo cribs (bottom left), Babyletto introduced the Harlow Crib (top), the Modena Crib (bottom right) and the Grayson Mini Crib.  So exciting to have more choices in such a great price range.  Most of the cribs have a matching dresser as well. more »

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