4 Feb 2016, 9:40pm
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Newest Bath Toys from Boon

If I have to think of brands with modern bath toys, Boon is among the top on a very short list.

The latest additions to their already fun collection are Chomp, a hungry whale that gobbles up sea creatures,

Boon Bath Toy, Chomp Hungry Whale

Jellies, suction cup creatures that stick to the tub, wall and each other,

Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy

Boon, the light up diver,

Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy

Tones, musical bath boats that hook together,

Boon Tones Musical Boats

and my favorite, Cogs, which stick to the wall and spin when water is poured on them.

Boon Cogs Water Gears Bath Toy

I bet you can’t wait for bath time!

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What’s New from Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Skip Hop is a must-see at the ABC Kids Expo and their big showstopper this year was the Uplift Baby Bouncer.

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

It’s a comfortable, modern baby lounger with the unique height adjusting feature. It adjusts from regular floor height up to sofa level to let you more easily interact with baby wherever you’re most comfortable. Coming in the spring/summer 2016.

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Skip Hop’s Arch Activity Gym has lots of cool features like a sound activated dancing fox and a secret pocket for your phone behind the mirror where you can take photos or videos of baby playing!

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

You can already find these new baby toys for sale…

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

… as well as these Take-along Kids Nightlights.

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

There are also a number of great new bath toys that are part of the zoo collection.

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015   Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Finally, these High Line Totes are a chic new bags that will join an already wonderfully diverse diaper bag lineup.

Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015 Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Keep an eye out for all the new stuff!

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What is the Best Bathtub for Baby? 2015 Cribsies

We’re going to spend this week talking about our favorite categories in the Cribsies since it’s the last week to vote. Founded by StrollerTraffic.com, the Cribsie Awards select and honor the best baby brands and products. Nominations are in, the finalists have been selected and there’s still time to select your favorites as the best for 2015.

My first favorite award in the Nursery category is “Easiest Infant Tub“.

Cribsies Bath Tubs

The nominees are:
Puj Tub – Soft Infant Bath
Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub
Blooming Bath
Fisher-Price Bath Center, Rainforest or Fisher-Price Bath Tub, Rainforest Friends (not sure since the name says one thing and the photo shows another.
4Moms Infant Tub

My least favorite is the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath.  I think their 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub would be a better choice.

Sling n Seat Tub

So, which baby bath are you voting for? Any of your favorites that didn’t make the finals?

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12 Jan 2015, 7:07am
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Moby Floating Bath Thermometer Intro and Giveaway

Skip Hop’s Moby bath collection is expanding with their all new Moby Floating Bath Thermometer!

With color changing LED, the thermometer shows whether the bath water is too hot, too cold, or just right. It features a suction cup for hanging when not in use.


To celebrate the launch of the new Moby Floating Bath Thermometer, Skip Hop is giving away a Moby bath collection (including the Floating Bath Thermometer, Spout Cover and Bath Rinser) to one of our loyal readers.

Skip Hop Bath Collection

You can enter to win all three via the rafflecopter app below. This sweepstakes is open to US resident over the age of 18. It starts right now and ends January 19th, 2015 at 12:01 am EDT.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to our friends at Skip Hop for this fun giveaway and good luck to you!

Bath Finds at ABC Kids Expo 2014

There were not a whole lot of new innovations in the world of baby bathing products at the ABC Kids Expo this year, but here’s the best of what WAS new and different this year…

Boon probably has the most modern collection of bathing products and a great variety of bath toys. They have a number of new products for 2015. First is the Soak tub. If the Naked doesn’t work for you, then you might be interested in Soak. Its innovation is the mesh base that works for a newborn in one position and when flipped around, works better for older babies.

Boon soak baby bath

A number of new toys will make bath time more fun. Sadly, my boys have moved on to showers. They’re missing out on these great new choices from boon! Cast is a cute fishing game.

boon bath toys

Marco is a little diver.

boon bath toys

And Pipes stick to the wall and have water flow from one to another. I’D play with those!

boon bath toys

Finally, the Frog Pod is being updated with a wider, less detailed design.

boon new frogboon frog

Stokke has the Flexibath under its umbrella of products and now you can get it in more colors.

Stokke Flexibath

Prince Lionheart is coming out with some bath grips and this tic tac toe game should be fun.

Prince Lionheart bath accessories toys

Kid o has a variety of great modern bath toys, and this Plui cloud will be a great addition.

kid o plui

Did I miss anything?

27 Jan 2014, 8:42pm
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Bath Toys from Plan Toys

You wouldn’t think so, but it’s not easy to find really cute boats to play with in the bath.  These new bath toys from Plan Toys are making it a lot easier!

Speed Boat Plan Toys

Submarine Plan Toys Coast Guard Boat Plan Toys

Speed Boat, Submarine, and Coastguard Boat are adorable and now available for $15 a piece.

Puj Infant Gift Set

Congratulations to Katie from Puj on the arrival of sweet little Liberty!

This makes it a great day to let you know about Puj’s new Infant Gift Set,  which includes a Puj Tub, Nubs and my favorite, the Hug towel for $85.  This is really gift perfection.

Puj Infant Gift Set

In honor of Liberty’s birth, you can get 10% off and free shipping until Friday, 11/14 with code: LIBERTYFAITH10.

And if you’re past the newborn stage, take a look at the Big Hug.  It’s my favorite product that I haven’t told you about yet and my 4 year old is obsessed with his.  In fact, my son was very upset last night because his Big Hug was in the laundry and he had to make do with an ordinary towel.

Nug with Hug

I love that he can use it on his own, dry himself off and then hang it on a hook by its rubber tab.  This has been life-changing!  The name “Big Hug” really describes this towel perfectly. All the kids have to do is hang the hood on their heads, tuck their hands in and give themselves a hug. Presto! They’re wrapped up and cozy.

We’ve been using the Big Hug for 8 months straight now and it still looks as good as new.


By way of disclosure, I was lucky to be a Big Hug product tester so I received one from Puj to review.  But really I just wanted to be one of the first to have one!  I would have bought it anyway.

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Coming Soon: Bath Gear and Accessories from ABC Kids Expo 2013

In addition to the bath items from Skip Hop, I noticed a few other cool bath items on the floor at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

Brica debuted a whole new bath line with a complete range of products.

With with an infant bather, a Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer, the Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

…infant tub…

… and Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup, you can enjoy a matching set of all the baby bath necessities from Brica.

For all you fans of the Blooming Bath, they’re introducing a new green color flower…

… some washcloth accessories, and this monster version.

OXO showed a new bath toy bin

… as well as this simple but useful toilet seat cover.  I would have preferred this over the Diego printed seat we used!

Puj will finally be coming out with these cute non-slip bath treads.

Boon‘s bath toys are always among my favorites and these new ones are great additions.  There’s the Ray drain cover, some 3D foam shapes, Fleet stack-and-pour boats and a foam puzzle.

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Coming Soon: New from Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2013

As usual, Skip Hop has a plethora of items to add to their impressive lineup in the coming year.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

The Giraffe Safari Wood Toy Collection is full of fun and affordable baby gifts.  It includes the Crocodile Xylophone ($25), Nest & Play Blocks ($20), Stacking Animal Blocks ($15), Fold & Play Book ($10), Peek & Play Giraffe ($10), Spin & Play Rhino ($10), and the Flip & Play Turtle ($10).

Skip Hop Wooden Toys

These are already available on the Skip Hop website.

Skip Hop Wooden Toys

If you thought Skip Hop’s bath collection was already complete, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  They’ll be adding two new essentials.  The Waterfall Rinser keeps sudsy water out of sensitive eyes and the Floating Bath Thermometer features a digital readout to ensure the perfect temperature in your tub.

Skip Hop New Bath

Skip Hop’s Playspot has a new color scheme.  The yellow and gray is a great new addition that will suit so many more modern nurseries and play spaces.  In the photo, you can see one other addition to the Playspot line and that is the Funspot!  Three inserts turn the Playspot into a spot for tummy time fun.



And your other tummy time option is Treetop Tummy Time Mat.  As far as tummy time mats go, this one is pretty cute.


I’d also take a look at the Plush Animals ($18).  These are a nice big size that are great for use as decor.  In addition to the elephant and bird, there’s also an owl and giraffe.

Skip Hop Plush Toys

24 Jul 2013, 8:31am
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Best Baby Bath Tubs 2013: Sponsored by Babyli.st

One of the most fun parts of the day with your newborn is bath time. I remember each of my babies’ first baths as such exciting early milestones.  However you decide to handle your baby’s bath, it’s going to be special.

I’ve rounded up my top 10 picks (in no particular order) for this installment of our baby registry series sponsored by Babyli.st.  Baby baths are always a popular baby shower gift, so take a look at the options and be sure to add your favorite to your registry.  Be prepared for that first special bath!

1- The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling- $31
Design-wise, this pink or blue tub wouldn’t usually be seen here, but this is such a popular and highly rated baby bath that I couldn’t ignore it.  It’s the little sling that really gets people’s attention with this bath over some of the other molded plastic tubs.

2- Cleanwater Infant Tub from 4moms- $50
For the gadget/technology lovers out there, the Cleanwater tub is the only option.  The tub is designed for use with running water and continuously fills the bath with fresh clean water.  With a digital thermometer you’ll know that the water is at your baby’s ideal temperature.   The complete collection also includes a spout cover ($30).

3- WashPOD- $28
Upright baths are supposed to be more calming a soothing for babies.  Newborns will go into a comforting fetal position and are surrounded by the water the whole time.  This is a short term bath solution as it will only go up to 6 months, but in combination with something like the Ikea Lättsam bath, the two are an economical solution.  The video reviews on amazon will sell you on this– beware the baby cuteness!

4- Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub- $60
With the sleekest style, the Naked can recline or expand to suit newborns and toddlers.  The one-piece design collapses for drying and storage.

5- The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath- $38
Another upright bath option, the Tummy Tub encourages the warm, comforting upright bathing position that newborns enjoy. Already popular in Europe, the upright tubs are getting some following in the US.  This isn’t just a bucket, the bottom of the tub is smooth and curved, all edges are smooth and the tub is BPA free.  Please don’t bath a baby in a bucket!

6- PRIMO EuroBath- $35
This tub is similar to the molded plastic tub we used but definitely a step above.  Unlike you, I didn’t not do a bunch of research before I ran to Target last minute to grab a bath tub–  Live and learn!  The bath is designed to hold both newborns and toddler.  Save water by not filling a big tub and keep baby supported in a comfortable position.

7- Flexibath Foldable Bathtub- $40
I’m pleased to know that my baby niece uses and enjoys the Flexibath I gave to her.  This ingenious foldable bathtub saves water over filling the whole tub and folds up for easy storage.  The tub is roomy enough to work for at least 24 months and with the infant support accessory, the tub is also suitable for newborns.

8- Lättsam Baby Bath- $8
A simple inexpensive tub, the Lättsam is perfect for toddlers.  Keep it in the bathtub or even use outside!  We had one of these for outdoor baths.

9- Karibu Baby Folding Bath- $50
Another space saving collapsible bath design.

10- Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub, White- $45
If you plan to bathe your newborn in the sink, this is the way to go.  The soft, foldable Puj or the smaller Flyte (depending on the size of your sink) are the comfortable smart way to wash and care for your newborn.

Add your favorite bathtub to your baby registry with BabyList.  BabyList lets you ask for exactly what you want from the retailers of your choice – including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy).

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