Ovum Baby Bassinet

The Ovum Baby Bassinet was “coming soon” for an awfully long time.  It was on buymodernbassinets for a couple years, but eventually I gave up hope of it actually coming out and took it off the list.

Well….  I might have to put it back!

Now you can actually custom order the Ovum bentwood bassinet through the designer, Heidi Newell.  You’ll need $1800 to bring this functional sculpture (including an organic felt wool mattress) into your home.

The genius of this piece is the dual-position base which rocks or can be turned on its side to stand stationary.  The basket portion also has convenient handles so your sleeping infant can be carried quietly into another room.  This is the ultimate modern bassinet.

Thanks to Coochicoos for the info!

Culla Belly Co-Sleeper: Coming Soon?

These pictures have been all over the baby blog world and mothers-to-be were salivating over the possibility of having one of these Culla Belly co-sleepers in their bedroom.  Designed by Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti of Studio di Progettazione, this beauty won first place at the Playing Design’s International Design Competition for children’s design back in 2007

Well…. it seems these are now one step closer to reality!  Of course, the design has lost a little of its perfection in the translation to reality, but compared to most of the co-sleepers currently on the market, I’m sure that it will be well received.

The Belly cradle will be coming out this month (not in the US) and will be available as shown in red and white.  Other colors may become available in the future.  There is also no accessory yet to turn the co-sleeper into a stand alone bassinet but I’m sure everyone would be interested in having that option as well.

More information on pambaby.it (in Italian).
via DecoPeques

UPDATE 2015:  Culla Belly was available in the US for a short time (if you’re in Italy or know Italian, check here). I imagine that safety regulations kept this from coming to market in the form that everyone admires, but there are some alternatives that meet current safety standards and will do the job…

The Overachiever Crib (etc…) from Q Collection Junior

I already have Q Collection Jr. on my list of modern crib options, but the new Overachiever is worth bringing to your attention.  You may have seen my pictures of the crib among my furniture finds at ABC Kids in October….

Bassinet, crib and twin bed

…but you can now place your order for one of these ultra-convertible cribs.

For $1500 (bear with me) this crib includes 7 different conversion options, Bassinet (rock or not), Crib (rock or not), Changer, Daybed, and Toddler bed.  Q Collection cribs are also FSC and Greenguard certified and hand-made in the USA.

The Overachiever is available in Moonlight, Mercury or Cloud (natural, light gray, white).

You can order one now from Fawn & Forest (an affiliate) or a few other select retailers.

fawn&forest fawnandforest.com

ABC Kids Expo 2010: Hot Furniture Finds

I will get to these products in more detail when they become available for purchase and I add them to the guide at buymodernbaby.com, but I want to give you a look at my favorite furniture finds from ABC Kids Expo 2010.  These are the new nursery furniture pieces that really jumped out at me.  Let me know what you think.

First, I am absolutely in LOVE with this gorgeous table and chair set from Svan.

Table and Chair set from Scandinavian Child at ABC Kids Expo 2010

It’s so new that the designer only saw the actual prototype when it arrived in Vegas on Sunday night.  The chairs are super sturdy, light and stackable.  Don’t hold your breath for this set because we’ll have to wait another year before we can get our hands on it.  I’d love to be first in line to order one.

Another great new furniture set that will be getting a lot of attention is the Overachiever from Q Collection Jr.  They have some new bedding (which I will show you more of later), a larger version of their Stella Stackable storage, a twin bed with trundle and this amazing furniture set made to grow and last.  Look carefully and you will see the bassinet is made up of the ends of the crib and the changing platform.  Then you re-use the ends and the crib base for the toddler bed.  This whole system takes you from newborn up until you’re ready to put your child into a twin bed.

Bassinet, crib and twin bed

Speaking of twin beds, Q Collection has this beautiful option with optional storage drawer/trundle (which was a requirement for me when I was looking for a bed for my oldest).

at Abc Kids Expo 2010

I was really excited to see some new items from Nurseryworks at the show  They showed a new rocker and a new glider (with a base like the Goodnight Glider they used to have, but with a different seat) as well as the Hollis Crib and Changing Table made from clear acrylic.  This see-thru crib has me scratching my head.  I’m not quite sold on this idea but I’m glad they are thinking outside the box and coming out with new and different things!

as seen at ABC Kids Expo 2010 as seen at ABC Kids Expo 2010

seen at ABC Kids Expo 2010

Finally, my last favorite furniture find from the ABC Kids Expo this year is the Bamboo series crib and changing table from Seed Organic.  This is a bamboo version of their Leaf Series, which I hate to say I had actually never seen before!  Both the Bamboo Series and the Leaf Series feature a unique swivel top changing table and safety drawer retractor that automatically closes one drawer when another is opened.

Seed Organic crib

Seed Organic Changing Table

What do you think of these finds?  Do you have a favorite?

New Addition: Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby

I am a little reluctant to add this to buymodernbassinets right now because the only online U.S. retailer who I can find that carries them is out of stock at the moment, but maybe if we bug them, Abe’s Market will get some more.  The Eco Cradle from Green Lullaby is a simple, elegant and green version of the often overlooked bassinet. Many families never need one, but if you think you might like a bassinet, this might be just the thing.  Inexpensive and recyclable, you won’t feel badly about purchasing one to use for just a few months.

One of my favorite things about it is that you can decorate the surface however you like– after all, it’s just made of corrugated cardboard.  The pieces slide together easily without any tools and the cradle can be taken apart just as easily and stored flat in a closet or under a bed.

There’s also a play version for baby dolls.

green lullaby doll cradle

Green Lullaby also has a cardboard dollhouse, table and chair set and adorable storage boxes.

New Addition: BE Mini Cradle + Desk

I’ve been sitting on this one trying to find out more about it before I shared it with you but I just can’t find any more information so here’s what I’ve got…

The BE Mini Cradle, from the brand BE, is one of the most simple (which somehow also translates to expensive!), portable, and lightweight bassinets on buymodernbassinets.  The bonus feature on the BE cradle is that once you are no longer using it as a bassinet, you can flip it over and use it as a child sized desk.  BE products are made in Spain and the only place I can find to purchase them stateside is Spunky Sprout.  You can order it there in white, orange or blue for $850.

I will be adding the other products in the collection to buymodernbaby soon.  They are all fantastic, unique pieces with a fresh, clean look and feel.

Storage pieces include the BE Block Cupboard and the BE Box Chest of Drawers.  They also have a simple crib which is so European and transforms into a child’s desk.

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