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ABC Kids Expo 2013: That’s a Wrap

So that’s the end of our coverage of the ABC Kids Expo 2013.  I always have a blast visiting with the exhibitors and my fellow bloggers at the show.  Unfortunately, there’s a list a mile long of what I know I missed on the show floor and people I failed to run into.  Hopefully next year I’ll have my whole team with me to help cover more ground and I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Vegas!

Thanks to Pediped, Forty Weeks, Project Nursery and Layla Grace for the extra opportunities to mix and mingle!

Kenson Quinny Yezz and Zapp Xtra

Quinny has never held back with color when it comes to their bright strollers– especially in their Moodd design collaboration with pop artist icon Romero Britto. This year, Quinny showed off their latest bold collaboration with Belgian artist Kenson that resulted in these designs for the Yezz and Zapp Xtra.

Kenson Quinny Yezz and

These strollers are edgy, funky, fresh, and fun.

The Quinny Yezz Special Edition Kenson Collection is a giggle exclusive and retails for $330.


Check out the detail on the seat. The white fabric would probably show dirt easily, but this is a stroller design that could handle some wear and tear and still look great.


The Kenson Limited Edition Zapp Xtra retails for $375.


I love the splashes of green on the wheels, the hood, shoulder straps, and foot rest.


If you missed our review of the Quinny Zapp Xtra, check it out here!

What do you think of this design collaboration?

Coming Soon: New from Dutailier at the ABC Kids Expo 2013

I’m glad to see Dutalier is doing well with its modern nursery collections and they will continue to expand their modern nursery offerings.  With partnerships like their giggle exclusives, they’re doing a great job raising brand awareness and visibility in this market, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them!

I had a great visit with Dutailier at the ABC Kids Expo, and while their room displays were awesome, I must admit that the way the furniture was arranged made it hard to photograph.  Hopefully you can still get an idea of what it was like.

Here you can see the prototype for a newer crib and dresser collection.  I think the painted feet and green sliding dresser front are really fun.  You can’t see in the photo, but the sides of the crib also have a green insert.  I think this is a great way to add a little fun into the nursery even if it does reduce the versatility.

The Papaya collection isn’t new although this year they brought the furniture in lots of different color combinations.  It’s paired with a blue Kelowna glider with an Aluminium base.

Below, the Pomelo 3-Drawer Dresser looks amazing in purple and the Classico recliner looks slick with the metal leg option.

There are two brand new nursery collections this year from Dutailier– the Biscotti collection…

… and the Cupcake Collection.  I wish you could see the Cupcake dresser better in the photo but it’s really cute with circular impressions as the drawer pulls.

The Misti glider is a new addition to the Moderno collection.

Dutailier really has put together an impressive collection of well made, comfortable and beautiful modern gliders.  Their selection is second to none and there are lots of great designs to choose from.

With updates to their website and additional photography, I hope to use more Dutailier in our nursery idea boards in the coming year and maybe even see some of their collections in photos of YOUR nurseries!

Coming Soon: Toy Finds from the ABC Kids Expo 2013

As a break from the furniture and strollers at ABC Kids Expo, I like to take some time out to browse the toy booths.  Here are some of my favorite finds.

The Modern Living Dollhouse is my favorite KidKraft dollhouse to date.  ($120)

From Haba I was drawn to the Hanging Tent American Indian ($200)…

… and the Color Fun wooden Play Gym ($68).  I know we’re always looking for good wooden play gyms.

Then they have this Magic Forest Play Gym ($70) which is a tad cuter than the one we had, though for the price I’d probably go for the wooden one.

Plan Toys showed some great new ride-ons like the Rocking Alligator ($80), Rocking Pony ($75) as well as the wheeled ones!


Luca & Company, which distributes IVI Play Carpets introduced a new design- the Mini City.
Luca and Company Play Carpet abc kids expo 2013

I was impressed with the entire collection at Begin Again.  These back-to-the-basics toys feature beautiful, thoughtful and timeless designs.



And finally, one of my favorite booths at the expo was Flatout Frankie.  I’ve been a fan of cardboard toys for a while, but these are the most beautifully designed that I’ve seen yet.  The simple white graphics make all the difference.  Glad to see they’ve got US distribution in place so we can start to enjoy these!


We’ll revisit these when they’re more widely available.

I’m going to have to start covering the toy fair, because this stuff is just too much fun.  See anything that’s a must-have in your household?


Jané: Spain’s Leading Stroller Brand at ABC Kids Expo 2013

We are excited to share a new stroller option with you. Jané, Spain’s leading stroller brand, is relaunching in the US and they debuted the North American product lineup at the ABC Kids Expo. Let’s take a look!

The Nanuq is an umbrella stroller with large diameter wheels, adjustable backrest, kickstand for storage, and carrying handle. Accessories included are the hood, cup holder, foot rest, and rain cover.

Adjustable handles make this stroller stand out, as well as the patented “ball joint” system, allowing it to fold to 12% of its height when standing. The Nanuq retails at $299 and is available in colors Aqua blue, Shadow grey, and Cosmos red.


The Rider has a sleek profile as Jane’s top of the range stroller. The aluminum chassis ensures a lightweight frame, and the adjustable rear suspension make it a quick and easy ride to push. The height of the stroller also makes it useful for using as a highchair when dining on-the-go.

The fabric available on the navy blue Rider is patterned with playful, sketches of fish. I love how compact the canopy shade is when in the up position. The seat can be adjusted to face forward or turn around so the child is parent-facing. The basket looks easily accessible and the fold of the stroller gets down to 30% of its size, as shown in the bottom right photo. The Rider retails at $750 and is available in Shadow grey, Blue, and Sand.


Trider Extreme is Jané’s stroller made for those who are looking for all-terrain capability and a stylish, elegant appearance. The larger wheels give it stability and maneuverability on both rough terrain and smooth concrete. Long length suspension and an adjustable shock absorber ensure baby’s maximum comfort. While I am not a fan of the writing on the foot rests, I am really loving the ruggedly sophisticated look. The Trider Extreme retails at $790 and is available in the Deep red and Azzure blue shown above.

The Jané Powertwin Pro double stroller is an all-terrain stroller with a two-position, rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride, including a front wheel disc brake system. Each seat has its own adjustable backrest and canopy. The Powertwin Pro will be available soon.

All of the Jané canopies are water-repellant, made from breathable fabric, and include anti-Uva, Uvb, Upf 50+ sun protection.

These are some good looking strollers, so we look forward to getting to know Jané!

Coming Soon: Bath Gear and Accessories from ABC Kids Expo 2013

In addition to the bath items from Skip Hop, I noticed a few other cool bath items on the floor at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

Brica debuted a whole new bath line with a complete range of products.

With with an infant bather, a Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer, the Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

…infant tub…

… and Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup, you can enjoy a matching set of all the baby bath necessities from Brica.

For all you fans of the Blooming Bath, they’re introducing a new green color flower…

… some washcloth accessories, and this monster version.

OXO showed a new bath toy bin

… as well as this simple but useful toilet seat cover.  I would have preferred this over the Diego printed seat we used!

Puj will finally be coming out with these cute non-slip bath treads.

Boon‘s bath toys are always among my favorites and these new ones are great additions.  There’s the Ray drain cover, some 3D foam shapes, Fleet stack-and-pour boats and a foam puzzle.

Some affiliate links included.

Coming Soon: Nightlights and Humidifiers from ABC Kids Expo 2013

Nightlights and humidifiers are often overlooked, but in my opinion are nursery essentials.  I was happy to find plenty of new options at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

We love our Twilight Turtle but these new Cuddle Buddies will bring the magical star lights to a whole range of cuddly creatures.  These are quite a bit cuter than the Dream Lites my kids originally wanted.  The final menagerie hasn’t been selected just yet, but there were tons of cute options.

Cloud B

I was partial to the Fox, but kinda wish they made a version of their star projectors that grown ups could use in their rooms!  If the underwater look of the Tranquil Turtle is more your style, the Starfish is a pretty cool option.  It’s great for older kids too!

There were lots more new things at Cloud B, but we’ll talk more about them when they’re released.

Duux is a new name from Scandinavian Child, and with their beautiful line of baby electronics, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of them.  First, the Duux Humidifier Mushroom is part nightlight and part ultrasonic humidifier.  It’s notable as it uses 80% less power than other humidifiers.  The Mushroom won the JPMA Innovation Award in the Infant/Parent Care Category so it’s having a strong debut!  Duux also has an Air Purifier (with an essential oil vessel), a Baby Projector with stars and lullabies, and a plain white ball shaped Ultrasonic Humidifier.


I kinda want one of each of these at my house!

Stadler Form and Crane humidifiers were also on display but I didn’t get a chance to talk with them.  Next year I’m going to need assistants if I want to cover the whole show!

Coming Soon: Furniture Finds from the ABC Kids Expo 2013

This is one of my FAVORITE posts in my ABC Kids Expo coverage each year.  I love to find new modern styles and options in out of the way corners.  It’s easy to find modern furniture in the “Modern Child” section, but brands with more traditional lines are increasingly testing out modern designs and I love to showcase them.

First, my mouth nearly dropped open when I spotted this spectacular collection from Capretti Design.  The quality of these is unmistakable.  This is some serious construction and craftsmanship– Amish made in the US– and it’s beautifully obvious when you see these in person.

They’re calling this their Mid-Century Collection and it’s solid Walnut finished in tung oil.  The crib retails for $2500 and the dresser is $3000.

Basically, I really just want this dresser in my bedroom asap!

Capretti Design’s Mid-Century Collection will be available in Sprout San Francisco locations (Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco), Firefly Furnishings in Denver and Give Wink in the Miami area.  I may have to stop at Give Wink to get another look!

I stopped in to see what the Australian brand Boori is up to and I discovered Boori’s Urbane brand, featuring two great modern collections.  Omni includes a crib that converts into a twin size bed, a wardrobe and a dresser.

Lucia includes a crib that converts to a sofa, full bed conversion kit, dresser, wardrobe, changer and a bassinet.  The entire collection is available in white as shown or in espresso as well.

The Urbane collections are priced reasonably (Omni crib is about $600 and the Lucia crib is about $400) and are even Greenguard certified.

Next, at Childcraft, I noticed the Soho crib in this two-tone Oiled Oak / Putty combination.  This is a beauty for under $300.  I had to ask again whether that was the RETAIL price and they insisted it is.  So if this is what you’re looking for, just wait until February or March.

Here is another version of the Soho crib, which incidentally converts to a toddler bed, day bed and full bed.  The base on this version is a little different and I believe this one had plexiglass sides, which is kinda cool.  I recommended they do this crib in white as well.  We’ll see if they listen.

The Soho collection also includes a changing table, dressers, night stand and student desk.

Next, at Storkcraft, I discovered a collaboration between notNeutral and Zutano that has resulted in some really cool furniture.  The notNeutral BB2 Convertible Crib comes in this color combination as well as white/espresso and white/natural.

Here you have the Tivoli Convertible Crib and Changer and the 3-Drawer Dresser.  This will come in six color combinations which is good because this Expresso/Cloud combo is not my favorite.

I much preferred this Sunny / Natural combo that was on display at the Zutano booth.  Cool, right?


Finally, I couldn’t help but be taken in by the sleek minimalism at Quax.  This is not yet being distributed in the US but maybe they had some luck making contacts at the Expo. 

What I really loved was how the crib converts into that awesome sofa down there.  DSC_1498

I predict we are going to be seeing more of this feet first changing position making its way into more US nurseries.  It really just makes more sense even though here it really blocks that top drawer.


The collection at Quax even included a toy box AND they make the plush toys and bedding shown in the display as well.

Would you be interested in something THIS minimal?
Any favorites?

Some affiliate links included.

Coming Soon: New From Monte Design at ABC Kids Expo 2013

We spotted two new items from one of our favorite modern nursery brands, Monte Design at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

First, they’re introducing a walnut base on the Tavo High Chair.  This adds even more opportunity for you to match your highchair with your adult dining furniture, and the walnut just looks spectacular, no?

While giggle currently is the exclusive retailer for the beautiful new Como Glider, this will be more widely available in 2014.  In our last post we showed the Pebble Gray, but here you can see it in Sand.

Don’t you even just want one of these for your living room?

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Coming Soon: Special and Limited Edition Clek at ABC Kids 2013

I don’t post about car seats often because they are more about safety than style.  I want you to find the safest car seat that best fits your children and your vehicle– not the most beautiful.  But Clek not only has some of the sleekest most beautiful car seats and boosters, they really are among the safest.

So knowing that these exceed safety expectations, check out these beautiful leather editions.  Both the black (Cooper) and the tan (Paige) will be available on the Foonf, Oobr and Olli seats.  I really like the idea of matching your car seats to the interior of your car so I’m a big fan of these.

Clek Leather editions

What was really getting people’s attention though were these Tokidoki Limited Edition seats.  Paul Frank is being phased out and these are on their way in.  There are three different Tokidoki patterns for the Oobr, Foonf and Olli.  Rebel is the darkest one, All Over is the most colorful, and Travel is the lightest in color.

Clek Tokidoki Special Edition Car Seats and Boosters

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