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Sale Sites

These sites are a part of my daily life and have come to make up about half of my online shopping.  I highly recommend signing up to take advantage of their daily deals.

Just a hint: Consider a separate email for just your sale site notifications and use the same password for all of them.  That way you’ll never forget.

Kid Focused:


Have a Kids Section:


Sometimes Feature Kids Items:

[…] main tips for finding some of the coolest stuff for less is to register for and follow the numerous sale sites that have popped up over the last couple years.  I check these out daily.  If you don’t […]

28 May 2013, 10:55pm
by Ashley Farley

We are a deal-like site that has many different products featured daily. We give our customers a discount anywhere from 20%-70% off the retail value. Our site is called Kiwi Circle and will be launching in the next couple weeks (beginning of June). Our site is run a little different than other deal sites that you may have seen, because we theme out each day. For example, on Tuesday’s we have something called “Trending Tuesday” which will only feature products that are HOT and on trend for the season. “Theme Thursday” will have a specific them assigned to it.. could be baby products, statement necklaces, holiday items etc “Super Saturday” will only have products that are under $10. These are a few examples of how our site is different than others.

We came across your blog and really like your content. We would love to partner with you for a product review/giveaway if you are interested.

We would love to work with you! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ashley Farley
Kiwi Circle

13 Oct 2015, 10:38am
by candace porch

I would love to know where to get the hot air balloon set. love the blanket and sheet. not too big on the chevron. thank you-Candace

The one you’re asking about is not available anymore. There was one on ebay recently so you may be able to find one secondhand somewhere.
Target has a hot air balloon crib sheet now… http://www.target.com/p/circo-woven-fitted-crib-sheet-balloon-ride/-/A-15161960
and Petit Pehr has a sheet as well… http://amzn.to/1OvzHgk
There’s also a cute set from Madly Wish… http://www.madlywish.com/collections/crib-bedding-sets/products/hot-air-balloon-crib-bedding-set
And of course, Unison has a great hot air balloon pattern… http://www.unisonhome.com/catalog/category/baby+bedding/product/big+float%2bfloat+graphite+crib+sheets/3520#.Vh2022AyLdM (also in pink)


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