Etsy Find: Grey and Mustard Crib set

I know there are tons of amazing things on etsy but I also know that I get so overwhelmed when I try to find something for a specific application.  When I come across something that I love but I wasn’t really looking for, I save it to my favorites so that I can find it again later, when I might be looking for something specific.  I’m going to start sharing some of these favorites with you.

My first discovery is a crib set that I found while searching for mobiles.  The photo just inspired me and has me dreaming up another girl’s nursery.  The set is two pieces- crib skirt and blanket featuring Amy Butler’s Martini fabric in mustard and Optic Blossom in linen.  Please visit dabydarling’s shop for more.

My Modern Nursery #4: Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! I did it!  A pink nursery.  I was able to channel the Valentine spirit and used it to inspire this pink and red nursery that is full of love.

1- Organic Loveliness Crib Set from Pixel Modern Pieces- $340

2- Miguel Cassandra baby crib

3- Peace & Love Mobile from Flensted Mobiles- $30

4- Vitra George Nelson White Ball Clock– $365

5- Vola Glider from Monte Design– $995

6- Gandia Blasco Persa 6×8 Rug– $1582

7- Lights Up! Weegee Floor Lamp With Linen Shade Red Mumm fabric- $460

8- Cranes in Cranberry Red by sugarloop on Etsy– $20

9- Bunglie Pig and Junglie Giraffe from Jellycat– $20

10- Nurseryworks Two-Wide Changing Table- $1550


New Addition: Egg Crib Bedding by Susan Lazar

I’m happy to have discovered this collection of crib bedding sets from Egg by Susan Lazar.  They are great additions to the world of choices for modern crib bedding.  Check out the Animal Parade crib set in particular.  I might be inspired to create a modern take on a farm theme nursery.  Look out for that!


New Addition: Potties from hoppop

Before you know it, it’s time to potty train your little babies. Expecting a second spurred me on to make sure the first one was out of diapers, but these adorable new potties from hoppop could have inspired me as well.
Actually, my guy never did like using his little Baby Bjorn potty and we didn’t get him trained until we got a cushioned little seat for the big toilet, but every kid is different. Maybe he would have liked one of these better:

The larger Torro Potty is about $20 and the little Donut Potty is about $25.


New Addition: Grano Glider Recliner from Monte

Monte has added a new chair to their amazing collection of rockers and gliders.  In my opinion they are the benchmark for nursery seating.  Their latest addition is the Grano Glider Recliner— their first recliner.  It’s perfect for when you want to put your feet up but don’t want to take up extra floor space with an ottoman.  This chair is sleek enough to keep in your bedroom or in the living room as well.

Some argue that a rocker or glider is an unnecessary item in a nursery but I have found it to be an essential.  It’s not just a spot to sit while you’re nursing, but you will use it to snuggle during your bedtime reading routine for years and it’s a perfect place to sit and relax while you watch your child play.

My Modern Nursery #3: My Own Nursery Updated

Five years ago it was a lot harder to find the style of nursery furniture I was hoping to get.  The Oeuf crib was only available for pre-order and the selection of other furnishings and accessories was much more limited that it is today.  My second child is now using the nursery furniture we purchased for our first but I sometimes imagine what I would do differently if I created a nursery with the items on the market today.  So, I did.  Using the same crib (since it has worked out well and I still love the over the crib changing platform instead of a changing table) and the same bedding I have now, I dreamed up a new nursery for my littlest guy.

1- Orange Mod Cube Baby Bedding by Sweet Nest (formerly of Gus & Max)- $370

2- I-Mod Mobile by Julie Frith– $145

3- Oeuf Mini Library– $680
and Automoblox Classics– $30-38

4-Parker Armoire from ducduc– $1595

5- Oeuf Classic Crib – Birch-$970 plus changing cover

6- White Sand and Orange Mod Rug by Brink & Campman– $550

7- Patrick Townsend Orbit Chandelier– $600

8- Seed Organic Bassinet Cradle– $300

9- Roomi Nightlight– $30

10- Luca Glider from Monte Design– $995



New Addition: Grow Up Booster Seat from Mutsy

Sometimes less is more and if you can get away with a $65 booster seat instead of a more expensive highchair, I say go for it! The Grow Up seat from Mutsy is available in lots of fun colors like Apple, Aqua, Blueberry, Mandarin, Nut and Raspberry. The seat can be used from when your child can sit up by themselves until about 4 years of age.

Get yours from our amazon affiliate.


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