Fifteen Fantastic Flamingos For You This Friday

Just for fun this Friday, we’ve got fifteen fabulous flamingos that you might fancy.


1- Faux Taxidermy Pink Flamingo from Atelier Caroline- $61+
2- Oh Joy! Security Blanket Flamingo– $15
3- 3 Sprouts Wall Organizer, Flamingo– $20
4- Paradise Nightlight– $39
5- Flamingo Stuffed Plush Toy by Hansa 27.5″ H– $123
6- Sunnylife Inflatable Flamingo– $76
7- Flamingo Throw Pillow– $17
8- Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle- $17
9- Flamingo Pillow from Emporio Del Tessuto- $24
10- Florence the Flamingo from Sara Carr- $56

Hot Pink Flamingo Baby Mobile

Hot Pink Flamingo Baby Mobile from A Continual Lullaby- $135

The Animal Print Shop

Flamingo No. 1 from The Animal Print Shop- $25-$3500

Crib Sheet Flamingo Party

Crib Sheet Flamingo Party from Ivie Baby- $65+

Flamingo Books

Sylvie by Jennifer Sattler- $16
Felipe the Flamingo by Jill Ker Conway- $13

And I had to cut myself off there. Flamingos are fast becoming a favorite!

Some affiliate links included.
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