The Bobbin from Three Pears

When someone asks me what I think is missing in the modern baby world, one of the first things I think of is an exersaucer, jumparoo, activity center type thing.  These are those hideous plastic monstrosities that toddlers of a certain age really love.  Parents love them because they’re a safe place to put a baby (who can hold their head up and support their weight on their legs) and watch them play somewhat independently.

I KNEW it was possible to make a modern version of these– one that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have in the house.  I’ve finally found the perfect design (and as you can imagine, there’s a price tag to match). The Bobbin Triple Play Centre from Three Pears is just what I’ve been dreaming of.

With solid maple legs, Greeguard certified finishes and formaldehyde free MDF surfaces, this play center is as safe and eco-friendly as is it spectacular.  It comes in five different modern color combinations.  Shown above is “Petal Pusher” and below you can see “Sea Legs” with the addition of the Bobble Toy accessories.  These can all be attached to the table surface with detachable suction cups.  Babies can reach all the way around the table because the seat rotates 360 degrees on an aluminum turn table mechanism.

Once your toddler is a bit bigger, you can lower the colored platform to make room for their longer legs.

Finally, when the life of the play center has run its course (and you’d be getting ready to donate the giant plastic play center), you remove the Bobbin top, flip it all over and you have a modern kids table.  Add a couple Milking Stools and you can continue to use the Bobbin for several more years!

I am so excited about The Bobbin and the entire line of products from Three Pears.  As I have warned you, the price is steep.  The Play Centre is $850, the toys range from $35 to $70, and the stools are $70.  Shipping to the US is an additional expense.

Update 3/6/2013: The price for the Bobbin (via comments below!) is now down to $550.  Much easier to swallow.  Hooray!

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