Rocking Sheep Part 2

We talked about Povl Kjer’s Rocking Sheep back in January, but I’ve just discovered that we CAN still get our hands on this furry little beauty!

And while I estimated it to cost $575, it looks like babygeared has it for $375 + $125 freight.  You can take your pick from six colors including the fantastic pink one.

ALSO… there’s the Rocking LAMB, which is half the size of the sheep.  This is more sculpture than toy and you can order yours for $190 plus $100 freight.

Another rocking sheep that is just too cute and cuddly is the Emu Enu Rocking Sheep by Nobuyuki Morita.  I pinned it a while ago onto my Rocking Toys Pinterest board, but I didn’t know it was available for purchase at a US retailer.  Again, we have babygeared to thank for that.

You can get a black or white Emu Enu Rocking Sheep at babygeared for $600 plus $175 freight and be among the elite few with this beauty.

Finally, if you’re just looking for something shaggy that rocks but isn’t necessarily meant to be a sheep, babygeared also has the Harry Rocking Stool by Kenneth Cobonpue.

This one is available in 6 colors and will set you back $835.

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