Stuff Your Stuffed Animals Where They Belong

Somehow I can’t say no to my boys when they fall in love with a stuffed animal (and neither can anyone else they know!).  So as you can imagine, we have a few too many of the furry critters laying around their rooms.  We’ve got ours contained in big plastic buckets, but just barely.  I know I’m not the only one with this issue, so here are my favorite ideas for storing the stuffies when dropping them off at the Salvation Army isn’t an option.

In the right space, The Zoo could be the perfect solution!  Where to keep animals?  In the zoo of course!  It stores a lot (90 or more) in only 2 square feet of space and keeps them on display as well.  The animals are also easy to push in and pull back out again.  So clever.

Boon’s Animal Bags are another unique solution to stuffed toy storage.  Stuff the bags full and you’ve got a cushy seat that keeps everything together.

I also like the idea of this re-purposed shoe rack to hang and display the toys.  via small shop studio

Here’s our bucket.  The bigger the better…

Do you have any great storage suggestions for big stuffed animal collections?

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