Complete Your Puj Tub Collection

I think that Puj tubs are the best product to use for baby’s first baths.  I love how they’re easy to use in the sink and fold flat to dry and for storage.  Puj debuted new bath colors at ABC Kids Expo last weekend as well as some clever accessories.

Puj nubs are the perfect answer for where to hang your Puj tub.  You can also use them to hang towels and clothes.  Puj tub + Nubs = the perfect combination.  Puj was also showing Cling, an organic infant towel and wash mitt set which included a Puj Nub to hang it.  These will all make for fabulous baby shower gifts!

If the Nubs aren’t enough, there are also Hubs, strong grippy hooks that screw into the wall.

Finally, you’ve got the Snug spout cover which is cleverly made from leftover Puj material.

Put these down on your baby shower gift idea list pronto.  They’ll be available soon.

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