Cardboard “Playhouses”

There’s not much more fun than a cozy, child-sized space that’s made for imaginative play.  We don’t have a playroom at our house and my boys’ rooms are on the small side, so there’s really no space for a permanent playhouse type of space.  Temporary cardboard playhouses are a fun alternative.  There are a variety of these creations out there with different themes to suit almost any child’s fancy.

We had one of these Medieval Castles from Box Creations.  They also have a few other interesting designs like the Princess Carriage and Pirate Ship.  When the castle arrived, we moved our dining room furniture out of the way and set it up.  The boys played knights and dragons for a few days and then we disassembled the castle and stored it away.  It fit in the laundry room in the space between the dryer and the wall so it was completely out of the way.  We took it out a few more times and painted it as a play date activity.  Eventually it got crushed and was sent off to be recycled.  I think we got a good amount of play out of it without feeling obliged to keep the castle around forever.

Next I think it would be fun to get a rocket playhouse like this Shuttle Imagination from Crafty Kids Playhouses.  My little one wears an astronaut costume most of the time these days so I’m sure he’d love this.

The most simple, modern cardboard playhouse design is the Casa Cabana from Kidsonroof.  You can get it decorated or plain white.  Their Iglo is also a nice simple design and they’ve got a Rocket as well.

If you’d like a house with a little more detail, the Cottage from My Very Own House is a nice size.

This Cafe from Little Play Spaces has been making the blog rounds lately and is an interesting new design.

Finally, in case you can’t imagine paying for cardboard, there are tons of DIY tutorials out there.  Check out the DIY Pop-up & Fold-flat Cardboard Playhouse on Small for Big and be inspired.

To me, most of the cardboard playhouses are a little pricey for temporary use, but you can often find them on clearance or on sale on some of the flash sale sites.  Keep looking and you’re likely to find a good deal before the holidays come around.  You can also follow me on twitter, where I’ll share whenever I spot some.

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