Prepare for Spring with A Spectrum of Books

We sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time this weekend, so spring is just around the corner.  With spring showers come rainbows, and one of my favorite places to spy a rainbow is on the bookshelf.

When I first heard of people organizing their books by color several years ago, I honestly thought it was ridiculous.  How can you find the book you’re looking for?  I group my books by topic and size.  Parenting books on one shelf, two shelves devoted to my pop-up book collection, art books, craft books, history, biographies, film studies, women’s studies etc…  all grouped together by subject.

It wasn’t until I was rearranging my son’s bookshelves that I found myself putting the books in color order.  With a nice collection of brightly colored picture books, I had a perfect opportunity to arrange them by color.  Certain subjects are pulled aside on other shelves, but the miscellaneous mass makes a beautiful rainbow collection.

Here are some other beautiful rainbow book examples…

This one from Patrizzia on her blog iCreate is very similar to ours but I love how some of the toys and accessories were tied into the rainbow as well.

I love the example of this little collection from Good + Happy Day.  The spectrum works so well with a small contained collection.

A flickr search will yield plenty of gorgeous examples like this one…

bookshelf spectrum, revisited
(though I have no idea how they’re going to find the book they’re looking for here!)

And finally, the real inspiration for this post.  If you haven’t seen this yet, you must…

First spied on Swissmiss.

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