Modern Nursery on Traffic Light

I love when TV shows go modern with their nurseries.  Fox’s new show Traffic Light is the latest to feature some of my favorite nursery brands on their set.  The screenshot is from this week’s episode “Credit Balance” and you can see that Tommy’s nursery has a Ray Crib from Muu and DwellStudio Bedding.  Nice!

1- Royal Aero Model Helium Balloon Mobile– $70

2- The bedding (shown clearly in the next shot) is Owls Sky Crib Set from DwellStudio- $360

3- The crib is Muu’s Ray Crib in Hazelnut with Vines Muu Panel- $925

Who’s going to help me figure out where the artwork is from?

For more great TV nurseries, see Lily’s room from Modern Family and Milo’s Nursery from Gossip Girl.

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3 thoughts on “Modern Nursery on Traffic Light

  1. I just happened onto your blog and site and was completely enjoying ALL the posts when I came across this one. Now I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to tell you that I know where the art work is from!

    The Dancing Robots and Aviary print are just one of many hand printed designs on wood panels, custom crafted, earth friendly and made by Skårt. All available at select retails or online at

    email me if you would like any more info. Thanks for featuring the nursery. I didn’t even know about the show : )

  2. Oh thank you Sara! I feel terrible that I couldn’t put the two together as you know I’ve been on your site! I’m so glad I was able to help you find your work on TV 🙂

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